JavaMuseum - Forum For Internet Technology In Contemporary Art

JavaMuseum is a virtual museum dedicated to a specific form of technology based art, i.e Internet based art (also called netart).
Founded in 2000 by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, JavaMuseum represents a coprporate member of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne, the experimental platform for art and New Media operating from Cologne/Germany.
Between 2001 and 2005, JavaMuseum realised 18 showcases of netart in a global context and 3 global competitions.
JavaMuseum was setting standards in curating virtual exhibitions space and making netart perceivable as a new artgenre of a global culture.
By launching JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project,
JavaMuseum continued in 2006 the research in the field of New Media and art.

JavaMuseum consists currently of a lowtech "blog" containing all textual information, and a hightech art space (designed in Flash) containing the exhibitions and art works.

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Permanent Collection

JavaMuseum incorporates a unique and most comprehensive collection of netart from the years 2000-2004, featuring more than 350 artists and 1000 artworks in 18 showcases
presented each in an individually designed exhibition space.


JavaMuseum is planning for its 2nd phase starting in September 2007, a new annual exhibition program focussing on new technological developments in concern of Internet based art and features of artists from the permanent collection.

Previous Exhibitions

The last exhibition of JavaMuseum, entitled "Extasy - the final show" was launched in 2005, focussing on the netart production of the year 2004.

Exhibitions (1)

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Forthcoming exhibitions

In September 2007, JavaMuseum is planned to be relaunched by starting a new exhibition, entitled, "a+b =ba? [art and blog = blogart?], an exhibition dealing with the popular online publishing format of "blog" as an artistic medium.


Free access

Opening hours

24 hours

Getting there

JavaMuseum is a virtual museum located on the Internet under the address

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News and events

JavaMuseum published an open call addressed to artists working with Internet based art --->


JavaMuseum published the online portal "JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project", including currently more than 60 interviews with artists and experts in the field of Internet based art.