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Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

The Künstlerhaus Stuttgart is an institution in Stuttgart that — through its unique arrangement as a production site for artistic creation and as a platform for art-theoretical discourse — has both earned international renown and become an irreplaceable site of exchange for the local art scene. Its success rests on its independently run, yet cooperating areas – the artistic direction and the workshops. The artistic direction is responsible for the artistic program. Members have access to the Künstlerhaus’ workshop facilities.

The non-profit organization Künstlerhaus Stuttgart Reuchlinstraße e.V was founded in 1978 on the initiative of visual artists. Interdisciplinary work should be made possible in the workshops equipped for this purpose and in additional workrooms in the Reuchlinstrasse building; a dialogue among those producing the work is encouraged. The Künstlerhaus Stuttgart offered the first video studio as well as the first art video library in Baden-Württemberg.

The Reuchlinstrasse building, which was a fabrication site for leather goods and travel articles at the beginning of the past century, fell into the hands on the city in 1938 and was used for various things in the following years. After renovation in 1984, work in the newly-designed spaces could begin. The positions of the artistic direction and the upper management were separated in 1985.The Künstlerhaus is a registered non-profit organization supported by the city of Stuttgart. Annual membership dues are 25 Euro. Members have the opportunity to work in the in-house workshops and to bring their projects to fruition.


About Communities

Yildiz Aslandogan/Lukas Hofer, Mareike Hofmann/Jan Löchte, Fergus Feehily, Eva Paulitsch/Uta Weyrich

February 27 - April 2, 2008

Previous Exhibitions

Madelon Vriesendorp: flagrant délite
The Künstlerhaus Stuttgart presented a lecture by Madelon Vriesendorp in collaboration with the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe.

JaY Chung, Q Takeki Maeda: Hardy Boys and Gilmore Girls
In their solo exhibition at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Jay Chung and Q Takeki Maeda displayed a series of new works that are related to each other in terms of content.

ken okiishi, nick mauss - a fair to meddling story
Exhibition and Filmprogramme
Künstlerhaus Stuttgart is pleased to present "A Fair to Meddling Story," the first institutional exhibition by artists Ken Okiishi and Nick Maus, both of whom live and work in Berlin and New York.

1,2,3… Avant-Gardes (Open Form #2)
Film, Art, Experiment, Space
Exhibition and conference
The concept of “open form”, developed by the architect Oskar Hansen and developed further in the direction of film and performance by his students, is the focus of 1,2,3… Avant-Gardes (Open Form #2) on view at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart.


Exhibitions (5)

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Forthcoming exhibitions

8. April – 12. April 2008
Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée
Ausstellung und Veranstaltungen mit Constantin Petcou, Doina Petrescu u.a..

16. April – 7. Juni 2008
Katya Sander: Darstellungen der Zukunft. Ein Science Fiction über Berechnungen
Eröffnung: 15. April, 19 Uhr

2. Mai 2008, 14-21 Uhr
Institution as Medium
Konferenz in Zusammenarbeit mit der ZHDK, MAS Studiengang Curating

20. Juni – 23. August 2008
Internationales Ausstellungsprojekt
Eröffnung: 19. Juni, 19 Uhr

5. September – 25. Oktober
Cristobal Lehyt: Reduced to Insults
Eröffnung: 4. September, 19 Uhr


Variable admission fee

Opening hours

Büro di-fr // 9 – 18 h

Ausstellung mi – fr // 15 – 19 h
Sa // 11 – 16 h

Museum internal and external photos (4)

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audio lab

The studio is used by composers, musicians, audio artists, radio-playwrights, video, performance, and multimedia artists. The audio workshop is equipped to digitize or import all established digital and analog media and sound storage media. Various midi-sound generators are available for midi-data as well. Multitrack digital mixing in Pro Tools (Digidesign) is possible. Basic knowledge of Mac OS 9 is an advantage for digital sound work.

Other workshops

Book printing
computer lab
b/w photo lab
silk screening



In addition to serving as the venue for Künstlerhaus and the artistic direction’s events, the second floor will be now on be available as a forum for the presentation of interesting artistic positions, offering the possibility to conduct evening or weekend events in the VISIT series. The space is not intended for exhibitions; but rather for music, performances, lectures, etc, that express current artistic positions or developments and directions within contemporary discourse.

Interested members may apply to the managing directors of the Künstlerhaus. Decisions will be made by the newly-founded group consisting of Künstlerhaus members, the management and the Künstlerhaus’ artistic director. All members are invited to actively take part in the cooperation. Each project application should include a short event proposal, time frame, participants and goal, as well as information on the financial framework and technical equipment.

Event organization is administered by the applicant in coordination with Benno Löning/the management. Dates will be discussed with Elke aus dem Moore/the artistic direction. Financial support in the amount of up to 300€ for each event is possible, and the Künstlerhaus’ equipment can also be used.


generell information

In addition to the printmaking workshops, a film workshop and the photo laboratory, the Künstlerhaus has high-performance equipment for image, sound and graphic work in digital media. Outside the Künstlerhaus on Reuchlinstrasse is an additional workshop for children. Work in the workshops is self-organized. Technical knowledge and membership in the organization are prerequisites for working in the facilities. Volunteer workshop leaders instruct users on the operation of the equipment and offer consultation on on updates and expansions. After prior registration and for a small user fee, members can then work independently in the workshops.