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Mondriaanhuis - Museum For Constructive And Concrete Art

The MONDRIAANHUIS Museum for Constructive and Concrete Art is located in the birthplace of the painter Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) and the adjoining school. Mondrian's father was headmaster of this school. Mondrian lived here from 1872 untill 1880.

The beautifully restored and renovated site on the Kortegracht which houses the Mondriaanhuis is quite old. Piet Mondrian’s father already complained about its poor state of repair: “The doctor who died and the present one declare that we (especially my wife) may not stay in this house, where we have been living the last 5 years, without danger to our health. (…) This 200-year old plastered, mold-ridden house, with a poisoned hall and three rooms, should be pulled down.

 Permanent Collection Highlights (5)

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Permanent Collection

The Mondriaanhuis has three collections: its own collection of constructivist and concrete art, the IDAC-collection and that of the ICN (Instituut Collectie Nederland). There are also some privately owned works on loan.

The Mondriaanhuis is a Museum for Constructivist and Concrete Art. The core of the collection is therefore work by contemporary artists, working further in the line of Mondrian’s geometrical-abstract work; in other words, representatives of what is now known as constructivist and concrete art.

Mondrian collection
letters and prints
The Mondriaanhuis has letters, vintage prints, old catalogues and books and scale-models, all directly related to Mondrian’s heritage. The famous painter’s life, work and ideas are highlighted in a permanent documentary display.

ICN collection
Since 2004 the museum has a number of authentic works by Mondrian on loan from the State collection, the Instituut Collectie Nederland (ICN) in Rijswijk and private collectors. This comprises three early paintings, Farm behind a Fence (ca. 1904), Ships’ Carpenters’ Wharf (ca. 1900), Male Nude (1901) and two lithographs and a silk-screen print, Composition D from 1932; a lithograph after a composition from 1921, made by the Bauhaus in 1925 and Tableau Poème made in 1928 in collaboration with Seuphor.

The museum also has a painting by Frits Mondriaan, the uncle who gave Mondrian his first painting lessons, Stream in a Wood (ca. 1900).
Collection Constructive and Concrete art

Core collection
The core collection of the museum consists of work by contemporary artists, working further in the line of Mondrian’s geometrical-abstract work: paintings, sc...+ [ Read all ]


Jun 30, 2007 - Oct 28, 2007
Plat en uitstekend - Sanne Bruggink / Jan Maarten Voskuil
Space or the illusion of three-dimensionality play an important role in the art of Sanne Bruggink and Jan Maarten Voskuil.

May 22, 2007 - Dec 15, 2007
30x30:Een keuze uit de IDAC collectie
These work of arts are collected by a group of international artists who were invited by the foundation IDAC (Gallery l`Idee and Art Construct).

Previous Exhibitions

Apr 03, 2007 - Jun 17, 2007
Samenklank - Geert van Fastenhout en Hans Steinbrenner
Paintings from Geert van Fastenhout and sculptures from Hans Steinbrenner

Dec 16, 2006 - Mar 25, 2007
Flow follows function: industrieel ontwerp van Madelon Revermann
The Mondriaanhuis has invited designer Madelon Revermann to install an exhibition (...)

Dec 16, 2006 - Jun 17, 2007
Binnen / Buiten - Douglas Allsop
Reflections, repetition, symmetry and serial order. The British minimalist, (...)

Sep 26, 2006 - Nov 26, 2006
Keimswit en krakkels: de Mondriaan-Hordijk brieven
Recently discovered letters by Mondrian to his friend, Gerard Hordijk, can be (...)

Aug 01, 2006 - Nov 26, 2006
Boogie Nights - Making the Mondrian Monument – Albert Dedden en Paul Keizer
Exhibition concerning the making of a Mondrian Monument.

Jul 22, 2006 - Dec 03, 2006
Tussen ratio en intuïtie - naoorlogse abstracte kunst uit de collectie van Jan Verhoeven
After World War II, abstract art was booming. It can be roughly divided into (...)

Apr 01, 2006 - Jul 09, 2006
50 x 50 – een actueel overzicht van internationale concrete kunst
50 x 50 – a current overview of international concrete art can be seen in the (...)

Mar 05, 2006 - Apr 08, 2006
Atelier – Werk voor het Mondriaanhuis, 2005
Studio – Work for the Mondriaanhuis, Amersfoort 2005 is a construction (...)

Jan 15, 2006 - Mar 24, 2006
Geometrisch • Concreet X
Collaboration between the Mondriaanhuis and the German Galerie Kuhnen in Dülmen.
Artists (...)

Oct 14, 2005 - Jan 08, 2006
Mondrian – Montparnasse. Abstractie in Parijs
With the exhibition, Mondriaan – Mo...+ [ Read all ]

Forthcoming exhibitions

Nov 02, 2007 - Feb 10, 2008
Logic unfettered - European and American abstraction now
Bob Bonies (NL), Andreas Brandt (D), Kathrin Hilten (USA), Wanda Kossak (USA), Matti Kujasalo (FI), Elena Lux-Marx (CH), Marjata Palasto (FI), Fred Sandback (...)


Sponsors and Friends of the Mondriaanhuis free
Museum pass free
Children up to 12 years free
Adults € 4,50
Youth pass € 2,25
Groups (from 10 pers.) € 3,75 pp

Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday 10.00 - 17.00 hrs.
Saturday and Sunday 13.00 uur - 17.00 hrs
Monday closed
Public holidays, please ring the Mondriaanhuis

From 29•oct•07 until 01•nov•07 because of preparation of new exposition

Getting there

Public transport
Take bus 6 or 7 from Amersfoort Central Station to the Varkensmarkt (1st stop). Walk along the shopping street (Langestraat) and turn right at the second corner, along the canal (Kortegracht).

