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Kunsthaus Essen

Since its foundation in 1977, Kunsthaus Essen has given major impulses to the development of contemporary art in Essen. Located in a converted school building in Rellinghausen near Essen, the Kunsthaus offers a variety of events and activities to explore modern art: exhibition space, workshops, courses and lectures. Every year it organizes eight to ten exhibitions which give artists the opportunity to show their work individually or within a thematic framework. Since 1998, a special annual scholarship ‘Junge Kunst in Essen’, tenable at the Kunsthaus, has been awarded to outstanding young art college graduates.
Kunsthaus Essen aims to promote modern art beyond local and regional borders.
Kunsthaus Essen is financed primarily through a network of corporate and private sponsors (Kunsthaus Essen e.V.). Additional financial support is provided through grants from local government offices and art foundations.


Simon Halfmeyer: Gewachsenes und Gebautes (‘Things Grown and Things Built’)
5 May 2007 – 3 June 2007
In his final exhibition at the Kunsthaus, Simon Halfmeyer (*1974), recipient of the 9 scholarship ‘Junge Kunst in Essen’, shows large-format drawings, sculptures and murals that were produced during his nine-month stay at the Kunsthaus. Halfmeyer’s works explore the relationship between unspoilt nature and designed landscapes.
An exhibition catalogue is available.
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Susanne Ring
5 May 2007 – 3 June 2007
Susanne Ring (*1966) is an artist who works with ceramic sculptures. Arranged in groups, her strikingly original figures seem to embody a metamorphic, semi-human, semi-animal state.
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Studierende der Klasse Daniele Buetti, Kunstakademie Münster (Students of Daniele Buetti at the Kunstakademie Münster)
8 June 2007 – 5 August 2007



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Exhibitions (Galerie & Kabinett): Thursday – Sunday: 3pm – 6pm

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Tram: From the main railway station Essen (Hauptbahnhof), tram no 105 (destination Rellinghausen) bus stop Finefraustraße

Bus: From the main railway station Essen (Hauptbahnhof) bus no 156 (destination Burgaltendorf) to bus stop Annental, or bus no 155 (destination Kupferdreh) to bus stop Annental

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News and events

On 14 May 2007, the Jury of the Kunsthaus took the decision to award the 10 scholarship ‘Junge Kunst in Essen’ to Anna Lea Hucht (*1980). Ms Hucht’s works depict individuals against various familiar backgrounds. Her art challenges the perceptual skills of the viewer and has recently been described by a critic as ‘room painting’ (‘Raummalerei’).
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• Painting Workshop (Beginners & Advanced levels)
• Creative Painting
• Painting in Oils
• Painting from Nude Models
• Digital Storytelling
• Painting for Children

Course participants meet weekly.
Further details about enrolment procedures, class schedules and course fees:
Scholarship ‘Junge Kunst in Essen’
In 1997 the five Essen Rotary Clubs decided to finance and award an annual scholarship to promising young artists. Competition for the scholarship is open to graduates of German art colleges. Candidates are nominated by academic staff of their respective colleges.
The scholarship offers the awardee the opportunity to develop and promote his/her art by living and working at the Kunsthaus for a year. A special ‘guest workshop’ (‘Gastatelier’) is provided at the Kunsthaus.
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Kunsthaus Essen needs financial support in order to continue its programme of activities. In particular, it aims to attract further sponsors. Sponsorship (annual fee: €100) entitles you to regular free newsletters, catalogues, guided tours and privileged access to the ‘Arthotek’.

Sponsors enjoy the privilege to borrow works of art that have been created and/or displayed at the Kunsthaus. This lending service is usually for a period of three months and free of charge.