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Kunsthalle Bielefeld

The Kunsthalle building is one of Bielefeld’s best-known landmarks. It is in the center of eastern Westphalia, between the old city center of Bielefeld and the edges of the Teutoburger forest. The view from the front of the building features the distant St. Mary’s Church in the new city and the Sparrenburg castle. The 1968 international style museum by Philip Johnson Museum was renovated in 2002, and thanks to the initiative of museum supporters, the Förderkreis Kunsthalle Bielefeld e.V., the building is illuminated by night.

American architect Philip Johnson (1906–2005) supervised construction of the cube-shaped modern building of red sandstone between 1966 and 1968. It is the only European museum built by the Harvard graduate and former colleague of Mies van der Rohe, who also expanded the architectural department at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

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Permanent Collection

The Kunsthalle Bielefeld is a museum exhibiting modern and contemporary art. Its important collection of twentieth-century art includes works by Picasso, Sonia and Robert Delaunay, Max Beckmann, Man Ray, members of the Brücke and the Blaue Reiter, the constructivists of the 1920s with Lázló Moholy-Nagy and Oskar Schlemmer, American and German art of the 1970s and ‘80s, and international sculpture by artists ranging from Rodin to Serra, Schütte, and Eliasson in the park at the Kunsthalle.


3 June – 9 September 2007
George Maciunas
The Dreams of Fluxus

Joko Ono
FilmNo.4 (1970)
One of the most important Fluxus artists is Yoko Ono. Her contact with Maciunas dates back to 1960. Her Film No. 4 features nothing but close-ups of derrieres moving in front of the camera. A short, fragile Fluxus Edition of 1970 contains this film in a pocket-cinema.

Endless Box (1965)
Maciunas inspired a whole set of Japanese artists, including Mieko Shiomi, to create Fluxus works. Shiomi’s Endless Box, which she photographed in an unpacked state in 1965, was, at the time, part of the Flux-Kit, a black suitcase containing a collection of Fluxus products that could be purchased for just one hundred dollars.

God (1964)
French artist Ben Vautier considered Maciunas a genius. One of the most beautiful Fluxus pieces is by Vautier. “If there’s a God somewhere, then he has to be in this bottle, too,” wrote Vautier in white paint on wood in 1964. The accompanying empty wine bottle, a one-of-a-kind piece for Fluxus, is called God.

Previous Exhibitions

March 23 – May 20, 2007
Studiengalerie: Elisabeth Masé. Die Unsterblichen
February 4 – May 20, 2007
Felixmüller Böckstiegel. Working Worlds

October 22 – January 21, 2007
Paul Delvaux. Feminine Mystery
June 15 – October 8
From Bauhaus to the New World. Josef Albers and László Moholy-Nagy
March 12–June 5
Louise Bourgeois. La famille

November 20, 2005–February 26, 2006
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and the Brücke:
Self-portrait – Artist’s Portrait
August 28–November 6
In the Middle of the Night. 150 New Acquisitions Since 1996
June 6–August 14
George Condo. One Hundred Women. Retrospective
March 20–June 5
Agadez, Afrika. Not Vital
April 6–June 5
Studiengalerie: Friederike Feldmann. Neue Teppiche

(in parts)
November 28–February 27
Alvar und Aino Aalto. Möbel und Design. Collection Bischofberger
September 12–Nov 14
Ilya und Emilia Kabakov. Die Architekturprojekte
May 8–August 28
Vanessa Beecroft. Fotografien, Filme, Zeichnungen
January 25–April 24
Das Große Fressen. Von Pop bis heute

