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Landesmuseum Joanneum

Landesmuseum Joanneum

19 departments and institutions with over 300 staff members on 12 locations, more than 4.5 million objects in 500 rooms. What’s hidden behind them? Austria’s oldest and second-largest museum: Landesmuseum Joanneum. Moreover, it is also the most important regional museum of Austria – due to its size and extensive collections.
A place of history: in 1811 Archduke Johann founded the Landesmuseum Joanneum and committed it to presenting a comprehensive picture of the historical development of the nature and culture, of the country and its people.

The different Museums belonging to the Landesmuseum Joanneum

Geology & Palaeontology
Pre- and Early History
Roman Provincial Collection
Coin Cabinett
Cultural-Historical Collection
Alte Galerie
Neue Galerie
Folk Life Museum
Hunting Museum Schloss Stainz
Schloss Eggenberg
Landscape Museum at Schloss Trautenfels
Agricultural Collection
Image and Sound Archive
Künstlerhaus Graz
Kunsthaus Graz
Museumsakademie Joanneum

Permanent Collection

Comprising valuable and extensive collections with a main emphasis laid on Styrian wildlife, culture and arts, Landesmuseum Joanneum houses world-famous objects. Our departments serve both for scientific research and presentation to the public. Furthermore the rich collections are complemented by permanent special exhibitions.


China Welcomes You ...
Desires, Struggles, New Identities
Kunsthaus Graz, 07.06. - 02.09.2007

from the jelly-bear to cult brand status
Volkskundemuseum, 26.03. - 28.10.2007

Lily Greenham (1924-2001)
Informel, Op Art, Lingual Music
Neue Galerie Graz, Hofgalerie, 21.04. - 28.05.2007

Anja Manfredi
Archiv der Bewegungen
Neue Galerie, Studio, 21.04. - 28.05.2007

The Power of Masks
Landscape Museum at Schloss Trautenfels, 31.03. – 31.10.2007

Hunting Museum Schloss Stainz
new arranged at Stainz Castle

Heroes and Saints
Paintings from the Italian Baroque period
Alte Galerie at Schloss Eggenberg, 16.03. – 26.08.2007

The great world theatre
The Alte Galerie at the Landesmuseum Joanneum
relocated at Schloss Eggenberg

On the Nature of Human
Genre Painting of the 19th and early 20th Centuries from the collection of the Neue Galerie
Neue Galerie Graz, 17.11.2006 – 10.06.2007

Günter Brus
Bilddichtung zu Franz Schrekers Oper "Die Gezeichneten"
Neue Galerie Graz, Grüner Salon, 2. Stock, 21.10.2006 - automn 2007

Previous Exhibitions

Archive 2006

Rembrandt. Etchings

Alte Galerie at the Landesmuseum Joanneum, Schloss Eggenberg, Eggenberger Allee 90, A-8020 Graz 15.09. - 7.1.2006

Gavin Turk
Last Year in Eggenberg (The Paradise Show)

Schloss Eggenberg, Eggenberger Allee 90, A-8020 Graz 22.06. - 17.09.2006

Archive 2005

12 Nächte in Europa. Die raue Mitte des Winters

Forthcoming exhibitions

Modell Martin Kippenberger Utopien für alle
Kunsthaus Graz, 15.09.2007 - 06.01.2008

Politics of Belonging
Kunsthaus Graz, 22.09.2007 - 13.01.2008


Please consult the individual Museums hereunder

Opening hours

Please consult the individual Museums hereunder

Getting there

General Information

Tel.: +43 316/8017-9660
Fax: +43 316/8017-9669

Information Kunsthaus Graz

Tel.: +43 316/8017-9200
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Landscape Museum at Schloss Trautenfels

8951 Trautenfels 1
Tel.: +43 3682/22 2 33
Fax: +43 3682/22 2 33-44

Museumspavillon Flavia Solva

Marburgerstraße 111
8435 Wagna
Tel.: +43 3452/71 778
Fax: +43 3452/71 77 88

Künstlerhaus Graz

Burgring 2
8010 Graz
Tel.: +43 316/82 73 91
Fax: +43 316/82 89 52

Alte Galerie

Tel.: +43 316/8017-9770
Fax: +43 316/8017-9847

Cultural-Historical Collection

Tel.: +43 316/8017-9780
Fax: +43 316/8017-9849

Neue Galerie

Sackstraße 16,
8010 Graz
Tel.: +43 316/82 91 55
Fax: +43 316/81 54 01

Image and Sound Archive

Sackstraße 17
8010 Graz
Tel.: +43 316/83 03 35
Fax: +43 316/8017-9422

Folk Life Museum
Paulustorgasse 11-13a
8010 Graz
Tel.: +43 316/83 04 16
Fax: +43 316/8017-9888
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News and events

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Your personal guide through Kunsthaus Graz

Exploring an exhibition at your own speed, with all the interesting information readily available ...

… impossible? Not at the Kunsthaus Graz! This is made possible by the new SpaceGuide. On entering the exhibition, the visitor is equipped with a Nokia 770. This way, interesting facts about exhibits and different walking tours are at the visitor’s disposal, simply at the push of a button. Additional material available on the SpaceGuide includes interviews with artists, material on exhibition construction and other video material.

SpaceGuide – your personal guide

Each exhibit carries a number. Just enter this number and listen to the information presented. If you find an object particularly fascinating, just mark it using the “memory” function. At the passage to the Needle, there are computer terminals providing yet more information on the objects you marked. Multi-media features such as interviews with artists, material on exhibition construction and other video material are also offered, inviting you to take a break and find out more about the exhibition. If you want to take a structured tour, just choose one of the tours offered on the SpaceGuide. There are tours focussing on the architecture of the building and exhibition tours. There are plans to introduce special tours for children using the SpaceGuide.


Educational Services

Developing interesting and diverse programmes to the current and permanent exhibitions, our large team is going to reduce the children’s and adolescents’ fear of the unknown. In this respect it is of particular importance for us to promote creativity and to sensitise children and young adults to the interaction with art and cultural goods. Visiting a museum is an exciting experience and should appeal to all ages.

Kunst- und Kulturvermittlung
Landesmuseum Joanneum
Raubergasse 10, 8010 Graz

T: +43 316/8017-9716

Kunst- und Architekturvermittlung
Kunsthaus Graz
Lendkai 1, 8020 Graz

T: +43 316/8017-9209


Museumsakademie Joanneum
Competence Centre for Museology and Art

Raubergasse 10, 8010 Graz
T: +43 316/8017-9805
e-mail: office@

Museumsakademie Joanneum

Within an international network of museums and museological institutions, the "Museumsakademie Joanneum. Competence Centre for Museology and Art" offers a setting for innovative forms of museological education and training, conduct research and documentation and functions as a platform for discussions of museology theory. The Museumsakamdemie Joanneum works closely with educational establishments, amongst others the Joanneum Technical College and Graz University.


Restitution at Landesmuseum Joanneum

The "Acquisitions and Reserves from Jewish property 1938-1955" association is run by employees of the Landesmuseum Joanneum. At the beginning of April 1998 they were given the task of examining and analysing records from the war and post-war period in relation to the questionable acquisition of objects in the collection. Its objective is to establish whether there are today still objects in the museum that do not rightfully belong there, and to return these to the rightful owners or their heirs.

At the end of 1999, the results of this research could be presented to the government of the Province of Styria in a full report of around 400 pages. Investigations had revealed that essentially three of the Landesmuseum Joanneum departments were affected: the historico-cultural collection, the Neue Galerie and the Alte Galerie. The following archives were contacted: the archive of the Bundesdenkmalamt (Austrian Federal Office for the Care of Monuments) in Vienna, the archive of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, the Steiermärkisches Landesarchiv in Graz and departmental archives. Both correlations and contradictions to the archive records were discovered from the old and new inventory books. The report includes such famous names as the Rothschild, Bondy, Gutmann and Pollak collections, among others. It deals with acquisitions made via the Vugesta, the Gestapo, the Dorotheum and various other auction houses as well as through trustees and galleries.


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Venue hire

Welcome to joanneum to rent!

Landesmuseum Joanneum opens its doors for your events!

Halls, lounges and chapels … spaces, gardens and pavilions … courtyards, parks, arcade walkways … The oldest and second-largest museum in Austria, a place steeped in history, invites you to give your event an extraordinary setting. Whether it’s a castle, palace, the Kunsthaus or the Künstlerhaus: you can hold all sorts of celebrations in numerous rooms, from extremely modern to traditional, at the heart of the city or out in the open – the sky’s the limit.

Presentations, lectures, conferences … weddings and summer parties … concerts, readings, theatre … candlelight dinners, cocktail parties and extravagant receptions…
Celebrate through 500 years of architectural history!

Gabriela Filzwieser
Kunsthaus Graz
Lendkai 1, 8020 Graz
T: +43 316/8017-9218
F: +43 316/8017-9212

The left column gives you information on all rentable facilities. Additionally it contains information about the architecturally invaluable buildings they are located in.

The downloads below offer an overview of all rooms at Landesmuseum Joanneum as well as detailed information on facilities and equipment for each occasion.

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