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Kölnisches Stadtmuseum

The Kölnisches Stadtmuseum has an exhibition space of 2,000 sq. metres and provides an insight into the history, culture, economy and everyday life of Cologne and its inhabitants. Works of art and everyday objects illustrate the exciting history of this important Rhenish city form the Middle Ages to the present day. A tour of the museum familiarizes visitors with phenomena which are typical of the city: “Klüngel

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Permanent Collection

Focal points of the permanent collection are topics such as popular devotional objects and religion (including an important Judaica collection), the university which was founded by Cologne citizens in 1388, cultural life and sciences, the life of Cologne burghers, domestic life, the economy and transport, concentrating on the periods around 1600 and 1900.

The Susannenschrank (St Susanna’s cupboard) by Melchior von Rheidt are evidence of the high standard of craftsmanship. The paintings by the Berckheyde brothers and the portraits by Barthel Bruyn the Younger and Geldorp Gortzius present a vivid illustration of life in Cologne. The collection of physical apparatus and early globes is outstanding. The kitchen of a working-class family, documentation on the life of the working classes, and manufacturing, arts and crafts in Cologne lead visitors into the modern age. Three short film sequences from the years 1896, among them the first film shot in Germany, present visitors with life in days gone by.


Please refer to this link with information about current and future exhibitions: http://www.museenkoeln.de


€ 4,20, reduced € 2,60.

Visitors are provided with free audio-guides in German, English and French.

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Please consult the numerous events (in german): http://www.museenkoeln.de/koelnisches-stadtmuseum/ver_01.asp


The Kölnisches Stadtmuseum was founded in 1888 as Historisches Museum der Stadt Köln. Since 1958 its permanent exhibition has been housed in the city’s armoury – the Zeughaus – built around 1600 in the Dutch Renaissance style. In the adjacent Alte Wache, a neo-classical Prussian building, special exhibitions on Cologne art and history are shown.

Visitors are provided with free audio-guides in German, English and French.


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Sa 14:30, Su 11:15,
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Please contact Museumsdienst (museumsdienstkoeln@netcologne.de), www.museenkoeln.de


Free special audio guide for children (in german): http://www.museenkoeln.de/koelnisches-stadtmuseum/kin_01.asp


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