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Kunstverein Hamburg

The Hamburg Art Association came into being 1822 and has throughout its colorful history brought numerous exhibitions of modern art into the lives of Hamburg’s citizen.

Together with the ‘Galerie der Gegenwart’, ‘Hamburger Kunsthalle’, ‘Freie Akademie der Künste’ and the ‘Deichtorhallen’ the Hamburg Art Association is part of the Hamburg Museumsmeile, a stretch of the Ring 1 street.


Willie Doherty

19. May - 2. Sept 2007
Willie Doherty, *1959 in Derry, Northern Ireland, ranks among the best-known artists of its generation and is representing Northern Ireland this year on the Biennale in Venice. The exhibition in the art association in Hamburg is to date the most extensive presentation of its cinematic work in a German institution. The catalog of his works for both exhibitions has been conceived in co-operation with the urban gallery in the Lenbachhaus and Kunstbau Munich and published by Hatje Cantz.

Previous Exhibitions

24.03.2007 INSERT 2
27.01.2007 This Place is My Place
26.01.2007 INSERT 1: who
03.11.2006 Jahresgaben
02.11.2006 Atelierbesuche
01.11.2006 Tino Sehgal
16.09.2006 Drei Geschäfte
16.09.2006 Spiralen der Erinnerung
09.06.2006 Yael Bartana
09.06.2006 Drei Geschäfte
08.04.2006 Stipendium
07.04.2006 Drei Geschäfte
28.01.2006 Robert Kusmirowski
27.01.2006 Bernadette Corporation
29.10.2005 neue produktion
16.07.2005 Sarah Lucas
16.04.2005 MoMA in Hamburg
15.04.2005 Mark Lewis
22.01.2005 Akademie
21.01.2005 Kusmirowski
09.10.2004 Formalismus
26.06.2004 Cildo Meireles
06.03.2004 Michael Hakimi
06.03.2004 Lukas Duwenhögger
22.11.2003 Mapping a City
13.09.2003 Carol Bove
13.09.2003 Andrea Fraser
17.07.2003 JAN TIMME
09.05.2003 Bühne 03
22.02.2003 Corinne Wasmuth
22.02.2003 ARS VIVA >Landschaft<
30.11.2002 Zhang Huan
21.09.2002 Richard Phillips
29.06.2002 Zusammenhänge herstellen
27.04.2002 Tadeusz Rolke
27.04.2002 Andere Räume
23.02.2002 Jack Goldstein
23.02.2002 Stefan Kern
11.11.2001 in aktion.
10.11.2001 Paul McCarthy
01.09.2001 Simon Starling
01.09.2001 Björn Dahlem
26.05.2001 Cosima von Bonin
03.05.2001 Internat
03.03.2001 Jakob Kolding
03.03.2001 Bodys Isek Kingelez
07.10.2000 Ich Maschine
20.06.2000 Screen Climbing
14.04.2000 Fiona Tan
25.02.2000 Morgan Fisher
03.12.1999 John Miller
23.10.1999 Haus und Garten
06.06.1999 Was ist FWD?
05.06.1999 FWD Borderline
20.11.1998 FWD Archives
11.09.1998 FWD Bodycheck
08.05.1998 FWD Trademarks...+ [ Read all ]

Exhibitions (6)

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Forthcoming exhibitions

7. Juli – 2. September 2007
Opening: 06. July, 19 h
INSERT 4: Pearl River City
(Ground floor)


Adults € 5,-
reduced € 3,-
Members free

Opening hours

Tue - Sun 11.00 - 18.00 h
Thu 11.00 - 21.00 h

Getting there

By car
Depending upon availability there are up to 30 parking places between the art association and the railway bridge,
1 EURO per hour. Please see with the manager.

By public transportation
Bus: 112, 120, 124, 34, stop Steinstraße.
Underground: Steinstraße (U1) or all U and S-lines to main station and then approx. 5 minutes walk toward Deichtorhalle.


