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Kunsthalle Der Hypo-Kulturstiftung

The Hypo Foundation for Culture was founded in 1983 with the intention of encouraging cultural ventures of all kinds. It is best known for its Kunsthalle, or Exhibition Hall, whose exhibitions have become a regular feature in the cultural life of Munich. Furthermore, the Foundation is actively involved in artistic projects, making direct donations and managing the Museum Fund for Contemporary Art. This fund enables museums to acquire works by present day artists. Meanwhile, the Foundation has also been awarding an annual price of ‚ā¨ 50 000 in support of historical monuments since 1986.

In establishing the Kunsthalle in Theatinerstraße, the Hypo Foundation has bestowed upon Munich's pedestrian area an exhibition hall which has attracted interest in art circles all over the world since 1985. The last 60 exhibitions have attracted a total of 5 million art enthusiasts; Claude Monet and modern art (November 23rd 2001 to March 10th 2002) alone proved a great success with 240,000 visitors!

The decisive factor in the programme of exhibitions is simply quality; the spectrum ranges from prehistoric times right up to the immediate present.Here we have seen evidence of the consistent appeal of European art from the Renaissance to the Romantic period. As far as classics of the Modern Age are concerned, we need only cast our minds back to the one-man exhibitions of Gauguin, Picasso, Mirò, Magritte or Giacometti, to mention just the greatest names.

However, this exhibition hall does not limit itself to the western world with its classic fields of painting and sculpture. Carl Faberg√©'s masterpieces, and art work from non-European countr... [ Read all ]


July 20 through October 7, 2007

The Eternal Eye: From Rembrandt to Picasso.
Masterpieces from the collection of Jan Krugier and Marie-Anne Krugier-Poniatowski

Previous Exhibitions

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Serge Poliakoff Retrospective
Hommage to Peter Ade
27 April to 8 Jul 2007

Nolde bis Beckmann - Jorn bis Richter
Die Kunsthalle in Emden zu Gast in M√ɬľnchen 19.01.07 - 15.04.2007 √Ę‚Äö¬¨ 25,-


Auguste Rodin. Der Kuss - die Paare 22.09.06 - 07.01.2007 √Ę‚Äö¬¨ 25,- / edition Hirmer

Zur√ɬľck zur Figur - Malerei der Gegenwart 02.06.06 - 27.08.2006 Katalog by Prestel

100 Jahre Br√ɬľcke - Expressionismus aus Berlin 24.02.06 - 21.05.2006 Katalog by Nicolai

Carl Larsson - Ein schwedisches M√ɬ§rchen 18.11.05 - 05.02.2006 √Ę‚Äö¬¨ 25,- / by Hirmer


Helmut Newton - Sex and Landscapes 01.09.05 - 01.11.2005 book by Taschen

Forthcoming exhibitions

October 26, 2007 through January 27, 2008
Under the Sign of the Golden Griffon
The Royal Tombs of the Scythians

Mark Rothko ‚Äď Retrospective
February 8 through April 27, 2008


Admission fees vary per exhibition

Reductions are also set per exhibition and are available to:
Groups of 10 or more persons
Pensioners, schoolchildren, students, and the unemployed
School children in class-visits pay ‚ā¨ 0,50 per person (one teacher per class receives free admission)

Classes of school children (excepting technical colleges): ‚ā¨ 0,50 pp

Coupon tickets (the coupons are transferable; not for groups and school classes):
Small ticket: 40 ‚ā¨ 0,50 coupons for ‚ā¨ 15
= 25 % discount
Large ticket: 80 ‚ā¨ 0,50 coupons for ‚ā¨ 25
= 37.5 % discount

'Happy Monday':
On every Monday not falling on a Bank Holiday, all entrance fees will be reduced by half.

Opening hours

During exhibitions open daily from 10 am to 8 pm
20 February (Shrove Tuesday) from 10 am to 2 pm

Closed during installation periods (see exhibition dates)

Getting there

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Kunsthallen Shop

Admission to the 'Kunsthallen Shop' is free; entrance from the 'Salvatorpassage'.

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The 'Café Kunsthalle' provides a Bar on the ground floor and a Café on the first floor. Admission is free, entrance via 'Perusahof' or 'Salvatorpassage'.

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Opening hours Café:
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Public tours through our exhibitions in German can be joined for an extra fee but without prior reservation, and are offered on regular hours, see

Guided tours for group visits, in German and other languages, can be arranged for Tuesdays through Fridays from 10 am - 8 pm, and for Saturday mornings from 10 am - 12 am,
For reservations call: +49-89-37 84 88 10, or fax: +49-89-29 16 09 81. There are no guided tours on Saturday afternoon, Sundays and Mondays!