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Musée Bombardier

Located in Valcourt, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, the Museum presents the life and work of the great inventor and entrepreneur Joseph-Armand Bombardier. This privately funded museum also describes the evolution of the snowmobile industry, in large part launched by this Quebec visionary.

An unusual and exceptional mechanic, Joseph-Armand Bombardier developed and invented an impressive number of specialized vehicles throughout his life – both for transport over snow and for all-terrain travel. Many of his inventions were awarded patents.

The entrepreneur-inventor capitalized on his research at the end of the 1930s by manufacturing and marketing his larger snow vehicles. In 1942 he founded L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée, which soon began producing a wide variety of industrial tracked vehicles.

The peak of Joseph-Armand Bombardier’s career came with the invention of the individual snowmobile, marketed under the Ski-Doo® brand name. With it came the birth of a new industry and new winter sport.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier’s accomplishments inspired the creation of the Museum.

Following Joseph-Armand Bombardier’s death in 1964, the J.-Armand Bombardier Foundation was created by his family to pursue the humanitarian work he supported financially throughout his life. The Foundation later decided to honour the inventor’s memory by assembling the largest collection possible of vehicles, tools, and machine drawings that show his prolific ingenuity.

The J. Armand Bombardier Museum opened in 1971, with an inauguration ceremony attended by then Premier of Quebec, Robert Boura... [ Read all ]

Permanent Collection

The museum collection is comprised of several parts:
The Bombardier Garage was built by Joseph-Armand Bombardier and his family in 1926, when he began his career as a mechanic at the age of 19. The Garage contains the office, parts store, and a number of machine tools that Joseph-Armand used for his business. Today, it also has a projection room for documentaries on the life and work of the famous inventor, and several other subjects.
A new exhibit on the life and work of Joseph-Armand Bombardier, "Joseph-Armand Bombardier, a passion for invention and entrepreneurship", marks the 100th anniversary of this remarkable man's birth.

One of the most interesting aspects of the exhibit is its emphasis on the major innovative aspects of Bombardier's inventions, such as his perfection of the famous track-and-sprocket system. As a result, most of the 14 vehicles on display ¬ all fully restored ¬ are mounted on pedestals off the floor. Surrounding them is a historical wall display of 100 photographs and documents detailing key events of the inventor's life. To highlight the scope and variety of these innovations during Bombardier's career, the exhibit is divided into four zones.

Zone 1: A gift for mechanics
Zone 2: Bombardier Garage
Zone 3: Industrialization of production
Zone 4: The beginnings of the Ski-Doo® snowmobile

The International Snowmobile exhibition provides a vast collection of snowmobiles, coming from different eras and every northern country in the world. Thematic presentations unveil the many facets of the snowmobile: manufacturing secrets, mechanics, applications for work and recreation, and parallel industries such as clothing and advertising.+ [ Read all ]


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Adult $7
Student and senior $5
Family $15
Adult groups $5 each
Student and senior groups $3
Free for children under 5

Getting there

From Montreal: take Highway 10 east, exit 90. Follow the blue government road signs to the museum.
From Quebec City: take Highway 55 south, exit 85. Follow the blue government road signs to the museum.

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The J. Armand Bombardier Museum provides a wide range of activities related to its exhibition themes for both school groups and the general public. Please contact the museum for details and reservations.