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International Ceramics Museum Weiden

In April 1990 the International Ceramics Museum opened as a branch museum of the New Collection Munich in the so-called. Waldsassen box, an especially for this purpose reorganized baroque monastery in Weiden.
The entirely new concept, elaborated by the New Collection, does not only plan alternating exhibition contributions of all Bavarian state museums with ceramics collections, but also changing special exhibitions with different topics.
At present, ceramics objects from 8 millennia and from 4 Munich state museums (Prehistorically National Collection, the National Museum of Egyptian Art, the Bavarian National Museum and the New Collection) are exhibited on approximately 1000 square meter exhibition surface on two levels. In 1994 were added the Donation Seltmann: Chinese porcelain of the Qing Dynastie.
As the only national branch museum in Bavaria Weiden possesses thereby its own collection of high quality. Each of these collections shown in Weiden form a complete unit unto itself, whose unique thematic focus is to be found only in Weiden, too.

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Permanent Collection

The new collection shows in the international ceramics museum a view of its extensive existence of European ceramics 19.-20. Century. Approximately 500 work of most different techniques - of simple earthen commodity, over faience, stoneware, stoneware up to the porcelain - documents quality and variety of these existence. Berlin laboratory containers and English fire-place essays occupy the field of technical ceramics. In three chronologically arranged sequences of space in each case the development of Europe becomes in Germany confronts. At present outstanding drafts of almost all important manufakturen from the range of the table-ware Design are to be seen, exemplary lines of development of art ceramics are pointed out as well as examples of the usually anonymous, rural-popular earthen commodity, from 1900 to the present, introduced.


Beate Kuhn – Keramiken aus der Sammlung Freiberger
21.10.2007 - 20.01.2008

Neu! Staatl. Museum für Völkerkunde:
Keramik aus Lateinamerika und Asien,

Neu! Staatl. Museum Ă„gyptischer Kunst MĂĽnchen:
Zwischen Ă„gypten und Afrika- 6000 Jahre Keramik aus dem antiken Sudan

Neu! Archäologische Staatssammlung München:
Von sumerischen Schrifttafeln, anatolischen Fruchtbarkeitsfigürchen und griechischen Vorratsgefäßen -Keramiken des Vorderen Orients

Program-Information 2007/2008 http://www.die-neue-sammlung.de/z/weiden/ver/2008/prog_08_de.htm

Previous Exhibitions

Wüstenlöwe - ein Reliefblock aus Meroe
Das besondere Gastobjekt aus dem Museum Ă„gytischer Kunst MĂĽnchen: bis 15.12.2007


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