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MAK - Applied Arts Contemporary Art

The MAK is a center for Art. At the MAK, the ideas of the artist and the intentions of the work are given free rein. Often art is created on the premises; and if necessary, art is defended.
The MAK is a hub of emerging global communication. Thus, the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles1 and the Artists and Architects in Residence program at the Mackey Apartments are central to an intense discourse on the interweaving of contemporary themes in art and architecture.
With an extraordinary collection of applied and contemporary art, the MAK serves a dual purpose as a conservator of significant art objects and as a center for the scientific research of art with a special emphasis on its production, preservation, and reorientation. The MAK regards itself as a laboratory of artistic production and a research center of social awareness. The powerful ideas created here today will serve as models for tomorrow.

Founded in 1864 as the Imperial & Royal Austrian Museum of Art and Industry, the MAK has pursued a continued commitment to combining practice and theory, art and industry, production and reproduction. The School of Applied Arts, originally an outgrowth of the Museum, was later developed into an independent institution, known today as the University of Applied Arts.
When the Museum was restructured and remodelled in 1986, the Museum's original purpose was reconfirmed and radically expanded. The current MAK identity was created and a fundamental agenda, bold and decentralized, was introduced. One of the significant elements of the restructuring included the exhibition design for the presentation of objects determined by the in... [ Read all ]

Permanent Collection

Artistic Interventions

The reinstallation of the MAK's permanent collection and redesign of the gallery spaces by contemporary artists was the first experiment to be realized in the course of the Museum's search for a new identity. Here, for the first time, one can sense what the notion of fruitful confrontation between traditional collections and new artistic trends signifies. A conscious decision was made not to have architects design any of the spaces. It was hoped that different new positions and viewpoints in relation to the objects in the collections would supply the objects with fresh, contemporary legibility in a way that re-educates our eyes and our perception towards the specific sensitivities and strengths of the individual materials.
Objective display is impossible in a museum; to display is at once to present, to interpret, and to evaluate. The MAK choses to realize the viewpoints of significant contemporary artists, who reinstalled the permanent collection after intense collaboration and long discussions with the responsible curators.
The permanent collection is arranged in chronological order - not, however, with the intention of "covering" each stylistic epoch as completely as possible, but rather of introducing the Museum's highlights, its particularly interesting and unique objects. (In the study collection, on the other hand, the Museum's traditional arrangement according to materials has been preserved in a concentrated, orderly form of presentation.) Working with colors, special lighting installations, electronic text displays, special show cases, enclosures, pedestals, and special perceptual alienation effects, the artists found a variety of spa...+ [ Read all ]


Sunset: Delayed
18.4. - 16.9.2007
MAK Gallery

Johannes Gachnang in his Role as a Publisher
15.11.2006 - 15.4.2007
MAK Works on Paper Room

Les Fleurs du Mal
25.4. - 23.9.2007
MAK Metal Study Collection

28.2. - 15.7.2007
MAK Textiles Study Collection

Objects in Blue & White from Egypt to China
7.3. - 9.9.2007
MAK East Asia Art Collection

#2 Alfons Schilling
Vision Machines 007
24.4. - 30.9.2007
MAK Permanent Collection Contemporary Art

Previous Exhibitions

The most important exhibitions of the MAK

2006 100 BEST POSTERS 05: Germany Austria Switzerland [...]
CANTILEVER CHAIR: Architectural Manifesto and Material Experiment [...]
CHAPEAU!: Dieter Roth: Sculptural Fingerwear [...]
JOSEF HOFFMANN - CARLO SCARPA: On the Sublime in Architecture [...]
MICROSTORIES AUSTRIA: Short Films by Austrian Media Universities [...]
THE SOUL REMAINS THE SAME: Creating Spaces in the MAK [...]
YVES KLEIN: Air Architecture [...]
YEARNING FOR BEAUTY: The Wiener Werkstätte and the Stoclet House [...]
2005 ... AFTER BINDER: Joseph Binder's Influence on Graphic Design [...]
FRAGILE REMNANTS: Egyptian Textiles of Late Antiquity and Early Islam [...]
UKIYO-E RELOADED: The MAK Collection of Japanese Colored Woodblock Prints [...]
ALEXANDR RODCHENKO: Spatial Constructions [...]
The Austrian Look: Susanne Bisovsky: The Everlasting Collection [...]
BACK TO A: design now.austria [...]
Uaaaaa!!! Manga: On the Aesthetics of a Trash Culture [...]
The Art of ”Der Spiegel”: Cover Illustrations Over Five Decades [...]
Isaac Julien: True North [...]
Josef Hoffmann: A Continuous Process [...]
Lebbeus Woods: System Vienna [...]
Atelier Van Lieshout: The Disciplinator [...]
Otto Muehl: Retrospective [...]
First Design and Final Object: Drawings by Viennese Gold and Silversmiths [...]
Kashmir at the MAK: Pashmina Shawls and Their European Counterparts ...+ [ Read all ]


regular with MAK-Guide € 9,90
without MAK-Guide € 7,90

reduced € 5,50
groups from 10 persons on, students, seniors from 60 on, art historians, ICOM, Euro

Opening hours

Tue (MAK NITE©) from 10.00 a.m. to midnight,
Wed–Sun 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p. m.
closed on Mondays

open on Easter Monday and Whit Monday
2007: closed on December 24, 25 and 31

Getting there

How to get there
U3, tram 1, 2, Bus 1A, 74A to Stubentor oder U4 to Landstraße or Schnellbahn S1, S2, S3, S7 and S15 to station Wien Mitte. With the City Airport Train from and to the airport, station Wien Mitte.


Facilities for disabled visitors
Please use the Weiskirchnerstrasse 1 entrance, where an elevator and a special toilet are located.

MAK Design Shop

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MAK Reading Room
Entrance: Stubenring 5, A-1010 Vienna
Opening hours: Tue–Sun, 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
closed on Mondays
Closed during August
Visits to the MAK Reading Room are free of charge


Every Saturday at 11.00 a.m. a tour through the MAK in German;
every Sunday at midday in English.
Attendance fee € 2,00

Every Saturday at 3.00 p.m. the MAK curators guide you through their specialist domain. Attendance fee € 2,00

Information and Reservations
Gabriele Fabiankowitsch
Mon–Fri 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
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Venue hire


The MAK’s official rooms such as the MAK Columned Main Hall, the MAK lecture hall or the exhibition halls are popular locations for events of all kinds. During MAK exhibitions and events these rooms turn dinners, symposiums or product presentations into unforgettable experiences.

Since 2003 the MAK has a completely new service on offer in the former bookshop:
The MAK DESIGN SPACE offers the Austrian and international design scene a high-prestige opportunity to present products, projects and cooperation partners to the public. The location, which has been adapted for that purpose, is a platform linking art, industry, design and business which is available for short term rentals.

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