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Musée Felicien Rops

The Felicien Rops Museum was established in 1964 in a former period house, not far from the artist's birthplace in the old part of Namur. The building itself has endured extensive reconstruction and addition in order to appropriately house Rops's work, including a reading room for studying his and other 19th century artists' contributions to the art world.
The museum displays all aspects of the artist's work from 1833 to 1898, the important stages of his life in Namur, Brussels, and Paris, and information about the people he met in his lifetime. There is technical information about his etchings, drawings, and paintings available.
Felicien Rops was curious about all aspects of his era. He represented the world around him in etching, painting, and drawing, of which over 1000 etchings, 400 paintings, and 400 drawings have been preserved. A common theme in his etchings and drawings is a woman who conformed herself to her society, while Rops's paintings concentrated on landscapes from around Europe.
The following words by Rops describe his methods:
"I just try simply to portray what I feel with my senses and what I see with my eyes, that is my whole artistic theory. I have yet another stubborn idea, to wish to paint scenes and examples which typify this 19th century, that I find so very curious and interesting; the women are as beautiful now as at any other time, the men are still the same. Furthermore, love of violent pleasures, preoccupations with money, petty interests have placed a sinister mask on the faces of most of our contemporaries. As described by Edgard Poe the "instinct of perversity" is written there in capital letters. All of this se... [ Read all ]

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The museum organizes 3 or 4 temporary exhibitions each year which enhance the visitor's knowledge of Rops's work, his techniques, and his contemporaries.

13 May through 19 August 2007
Swiss-born artists Plonk & Replonk developed a unique form of humour in the past decade. In their own way of handling image by recycling and retouching old photographs, they turned around ordinary objects and habits in order to ask us to see them in other ways. Their astonishing images allow us to grasp reality from a distance, distorted by time and fantasy. This exhibition will be the debut of a long series of increasingly successful images. Provided with incongruous descriptions scattered poetically, coloured or in sepia, the images strive to give a true represenation of situations and events that are more or less absurd and impossible.

Forthcoming exhibitions

The museum organizes 3 or 4 temporary exhibitions each year which enhance the visitor's knowledge of Rops's work, his techniques, and his contemporaries.
Please see museum website for details of forthcoming exhibitions


Permanent exhibit
Adults: 3 €
Students, seniors: 1.50 €
Children under 12: free
School groups: 1 €
Combined museum and temporary exhibit ticket:
Adutls: 5 €
Students, seniors: 2.50 €
School parties: 1.50 €

Opening hours

Open Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Open every day in July and August
Closed 24, 25, 31 December and 1 January


There is a special audiovisual room that shows free shorts on Rops's work and has special schedules of films that relate to the temporary exhibition. Contact the museum for details on the current films and group accommodations.
The Library has a collection of work and reviews on Rops's work, the artists of the 19th century and engraving. Open Tuesday and Thursday 1:30p to 5:00p or by appointment.
The Museum Shop offers catalogues, posters, postcards, and other items.

Audioguides are available in French, Dutch, and English for 2 €
Tours available on request for groups over 10 people (081 22 01 10) for 31 €

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News and events

24 June 4:30pm and 12 August 4:30pm.
Free entry
Thierry Robrechts presents an exhibition, "Impressions of Travel", created from Rops's letters written during his numerous escapades through Europe.

On 24 June at 3:00pm, Veronique Leblanc, art historian and Rops specialist, will speak about Monsieur Rops's travels and will guide you through the labyrinth of his journeys. (Reservations 081 22 01 10)
Sunday 10 June 4:00p entry 5 €
Actor Phillipe Vauchel will bring you around the museum to discover Plonk & Replonk's photography. Improvisation and many laughs guaranteed!
Saturday 7 July 10:30pm entry 3 €
Spend the evening watching films projected in the museum's garden. The Culture House Cinema of Namur will present the Belgian short, "Point de fuite" (Avoided Point) by Olivier Smolders (1987, 10 mins) and French film "Un Dimanche a la Campagne" (A Sunday in the Countryside, 1984, 1h34). It is a night of reflection on artists of the turn of the 20th century.


Workshops are available for primary classes: 50 €
The museum also provides creative weeks for school holidays: 50 €