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Loos Haus

After being built in 1909 and creating instant controversy as a modern building, the LOOS Haus had a colourful history until the end of the 2nd WW, when it was partly damaged.

In 1987 the fate of the Looshauses changed to the better, when the most famous modern building of Vienna was aquired by the Raiffeisen Bank Vienna.

The new owner undertook a complete renovation of the building.

The internal energy of the Looshauses - as already sensed by Franz Werfel, is today still noticeable and a further stimulus for the Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ Vienna, to look forward to a modern, dynamic future

Today the Adolf Loos State Price of Design is the most important Austrian Design price.


exlibris heute

the master school of the graphics shows new interpretations of the book owner sign
Wien 1, Herrengasse 2-4

04. May to 18. May 2007
Mon - Fri, 10.00 to 18.00

Sat 05.05.07
open 10–20 Uhr

Admission free!

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Biography of Adolf Loos

1870 Loos was born in Brünn.

He studied 1887 to 1896 at the K.u K. state vocational school in Reichenberg/Böhmen and at the technical university Dresden.

1896 He established himself as an architect in Vienna and turned out numerous business premises, furnishings and housings:
Café museum in Vienna (1899),
the mansion Karma in Clarens/Switzerland (1903-1906),
the Kärntner bar in Vienna (1908),
the house Steiner in Vienna (1910),
the house at the Michaelerplatz in Vienna (1909-1911),
the house Rufer in Vienna (1922) 1912/1913
establishment of a private building school.

1924 to 1927 Loos moved to France; Stays in Paris and to the French Riviera;
Building of the house Tzara in Paris (1925).

1928 return to Vienna. Here he built the
house Mueller in Prague (1928-1930) and the
house Khuner in Payerbach/Lower Austria (1929).
1933 Loos died in Kalksburg near Vienna.


The Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ Vienna engages itself with Design in an area, in which economic advantages is more important than in all other areas of the cultural sponsoring:
for the particular, for enterprises, for the society.

Venue hire

The Souterrain of the Looshauses newly arranged by architect Paolo Piva is available now for exhibitions and meetings.

It forms a platform, where Design is presented and discussed. Being accessible for handicapt people, and equipped with all technical requirements, the premises can be rented also for press conferences, symposiums, company presentations etc.