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John Erickson Museum Of Art

JEMA is a six-year old museum. It celebrated its Grand Opening on July 25th, 2003 at 2:30 p.m. in the lobby of the Seattle Art Museum. The opening lasted two minutes. As a location variable museum, JEMA regularly works with artists to realize projects that require mobility, multi-destinational site-specificity, and/or seek to defy or question the traditional space of the contemporary art museum or the mechanisms of contemporary art practice. JEMA’s portable quality offers artists an exhibition space that encourages radical experimentation with a low financial overhead. Many art museums function with power and strength but remain bogged down by red tape and expensive exhibitions. By moving with stealth and agility, JEMA offers a vital, yet affordable, museum space and supports the quick, decisive, and efficient delivery of art to the viewing public. JEMA’s design allows for a greater focus on exhibition planning and a stronger communication between the institution, exhibiting artists, and you (the viewing public). JEMA’s galleries are housed in a series of sturdy but stylish 16"x12"x9" aluminum carrying cases. JEMA brings the art to you! Think JEMA…more or less.

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Permanent Collection

JEMA collects a wide range of contemporary and late 20th century art. The collection includes miniature oil paintings depicting video footage of famous art critics, photographs of art museum guards, and sculpture created from the pages of a book by Hegel (Hegel On Art, Religion, and Philosophy). The collection continues to grow but remains portable, compact, and ready to travel to any audience. The Permanent Collection includes works by Micky Donnelly, Gregory Green, Michael McCafferty, Arnold Mesches, Steve Panella, Bethany Taylor, Sergio Vega, and Yoko Ono.


JEMA has produced traveling exhibitions and performances at UICA, Michigan, Aqua Art Fair Miami Beach, SOIL, Seattle, WA., National Museum of Ireland in Dublin, the ACC Galerie Weimar, Germany, and Schalter Gallery, Berlin, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, N.I., UnimediaModern Gallery, Villa Croce Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Museo di Strada Nuova, Museo di Nervi, Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Genoa, Genoa, Italy, Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA, Spazio Utopia Contemporary Art, Compagna, Italy, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD., and the Indianapolis, Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN.

Previous Exhibitions

LULU LOLO, Sculpting and Collecting Campagna, Aug. 08 ---- ANDREA ROBBINS and MAX BECHER , Bavarian By Law is in Place, May 09 ---- CYRÍACO LOPES, REALDOLLAR, Sept. 08 ---- GREGORY GREEN, Caroline: A New Future, April 08 - ongoing ---- YOKO ONO, IMAGINE PEACE, April 08 ---- ARNOLD MESCHES, Coming Attractions 2, Sept. 07 ---- JOHN KIELTYKA, Guards, Sept. 07 ---- JOHN FEODOROV, dead houses, July 07 ---- KRISTIN LUCAS, Outside, May 07 – ongoing ---- SEAN TAYLOR, 100 Paces, Feb. 07 ---- SAYA MORIYASU, audience, Dec. 06 ---- BETHANY TAYLOR, Emissions & Remissions, Oct. 06 ---- SCOTT BETZ, NC2MI&MI2NC, Mar. 06 ---- MICHAEL McCAFFERTY, Body Compass, Jan. 06 ---- DERRICK BUISCH, Pink Flag, Dec. 05 ---- MARK T. MILLER, One Hour Photo Paintings, Jan. 05 ---- LAURIE CINOTTO, Limited Space and Creative Living..., Oct. 04 ---- LAUREN GARBER, in holding in, April 04 ---- KIM ANDERSON, Ways of Seeing Inside Out, Feb. 04 ---- MANDY SHEEDY, The Forces That Make Us Live or Die, Jan. 04 ---- SERGIO VEGA, High Art, Dec. 03 ---- JESSE PAUL MILLER, self-portrait (studio), July 03 ----

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Forthcoming exhibitions

CONNIE HWANG and KELLY COBB, Art Museum Dust Collection Mural and Gallery, TBA, 2009.
BRENDAN JAMISON, Reichstag Zuckertüte Kuppel, Berlin, June 28th, 2009.

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