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La Maison D'Ailleurs

La Maison d'Ailleurs (House of Elsewhere), Museum of science fiction, utopia and extraordinary journeys is the only public institution of its kind in Europe. Founded by French encyclopaedist Pierre Versins in 1976, the Museum owns a large, fabulous collection consisting of more than 40'000 books (in French, English, German and even Ouzbek, and many more), some of which are very old and/or rare. There are also nearly 20'000 documents and items related to science fiction and its imagery such as posters, toys, works of art and much more.
This makes of the Maison d'Ailleurs a top research center for scholars, students or journalists from around the world who come for their theses, personal research and/or image research.More than 30 temporary exhibitions were held at the Maison d'Ailleurs over the last 10 years, exploring the main themes of science fiction: space travel, games and utopia. Several exhibitions were dedicated to great artists like H.R. Giger, John Howe or Alejandro Jodorowski.


ENTROPIA: The worlds of Christian Lorenz Scheurer
25 March to 23 September

Christian Scheurer, a Swiss artist, has accomplished what many dream of: he has established a career in Hollywood. Bringing with him only his artistic talent, he has managed to attain various mandates for films such as The Fifth Element, Dark City or The Animatrix.

This exhibition follows Christian Scheurer's career - prolific in the domain of science fiction - through the presentation of different facets of his work: emerging ideas noted in the sketchbooks he carries with him everywhere, concept designs for costumes or sceneries, matte paintings, and finally, his most recent personal project, "Entropia".
This innovative work, soon to appear on the "big screen", is presented in the form of a stamp collection originating from an imaginary, faraway planet. An entire world is created in this fanciful philately as each stamp recounts a specific event of Entropian history or presents one of the principal characters: Queen Pingo, the Marquis de Salade, or the Secret Guild of Croissant Bakers.

The technique of Christian's artwork is quite different from that of the digital images we are used to seeing as he gives them a "raw finish", making them seemingly warmer and thus much more similar to paintings. The worlds of Christian Scheurer are marked by a mysterious and nostalgic atmosphere, featuring lone characters facing an immense and complex environment. The jungles are abysmal and the cities, gigantic; the protagonists often find themselves in the role of the spectator rather than actor, witnessing, as if in a dream, strange, vast processions of unknown idols or fantastic creatures…+ [ Read all ]


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Researchers, students, scholars, journalists, artists, etc. may access the research library on request.

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