An alternative is to walk from the station (approx. 15 min. via the historic centre of Amersfoort). Follow the ‘Centrum’ signs and the grey ones showing ‘Mondriaanhuis’.

Click here for a map and route from Central Station (NS)

By car
From all directions: follow the ‘Centrum’ signs in Amersfoort. On the ring road (Stadsring) follow signs (P) to the Koestraat multi-storey parking garage. From there, follow the grey signs to the Mondriaanhuis (see ‘public transport’ above).


The former playground of Piet Mondrian’s father’s school now houses a museum café and museum shop.

Museum café
You can order something to drink in this nice, light area. The café can be hired for meetings, with or without catering (see Venue Hire below).

Museum shop
Buy your art books, catalogues, postcards, posters, CDs and artistic presents in the shop. Graphics and small art works by contemporary artists are also on sale.

Museum internal and external photos (4)

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News and events

Oct 13, 2007 and Oct 14 open from 1pm till 5pm
Provincial Museumweekend
admission free, free guided tour

Sat, 13-10-07 and Sunday 14-10-07
Week of the History
Free guided tour

Sat, 20-10-07
Week of the History
Kids Studio

Mon, 20 06-11-07 until Friday 9-11-07
Week of the Art
Free guided tours

Wed, 20day 07-11-07
Week of the Art
Kids Studio


The Mondriaanhuis provides educational programmes for primary schools and secondary education. See the school pages below.

Project papers
Unfortunately, the Mondriaanhuis cannot help with requests for project papers. The information on this site, of course, can be used freely.


Guided tour
Groups can request a guided tour. These are led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides who can tell you everything about the exhibitions, Mondriaan and the whys and wherefores of the museum.
A guided tour lasts three quarters of an hour. The price does not include the entry fee. The maximum number of participants is 15.
Costs: 45 euro


Primary schools

Guided Tour
On special request the Mondriaanhuis organises guided tours for groups of 32 pupils, aged 8-12.
The tour consists of three parts:
first a work of Mondrian is studies and discused. Terms like abstract, figurative and primary colors will be discussed.
nect, the children visit the current exhibition with a paper guide that helps them look
finally, the children make their own `Mondrian` using colored cardboard and paper to take home.

Costs: 55 euro

Educational projects
On a regular basis the Mondriaanhuis organises educational projects that are connected with our exhibitions. These projects consist of educational material and a visit to the museum. The material will be for use in the classroom as well as for use in the museum. Costs: to be discussed

Secondary Education

Educational projects
On a regular basis the Mondriaanhuis organises educational projects that are connected with our exhibitions. These projects consist of educational material and a visit to the museum. The material will be for use in the classroom as well as for use in the museum. Costs: to be discussed

Guided Tour
The Mondriaanhuis provides tailored guided tours for secondary education groups of all levels. Price is exclusive entry fees.
Costs: 75 euro

For more information please contact mrs. drs. Jolein van Kregten (email) or 033-4620180, education staff.


Kid's Studio
During the school holidays the Mondriaanhuis organises one or more Kids Studios. During these sessions the children get a short guided tour. Afterwards they do a knocking up workshop that is connected to the current exhibition.
Costs: 6,50 euro


Friends of the Mondriaanhuis Museum

Friends are very important to the Mondriaanhuis. Through your contribution, you support our exhibitions and make it possible for us to develop more activities.

Advantages of membership
free entry to the museum, exhibitions and other activities.
invitations to openings and other events
free Museum Newsletters with information on the Mondriaanhuis
10% reduction on articles from the Museum Shop
reduction on costs of courses and lectures
reduction on hiringcosts

Costs of being a friend
An annual contribution of min € 22,50 per person or € 35,00 for two.
A business or office pays min € 200,00.


The Mondriaanhuis Museum would not exist without the (financial) support of our sponsors.
Chief sponsor Heilijgers Bouw BV

Club of 1000 Rabobank Amersfoort e.o.
het Koopmanshuis BV
Dollwin Group
Krijco Amusement BV
Twynstra Gudde Adviseurs en Managers
Business friends Amersfoortse Verzekeringen
Kleurgamma BV Amsterdam, Foto Vaklab
Van Asselt Accountants en Belastingadviseurs
Architectenbureau Ellerman, Lucas, van Vugt
Houx Digiprint Sittard/Maastricht Drukkerij-Printcentrum
Hubo Amersfoort
Marree en Dijxhoorn Advocaten
SVP Architectuur en Stedebouw
Copy Shop Amersfoort
Hol & Molenbeek Bedrijfsmakelaars
Smulders Audiovisueel
Boom Planeta Graphics
Plat en Uitstekend
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Utrecht

Venue hire

The Mondriaanhuis has two areas which can be hired for meetings:

The upper room, suitable for lectures and courses. It can seat a maximum of 30 and is available both during the day and in the evening.

The Museumcafé, In this pleasant area, lectures, drinks, parties, receptions and dinners can be held. It is suitable for 50 to 60 people and is available on Mondays (entire day) and after opening hours on Tuesdays through Saturdays.

The cost per area is a minimum of minimum € 250 per shift (four hours). There is a reduction for sponsors of the Museum.

Audio-visual equipment is available (microphone, CD and cassette player, video, two slide projectors with screens and a beamer).

Catering during your meeting, from drinks to a buffet, can be arranged.

For more information on the possibilities and for reservations, please contact the Mondriaanhuis,
Mrs. Anna Aroutyounian
or +31 33-4620180

What hirers said
"On behalf of Philips Design DAP, and the participants of the workshop, I would like to extend our appreciation for making our workshop so successful. The atmosphere and the attention we received were highly appreciated." L. Marquez, Philips