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Lakeview Museum Of Arts And Sciences

The Lakeview Museum Planetarium was the first component of Lakeview Museum. It was opened in 1963, two years before the Museum was constructed. A Goto M-1 star projector was installed in the 10 meter plaster dome, with 120 seats arranged in a concentric pattern. The initial construction was funded by a donation from Murray Baker, with additional assistance from members of the Peoria Astronomical Society. Principal among these were R.P. Van Zandt and Dr. Ernest Landen.

In 1977 the seating was rearranged to face one direction (seating for 79), and a Spitz Model 512 Star Projector was installed. A computer controlled special effects system was also installed built by volunteers from the Caterpillar Computer Club..

In 1989, through a grant from the Bielfeldt Foundation, a video projection system was installed. The system included three optical laser disk players, three SVHS tape players, three video projectors, and a Sky Skan Spice Control System.

Permanent Collection

Teaching with digital content.

Cutting to the Essance, Shaping for the fire


Trompe l'Oeil Art of Illusion
March 17-May13, 2007

The Carvings of John W. Hyatt
March 1-July 15, 2007

Highlights of the Ellis Collection of Anna Pottery
April 21-November 12, 2007

Look Again!
March 17-May13, 2007

Illustrations by Winslow Homer
March 17-May13, 2007


Members - FREE
Adults - $6
Seniors - $5
Ages 3-17 - $4.00

Members - FREE
Adults - $4
Seniors & ages 4-17 - $3.50

Members - FREE
Adults - $8
Seniors -$6.50
Ages 3-17 - $6.00

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Per Student Group Rate ( Min 15 )

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Planetarium - $ 3.00

Combo - $4.50

Opening hours

Mondays Closed
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Wednesday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday Noon - 5 p.m.

Getting there

Lakeview Museum
1125 West Lake Ave.
Peoria, Illinois
61614 USA
309-686-7000 --- Fax 686-0280


Exit I-74 at US 150 (War Memorial Dr.) East.
At University (2nd light on War Memorial) turn
left (north) onto University.
At Lake Ave. (1st light on University) turn right,
and immediately left into Lakeview Park. The
museum is at the top of the hill in Lakeview Park.

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Through July 15, 1007

WOOD CARVINGS OF JOHN W. HYATT Known as a passionate fisherman, but not a hunter, Pekin native Hyatt produced an impressive number of wildlife wood carvings throughout his live in the early 20th century.

Through May 13, 2007

Trompe LĂ•Oeil: the art of illusion

The art of trompe l'oeil has fooled the eye for centuries. In Roman days, the illusion of food droppings cleverly integrated into mosaic floor tiles was considered the first of this phenomenon. Throughout time, artists have worked in this visual idiom to challenge the eye. A trompe lÕoeil artist is a magician with paint.

Through July 1

ILLUSTRATIONS BY WINSLOW HOMER A selection of wood engravings by Winslow Homer from the collection of Dr. & Mrs. William Marshall.

Through November 11, 2007

COMMUNICATING IN CLAY: THE ELLIS COLLECTION OF ANNA POTTERY The Kirkpatrick brothersÕ 19th century pottery in Anna produced utilitarian wares for home and commercial use that differed little from other Illinois potteries. However, the many eccentric and humorous novelty items they made as a sideline assured the business of reputation in its own day and have sustained the interest of scholars and collectors in recent years.

May 23

SENIOR MORNING. Ann Schmitt, Associate Director of Education talks about some of her favorite works of art. Coffee at 10 a.m., lecture at 10:30. Free for seniors

May 26 - August 19, 2007

ONCE UPON A TIME: Knights, Castles & Common Folk

Take a trip back into time to see what life was like in Europe during the years 1000 to 1500 AD. Aspects of Medieval life, from monks and monasteries to the feudal system, ...+ [ Read all ]