Forthcoming exhibitions

30 September 2007 – 13 January 2008
1937. Perfection and Destruction
A traveling exhibition entitled Degenerate Art opened in 1937 in Munich.
It featured one hundred artists whose works had been banned from public collections. The same year, the Soviet Union began “unmasking spies” by the hundreds of thousands. Stalin, too, had just ordered Russian avant-garde art out of the museums. After Franco’s military coup in 1936, Spain also began arming itself against modernism. In the history of art, the year 1937 represents the beginning of a nightmare of plunder and destruction. Since many artists were forced to migrate, art became international almost at once. Facing the possibility of world war, many artists began rethinking what they wanted to achieve with their art forms. The Kunsthalle Bielefeld is working on a synopsis of this period— when people were completely torn, waiting for the great murdering to begin—which will be presented in autumn 2007. Behind the title of Perfection and Destruction are hidden the peaceful positions of Swiss constructivists and the Cercle et Carré group. Well-known artists such as Max Beckmann, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, René Magritte, or Joan Miró created impressive artistic memorials protesting the destruction. Through the dangers emanating from the Fascist countries of Europe, more than one hundred renowned artists influenced the art of the 1930s in ways that have hardly been perceived. This exhibition is generously sponsored by the Kunststiftung NRW. With important texts and images, a handbook will document the artistic contributions and movements of this disturbing year.


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Getting there

by car: A2, exit Bielefeld-Zentrum
by train: IC/ICE
from Hamburg 270 km
from Berlin 400 km
from Munich 620 km
from Cologne 200 km

from the Bielefeld Hauptbahnhof: streetcar line 1 to Senne, get off at the Adenauerplatz; bus line 87/95 to Gütersloh, get off at the Kunsthalle stop

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The museum shop located in the lobby of the museum is operated by the Walther König Bookstore. Its opening hours are the same as the museum’s. Here you will find all of our publications, an excellent selection of books on art and architecture (especially for children and teens), as well as posters, postcards, and calendars.

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Public tours are offered on Sundays at 11:30 a.m. For select exhibitions, tours are offered more frequently. The curators of the Kunsthalle as well as specially educated employees of the Department of Museum Education will introduce the key points of the shows, and how each show was created and organized. Have a look behind the scenes!

Cost: admission plus 1 €


For each exhibition the arts center offers an information afternoon for teachers. Starting from 15 o'clock the exhibition can be visited free of charge, from 16 to 17,30 o'clock Heuwinkel informs you about the exhibition, the educational offer of the arts center and also presents work approaches for the school. For the exact dates please consult the meeting calendar.
If you liked to receive regular information about the educational program, register please for the teacher distributor.

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Tours for Families with Children,
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Want to visit the Kunsthalle, find out something about the exhibitions, and, at the same time, know that your children are in good hands? Then take part in our Team Up Tours for families with children. After an introduction to the exhibition, children and their parents can get active in the painting studio and learn something about the techniques, motifs, and themes of the artists.


Kunsthalle for children

Do you want to get to know something about the Kunsthalle and its exhibitions? Look at pictures, talk about them, and be creative yourself? If you’re between 5 and 12 years old, then you’re welcome every Saturday in the painting studio at the Kunsthalle from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.!

Saturdays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., except during school vacations
Cost: 4 Euros

Information and dispatch of the painting course program under: +49 (0) 521.3299950-17.

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Painting classes for adults

Art not only to look at but to experience it in creative-practical work: that is the reason for the painting courses for adults in the arts center Bielefeld. Learn more about the exhibitions and the works of art shown in the collection of the arts center, by learning to apply graphic techniques under the guidance of artists and to develop them further on your own.

Information and dispatch of the painting course program under: +49 (0) 521.3299950-17.

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A dynamic museum needs friends and supporters — people who are convinced that the arts have a great influence on the development of the personality and who find that encounters with the arts are enriching.



Rudolf August Oetker, born in 1916, was director of the Dr. August Oetker company from 1944 to 1981, a global company whose products include food, beverages, shipping, and financial services. The donation of the Kunsthalle building to the city and the choice of architect Philip Johnson are both owed to his initiative.

Rudolf August Oetker passed away on 16 January, 2007

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For your events, the Kunsthalle offers an exclusive framework. Its combination of art and architecture creates a unique atmosphere. The lobby and the lecture hall are available to rent. The first and second floor galleries can also be rented by special arrangement.

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