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Musée D'Art Et D'Archeologie

Founded in 1853, the museum has been housed since 1991 in a seventeenth century convent in the centre of town.

Permanent Collection

In the museum reception, traditionally-fabricated Aurillac umbrellas are presented, alongside typical Auverge jewelry.

On the first floor, a traditional Cantal region interior, from the early 1900s, is reconstituted and the archaeological finds from local digs are presented. After a room dedicated to the bronze and iron ages, the gallo-roman period is presented in abundance : an inciniration urn from Caillac, religious statuettes from Arpajon, and the temple of Aron in Aurillac with its sculptures and reconstituted models.

A wooden sarcophagus from Glénat and archaeologist Jean Pages-Allary’s finds from Chastel-sur-Murat represent the medieval period.

The museum’s second floor is consecrated to the art collections, with paintings and sculptures from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Of note are « the deliverance of Saint-Pierre », from the school of Caravaggio, « adoration des bergers » by Guy Francois, two portraits by Nattier, a marine scence by Joseph Venet and the immense « Supplice de Bétis » by Jean Lagrenée.

The nineteenth century collection, profoundly enriched due to important bequests, includes « Pelerin de Saint-Jacques » by Eloy Chapsal and the large marble, « Espieglerie » by Charles Perrron. The museum also posesses the impressive bronze « Bust of Rodin » by Camille Claudel.

The museum’s photography collection is of great importance, with around 45,000 images on glass compiled by Albert Monier, as well as the contemporary collection including work by John Batho, Alain Fleisher, Gisele Freund and Jan Saudek.


The stable rooms, les Salles des Ecuries, house temporary exhibitions of contemporary art, open from Monday to Saturday, from 1.30pm to 6.30pm. Entry is free, and group visits are welcome, in the morning, upon reservation.

Fully accessible to disabled visitors.

Les Ecuries
35 rue des Carmes

+33 (0) 4 71 45 46 10


Concessions apply for students, jobseekers, disabled visitors and groups of more that 10 people.
Free to under 18 year olds.

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Open from February to October, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm.
Open from 2pm to 6pm on Sundays, during July and August only.


Entirely accessible to disabled visitors.

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