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Musée Monopoli

The museum houses several automatons, both electric and mechanic. These include automatons designed to attract the attention of a passerby to a shop window (the baker with his bread, the butcher cutting his meat) but also toys, games, mechanised instruments (barrel organ, mechanical piano), animated cats, birds, dolls, and so many more. The pieces in the collection date from 1840 to the present.

 Permanent Collection Highlights (6)

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Permanent Collection

Renato Monopoli, the museum’s director, has based the museum on the concept of the “living museum”, resisting the idea of the museum as a depository for old, disused, out-of-work objects; every item in the collection is in working order. Monopoli’s passion for his collection is demonstrated by the pride with which he shares his treasures, and the efficiency with which he undertakes many of his own repairs.
Collection highlights include:
Old-fashioned café game machines
Ancient music boxes and mechanised instruments (including barrel organ and mechanised piano from 1900)
A collection of carriages and wagons dating from the mid 1800s
15 model boats of varying scale and size (Wasa, Cutty Sark, Superbe, US Constitution, Mississippi among them)


Free, by reservation only

Opening hours

The museum is open between 1 March and 31 October only, in order to allow for repair work to be undertaken during the winter months.
Both groups and individuals must make a reservation prior to their visit.
Please contact
Phone +32 2 725 09 22 / +32 83 61 24 70 or fax +32 2 725 80 02 (between April and October)
You may also write to
Musée Monopoli
Rue du Musée 10
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Getting there

Take the E411, exit no.18 or 20 to join the N4. Take the Emptinne exit, and take the N97 towards Havelange. At Hamois, take the direction of Buresse, and then Barsy. The museum is situated 300m from the church.

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