Hôtel de Gaiffier d'Hestroy, Rue de Fer 24
Phone: +32 81 22 00 65
Fax: +32 81 227251

Musée Des Arts Anciens Du Namurois

The museum was installed in the Gaiffier d'Hestroy Hall (which dates back to the 18th century) in 1964. The composition of the facade is classified as an example of the unique Wallonie heritage.

The museum's interest and specialty are in Namur heritage. It responds to all requests for collaboration or logistical support, and can help with experise or evaluation of objects and documents.

Permanent Collection

The permanent collections consist of art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance that are originally from the Namur region. They belong to the Namur Archeological Society founded in 1845 in the Namur Province.

Beyond its collections, the Museum manages a vast library, a room of embossed items, and a room of numismatics. The library holds some 50,000 works including: precious manuscripts; early printed books; ancient prints; Belgian and foreign journals concerning archeology, history, and art history; modern books; and publications about art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

In the embossment room brought together are maps and plans as well as numerous views of the people of the Namur province. The collection also includes a series of portraits and old photographs.

The Francois Cajot numismatics room combines a grand collection of coins of which many belong to treasures. Tokens and medallions complete the collection.

The library is accessible by appointment only.


Adults: 2 €

Groups, students, seniors: 1.50 €

Schools: 1 €

For permanent and temporary exhibitions:

Adults: 5 €

Groups, students, seniors: 2.50 €

Schools: 1 €

Opening hours

Open every Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00a to 6:00p.

Closed Mondays.

The library is accessible by appointment only.

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The Museum provides education for youths in the form of educational packets on painting and themed activities. In addition, the Museum organizes week-long internships for 10 to 12 year-olds each summer. These internships/courses may also be led elsewhere in the province.