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Joensuu Art Museum

The Joensuu Art Museum is situated right in the town centre near the market square. The neo-Renaissance building, a former grammar school, was built in 1894 and designed by architect Theodor Decker.

The Joensuu Art Museum was founded in 1962 as a result of two significant donations to the town, namely the collections of Olavi Turtiainen and that of Arla Cederberg. Somewhat later the town also received the collection of Onni Okkonen in two lots (1964 and 1972). These three donations form the nucleus of the museum's collections.

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Permanent Collection

The collection of Olavi Turtiainen (1906-1961), an apothecary from Joensuu, consists mainly of works by established Finnish artists of the 1950's. Turtiainen followed with interest the activities of a group of artists called Viiva ja väri (line and colour), e.g. Tapani Raittila, Helge Dahlman, Tuomas von Boehm, Per Stenius, Anitra Lucander. Outside this group, some other artists whose production had similiar esthetics also gained Turtiainen's favour, e.g. Aarre Heinonen, Sakari Tohka, Mikko Hovi.

Turtiainen managed to supplement his collection with earlier Finnish art, too: The paintings Narcissus and Drinking Bacchante from Magnus Enckell's Symbolist period, Hugo Simberg's etchings, A.W.Finch's and Thesleff's paintings. Two Italian sculptors, Marino Marini and Giacomo Manzu, were also in Turtiainen's favour.

The donation of medical counsellor Hagar Vaher (1898-1982) supplemented in a harmonous way Olavi Turtiainen's collection. Vaher was a friend of Turtiainen and interested in the same kind of art.

Arla Cederberg's (1886-1961) collection is very elegant in tone and presents some, though fragmentary, examples of Finnish painting from the mid 19th century to the turn of this century. For example, represented in this lyrical collection are Werner Holmberg, R.W.Ekman, Magnus von Wright, Albert Edelfelt, Gunnar Berndtson, Berndt Lindholm, Hjalmar Munsterhjelm and Aukusti Uotila.

Professor Onni Okkonen's work as art historian clearly influenced his art acquistions. He said in one interview that the numerous works of art from different periods surrounding him at home gave him enthusiasm for his work and they focused attention on the periods in question. His colle...+ [ Read all ]


In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum arranges temporary exhibitions of Finnish or foreign art every year.

Please see for details of current and forthcoming exhibitions.

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