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Musée Du Jouet

The Toy Museum opened in June 1989, the result of an initiative by toy manufacturers and craftsmen in the Jura and the Municipality of Moirans-en-Montagne. Originally run by an association, the Museum has been Municipal since 1997. Since then has a new dynamic with temporary exhibits, educational workshops, a play room, and an audiovisual room. Its modern architecture in vivid colours is "like a big Lego misplaced on a meadow in Haut-Jura" according to the architect, Guy Bonnivard. The collection is amongst the greatest in France and Europe with an average of 50,000 guests per year and over 700,000 since its opening.
The choice of the small town of Moirans for the site of a toy museum is explained by the long local tradition of wood-turning, and today one in two French toys is produced in the Jura region.

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Permanent Collection

Toys, a Cultural Dimension.
The main part of the permanent exhibition presents an original collection of 2,000 toys from the 19th and 20th centuries (over two floors). Each showcase points out the social roles acquired by playing children (automobile driver, nurse, musician, builder, scientist), as well as the economic issues at stake today. In addition, we can hear Father Christmas recounting his own story for old and young alike. The way that the toys are displayed reflects the playfulness of childhood: a checkerboard shaped staircase, pyramid shaped windows, a giant abacus. The ambitious aim of this museum of ethnology is to show how toys reflect the society that produces and uses them.
THE TECHNICAL WING of the permanent exhibition : toys, a technical dimension. This technical part of the permanent exhibition recounts the history of techniques of toy manufacturing - from the earliest origins to the latest innovations. It provides an insight into the lives of the peasant-woodturners, who refined their technical skills from generation to generation and who learned to adapt to the market by showing great ingenuity in making the transition from wood to plastic. Visitors can watch video films of craftsmen in their workplace, explaining the difficulties of their jobs, the precision required in their work and their enthusiasm for toys.
THE CINE-THEATRE: an audio-visual room where you can discover:
- A puppet show: " La Forêt aux Mille Lutins " (The forest of the thousand leprechauns) : In the plush and intimate setting of a theatre, three blows ring out and the curtain is raised. We enter a magical and enchanting realm peopled by impish characters and the narrator, Qu...+ [ Read all ]


Children of the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains

Everything children find around them is found again, morphed, in moving and unexpected forms: wood, tissue, paper, grains, fruits, earth, thread, cans…
Made by children simply for the pleasure of making them, of telling stories, of playing, or of dreaming, all of these toys reveal the landscapes and unexpected traditions around them.

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Adults : 5 €
Unemployed, students: 4 €
Children 6 to 15 :2,5 €
Children 3 to 5 : 2 €

Groups of 10 or more:

Adults : 4 €
Children 3 to 15 : 2 €

Opening hours

January to June and September to December :
open daily 10am-12.30am and 2pm-6pm
(except Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings)
July and August : open daily 10am-6.30pm.
For groups, special arrangements all the year round, including guided tours of the museum, local toy factories and beauty spots.

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