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Modern adj. & n. ● adj. 1 of the present and recent times. 2 in current fashion; not antiquated ● n. (usu in pl.) a person living in modern times [French moderne or Late Latin modernus from Latin modo ‘just now’]

Museum n. a building used for storing objects of historical, scientific or cultural interest. [Latin from Greek mouseion ’seat of the Muses’] Oxford Concise English Dictionary

Two words, beautifully alliterative and yet so different. One relates to the new, the newest of the new – the here and now. The other conjures up the concept of a temple to artefacts, works of art, perhaps, compiled and arranged over a period of years. ”Modern museum” – dwell on the coupling – such harmony in sound and appearance, such discord in meaning. The modern museum, a cultural institution that has come into being over the past fifty years, would seem to nurse a conflict at its very heart.

The Moderna Museet building was designed by the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo and was inaugurated in 1998. The commissioner and owner of the building is the Swedish National Property Board (Statens Fastighetsverk). The construction was planned by a Swedish consultant team, with White architects in collaboration with Rafael Moneo. The general building entrepreneur was NCC. In 2001, problems with the indoor climate were discovered, and the building was consequently closed in January 2002. After a public bidding process, Tha National Property Board commissioned NCC to refurbish the building.

Permanent Collection

Moderna Museet has one of the world’s best collections of art, spanning 1900 to the present day. The photographic collection comprises works from the 1840s onwards. The art collection includes key works by artists such as Duchamp, Picasso, Dalí, Matisse and Rauschenberg, as well as new acquisitions by contemporary artists. The Swedish art is largely integrated with the international works, presenting Swedish artists such as Vera Nilsson and Siri Derkert parallel with Kokoschka and Braque. The contemporary section is rehung frequently, and from 2007 it includes a new presentation of contemporary film and video art in The Video Corridor. The collection will be rehung from October to December in preparation for our anniversary in 2008. Only parts of the collection will be open to the public from October.


2 June - 9 September 2007
In the first decades of the 20th century, many Swedish artists went abroad to explore the formal idiom of abstract art. Most of these artists, however, reverted fairly soon to the narrative tradition. This exhibition looks at some ten “Stories”, themes such as meetings between human beings, cultures, ways of life and political opinions. The featured artists include Ivan Aguéli, Nils von Dardel, Siri Derkert, Sven X-et Erixon, Sigrid Hjertén, Tora Vega Holmström and Hilding Linnqvist.
Curator: Cecilia Widenheim

5 may - 5 August 2007
Karin Mamma Andersson (b 1962) has won great acknowledgment and acclaim, not least after her major international breakthrough at the Venice Biennale in 2003, where she represented Sweden. Her paintings are based in a colourist tradition, with an idiosyncratic imagery sprung from dreams, myths and art. This is a retrospective exhibition, with an emphasis on recent works.
Curator: Ann-Sofi Noring

On the first of each month, Moderna Museet will host smaller exhibitions inside or outside the museum highlighting the work of contemporary artists. This might be anything from artistic experiments and processes to individual works.
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1 September - 9 December 2007
The autumn’s major photographic exhibition will be a presentation of the Swedish photographer Lars Tunbjörk (b. 1956) who is well-known for his acutely perceptive images of modern Swedish society. At Moderna Museet he will present his latest project, Vinter [Winter]. The title refers to the long season in the north as well as to a psychological condition. His series Home, with images from the 1990s, will also be exhibited...+ [ Read all ]

Previous Exhibitions

To seach the past exhibitions please visit the exhibitions section of the website.

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Forthcoming exhibitions

29 September - 2 December 2007
There was a boom in film and video art in the USA in the 1960s. The Swede Gunvor Nelson (b. 1931) was one of the artists who occupied a prominent position on this scene and whose work receives much critical acclaim today. In the US where she worked from the 1950s to the 1990s, she was part of a group of experimental film makers that emerged on the West Coast. Last year, a film programme of her work toured the US and was shown in, among others, San Francisco, Chicago and at MoMA, New York. Her films centre on memory, family relations and the female experience. The mood hovers between the burlesque and the poetic. In 2006 she was the recipient of the Arts Grants Committee’s Major Grant Award. In connection with the exhibition several films will be screened in the Cinema. Curator: Cecilia Widenheim

6 October 2007 - 6 January 2008
Olle Bærtling (1911-81) is one of the few Nordic artists of the second half of the 20th century who made a name for himself internationally. Initially inspired by the Concretists, he developed a style of his own with bright colours in triangular shapes, which, in his later works, appear to move out of the frames into the infinity of space, which has become the distinguishing characteristic of Bærtling. Today he is considered a modern classic.
Curator: John Peter Nilsson


Admission: 80 SEK/60 SEK
Free admission for those 18 and under

Opening hours

Moderna Museet is open:
Tuesday 10-20
Wednesday - Sunday 10-18
Mondays closed
Opening hours on public holidays 2007 are listed on the website.

Getting there

General parking outside the entrance facing the water. Parking for the disabled outside the main entrance and the entrance facing the water. Taxis can stop outside the entrance.

The Djurgården ferry runs throughout the year from Slussen, calling at Skeppsholmen. The trip takes approximately five minutes.

Bus 65 departs from T-Centralen and stops at Moderna Museet on Skeppsholmen.

The nearest underground station is Kungsträdgården (blue line), a ten-minute walk from the museum.

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A gallery educator will take charge of the group for a one-hour tour, encouraging the children to talk about what they see and how they experience it. Groups can also book a workshop (2 hours). Children can then give practical expression to what they have seen. The tour and workshop end with looking at the children’s pictures together.

Book a guided tour! When booking In Our Time - Works from the Moderna Museet collection, you can choose between different themes.

Zon Moderna is an educational art outreach project that engages upper secondary school pupils in an artistic process. The purpose is to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary art among these pupils.
In each Zon project an artist is engaged as artistic director. The artist formulates the basic idea that participants will be working with and developing. The projects are always linked in some way to ongoing Moderna Museet exhibitions. The artist is in close contact with the pupils throughout the project, to provide guidance. Each term, a large number of pupils from the participating schools are invited to Moderna Museet’s auditorium where the Zon artist will present his or her creative work.


At its best, cultural sponsorship serves as an additional support, a shock-absorber or a new channel to the audience. The optimum result of sponsorship leaves both parties with the experience that contribution and reciprocation match one another in a way that is neither artistically nor financially questionable.

Moderna Museet engages in object sponsorship. This means that the museum's activities are divided into packages, for instance, exhibitions, series of exhibitions, various educational activities and events, technology, audio-visuals, transportation, etc.
Each package is defined with regard to duration, price and our reciprocal commitment, and offered to companies with a profile or orientation matching the nature of the package. In this way it is easier to link the right sponsor to the right product.