All exhibition spaces are accessible for handicapped people. On the ground floor there is a toilet for wheelchair users.

Please relax and get refreshment in the restaurant 'Jena-Paradies' which is under the same roof.

Museum internal and external photos (1)

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News and events

Lectures & Events

Willie Doherty
Thursday, 26. July 2007, 19 h
Lecture by Willie Doherty concerning his work and the presentation of the catalog of works in relation to the present exhibition (in english)

Thursday, 2. August 2007, 19 h
Conversation with Britta Peters (artistic director of the Project „10° Kunst: Wilhelmsburger Freitag“) with Lenka Clayton as well as Christoph Schäfer and Margit Czenki

Thursday, 30. August 2007, 18 h
Guided tour with Willie Doherty and Dr. Nils Zurawski, sociologist and researcher of the Northern-Ireland conflict

Nightly Events

Pearl River City
Thursday, 5. July 2007, 19 H
China Complex
Conversation between Tobias Berger (Direktor Para/Site Art Space Hong Kong), Yuk King Tan (Künstlerin Hong Kong) and Ursula Panhans-Bühler (Kassel)

Thursday, 16. August 2007, 19 H
Lecture by Waling Boers, Theme: „Universal Studios“ in Peking

Series ‘Vereinsdenker’:

In the series ‘Vereinsdenker’ (association philosopher) the Berlin theoretician and author Diedrich Diederichsen has been invited to hold a monthly lecture in the art association during one year. Subsequent these are to be summarized in a book. Since Diederichsen is a proven specialist in the popular-cultural discourse, his lectures represent an addition to the event-program ‘Drei Geschäfte, Mode, Musik & Bücher’.

The series ‘association philosopher’ is sponsored by Mont-Blanc.

I. Subjectivity & development
1. Live in the loop
2.Generation, Multitude, Mouvement
3.Transfiguration and Heroism
4.Renaldo & Clara

II. Preambles
5.Sixties: Underground – Couterculture – Avantgarde
6.Glamour: Corruption-Seducti...+ [ Read all ]


The Team of the Kunstverein invites you on the following Thursdays at 18 h to a guided tour with
Eva Birkenstock 28.06./26.07.2007


Exclusive Events for Members

For the meetings of the member program an obligatory registration with EH Birkenstock is necessary, please contact or phone +49 (0) 40-32 21 57.

Sunday, 1. July / 5. August/ 2. September 2007, 18 h
Workgroup (direction Claudia Reiche)

Thursday, 12. July 2007, 19 h
Daniel Richter guides through his exhibition in the Galerie der Gegenwart
Meeting point: Lichthof of the Galerie der Gegenwart, Glockengießerwall, 20095 Hamburg
Adult € 8,50,- reduced € 5,-

Monday, 23. July 2007, 19 h
Visit of the loft of the artist Stephen Craig.
Meeting point: Gutenbergring 43, 22848 Hamburg (Norderstedt)

Tuesday, 4. September 2007, 19 h
A radio station as artist’s den. Visit of the free group of Radio and artists LIGNA on the premises of the Freien Sender Kombinats (FSK).
Meeting point: Freies Sender Kombinat, Eimsbütteler Chaussee 21, 20259 Hamburg

Venue hire

Space for Rent
The art association in Hamburg is situated in an old market hall building, which was reorganized and converted as art complex for various art institutions. The art association in Hamburg has a large and a small exhibition hall, which can be rented occasionally (in the periods between the exhibitions). The smaller space on the ground floor is a classical, square White Cube. The large hall on the first floor retained with its factory-like character the atmosphere of its original use.

Media Wall
It is possible to rent the media wall at the front facade. Normally it is rented on a yearly basis by an agency, arrangements can however be made with the art association. Please contact
Corinna Koch, phone: 32 21 57, fax: 32 21 59, E-Mail: