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Le Creux De L'Enfer

Situated in the picturesque site of the Vallée des Usines, le Creux de l’Enfer is an industrial wild land, an old cutlery factory, transformed into contemporary art centre in 1988. It is an active site of artistic production with an audacious programme of exhibition including sculpture, installation, painting and photography. With fifteen publications completed since 2000, the centre edits, with the help of partners, a collection of pocket books entitled “Mes pas a faire au Creux de l’Enfer”. The centre actively participates in the cultural life of its town, of its department and of the Auvergne region. It presents artists of national and international calibre, as well as organising, once a year, an exhibition of the work of young artists from local art colleges, entitled “Les Enfants du Sabbat”.


28 February- 20 May 2007

Alina Abramov
Benjamin Hochart
Cyrielle Hugon
Nicolas Lafon
Gilles Lamain
Mathieu Sellier
Aurélie Pétrel
Francis Morandini
Laurent Proux
Souchia Werner

“Les enfants du Sabbat”, a cycle of exhibitions initiated by the Creux de l’Enfer in 2001, is realised each year by artists from the Ecole Superieure d’Art de Clermont Communauté and the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon.

The art centre of Thiers, with its partners, affirms its desire to defend young creativity from its region, while schools validate their engagements and hope in the artists they have formed. In this way, a number of them, presented in previous years, already have a promising artistic path. The three institutions unite their efforts in order to allow painters, sculptors, photographers and video artists to present their work in the best of conditions.

It’s their responsibility to do well, ours and the invited art critics to spread awareness. This is why, with the support of the schools, the art centre is publishing, for the occasion, a work entitled “Mes pas a faire au Creux de l’Enfer”. It is available to the public, largely diffused to art professionals, and a valuable tool to facilitate the visitor in his exploration of this new talent. The exhibition and publication allows us to think about young artists who engage themselves with conviction, exhibit themselves before the gaze of others, and actively take on the art making process.

Exhibitions (8)

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Forthcoming exhibitions

13 June – 16 September 2007

Private view 12 June, with DJing from the I/G collective

After his exhibition at the Pompidou centre in 2006, at the Musée d’Art contemporain de Lyon, the musée de l’Abbaye de Sainte-Croix des Sables d’Olonne and the Musée d’Art contemporain de Strasbourg, Marc Desgrandchamps is invited to realise a personal exhibition in the 500m2, two-floor space of the Creux de l’Enfer. The artist represents today a renewal in figurative painting, to which many artists of a new generation refer. After having been inspired by academic masters, and having questioned himself of the role of the painting in modernity, Marc Desgrandchamps has mastered a personal style of painting, of grotesque consciousness and serene appearances.
The exhibition at the Creux de l’Enfer is composed of 20 oil paintings, mainly on canvas and in large format. The sea, beach, trees, birds, horses, blue summer skies are superimposed and disintegrate in a reoccurring manner. Within this archetypal representation of nature, characters of evanescent traits and banal behaviour slide and ooze, in standing or sitting position, affirming themselves less than erasing themselves in their contained joy. In this dimension of green naturalism and sombre sepia, the fluid and translucent materiality of paint workied from photographs and archive documents translates a fragile reality in which the present shatters on the existentialist cloud. The characters, be they at the paintings’ foreground or in the distance, or the landscape, be it a beach or urban scene, erase themselves, becoming immaterial in the present which has no significance. Treated i...+ [ Read all ]


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Open from 2pm to 7pm daily (during periods of exhibition)

Getting there

By train use the SNCF station Thiers
By car, take the A72 Thiers west. The centre is located 30 mins from Clermont-Ferrand and 60 mins from St Etienne.


The centre houses a library and book shop, as well as a terrace with panoramic views over the valley.


The centre d’art le Creux de l’Enfer welcomes participants to its educative programmes to introduce them to art from all horizons, from preschool to adults in professional education or university.
A team dedicated to educative action works in collaboration with its partners, such as l’Education Nationale, le Ministere de la culture, other cultural institutions in the region, in order to propose a program of adapted activities which evolve with the exhibition projects of the art centre.

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