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Musée Des Beaux Arts D'Agen

Agen’s fine arts museum, housed in four of the town’s Renaissance hotels, will allow you to discover a rich collection or art work and participate in a comprehensive educational activity program. The buildings themselves, l'hôtel d'Estrades, l'hôtel de Vaurs, l'hôtel Vergès and l'hôtel Monluc offer an inspiring journey through Agen’s monumental history. The museum’s collection, including five of Goya’s paintings, make it one of the most impressive of municipal art collections.
The collection was first assembled at the end of the 19th century by Agen’s erudites and scholars. It opened in 1876 and today counts over 2000 historic and artistic works. It was significantly enriched at the beginning of the century by the Chaudodry bequest and the donation of the collection belonging to the dukes of Aiguillon. Since, it has continued to benefit from state deposits and acquisitions, giving the musée des Beaux Arts d’Agen the high reputation it enjoys today.

 Permanent Collection Highlights (12)

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Permanent Collection

The collection is comprised of five principle areas:
-Prehistoric, Celt and Roman archaeology
-Goya and Spanish painting
-The collection of the Ducs d’Aiguillon
-The decorative arts
-19th century painting
The museum’s archeological collection is comprised of objects found on sites in the Lot-et-Garonne area. It allows visitors to discover the social, economic and cultural history of these two significant axes of circulation, Lot and Garonne.
The prehistoric object collection includes Paleolithic and Neolithic tools, and some exceptional bone-carved decorative pieces from renowned Dordogne archaeological sites such as Lascaux.
The Celtic period, and particularly the second Age of Iron (100BC to 100AD) constitutes a significant aspect of the archaeological collection. The objects are essentially from the Eysses site in Villeneuve-sur-Lot. Among the remarkable pieces is an iron helmet and a bronze horse head, rare pieces of late Celtic art.
The Gallo-Roman collection displays pieces from the region from 100AD. The objects come from Aginnum and rural villas in the surrounding area. Among the pieces is the famous Vénus du Mas d’Agenais, a rare example of Hellenistic sculpture, in white marble, and two magnificent sarcophagi in Pyrenees white marble, rare examples of early Christian funerary art production.

The museum’s 18th and 19th century Spanish painting collection includes 5 works by Goya, the infamous “self-portrait” among them, bequeathed by the Count of Chaudodry (French ambassador to Spain between 1874 and 1881) in 1901.
The Ducs d’Aiguillon collection came to the museum in 1903, the result of a revolutionary seize. The works present...+ [ Read all ]

Previous Exhibitions

Làszló Mindszenti (2006-2007)
“Les sources bleues de la vie”, exhibition dedicated to the Hungarian artist.
Nicolae Grigorescu (2006)
A homage to the Romanian painter (1838-1907)
Henri Boixel- Retrospective (2005-2006)
Gaulois des pays de Garonne (2005)
Nineteenth century painters from Lot-et-Garonne (2004), including Boyé, Calbet..
“Rouge et blanche” (2003-2004)
Chairs by great designers of the 20th century
Laurent Millet (2003)
Photographs and installation
La donation Aboussouan (2002-2003)
Tolmo (2002)
Artist group from Toledo
Tintoret (1999)
The museum’s reserves collection

Forthcoming exhibitions

Summer 2007
2pm-6pm daily, except Tuesdays.
“L’AMOUR DE l’ART, Private collections of contemporary art in the South-West” (Eglise des Jacobins, rue Richard Coeur de Lion)
This exhibition will bring together major works representing great French painting of the last 40 years, taking works from several private collection throughout the South West of France. Works by Olivier Debré, Gilles Aillaud, Claude Viallat, Pierre Tal Coat, Pierre Buraglio, Babou, Emanuel Proweller, Hervé Télémaque will be among those shown.


Individual, 3.90 €
Groups of 10 or more, 3.20 €
Entry cost to temporary exhibitions varies according to the exhibition.
Free to all public on the first Sunday of each month.
Free to under 18s, students, and jobseekers with identification

Opening hours

Open every day except Tuesday.
From 1 October-30 April from 10am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-6pm
From 2 May to 30 September from 10am-6pm
Closed on January 1, May 1, November 1 and December 25.

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Teachers and professors are advised to contact Marianne Blondeleau on 05 53 69 47 79, for assistance in the preparation of an educational visit for adults and college students.
Teachers of primary school groups are advised to contact Frédérique Goussard on 05 53 69 48 36 for the preparation of their visit and accompanying educational activities.
All teachers can contact Dominique Bru, independent teacher, on 05 53 69 47 23, with any educational queries.


Reservations for groups must be made by phoning:
05 53 69 47 79 (students and adults)
05 53 69 48 36 (school groups aged between 2 and 15 years)
For guided tours, a reservation must be made one month in advance. Please contact Marianne Blondeleau on 05 53 69 47 79.
Cost (between 10 and 30 people) 3.90 euros per person


Reservations must be made for individual guided tours (one hour for the collection, 45 min for the exhibition).
Please contact Marianne Blondeleau on 05 53 69 47 79


Become a member of ARIMAGE (association des amis du musée) and benefit from several artistic and cultural privileges in and around the town.
A one year membership costs 27 euros, 44 euros for a couple, 8 euros for a student.

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