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Musée National Fernand Léger

The museum’s collection was built from a donation to the French nation made by Fernand Léger’s heirs. It consists of a group of works which cover his whole career as an artist, from his early figurative paintings to his last great compositions.

Fernand Léger marked the 20th Century with his very particular and easily identifiable pictorial style. Unlike most abstract artists of the 20th Century, who seemed to disinterest themselves from the world in order to concentrate on painting in the studio and practice a kind of art for art’s sake, Léger consistently displayed an his attitude of extreme openness to the world.

Permanent Collection

The museum’s collection permits the viewer to follow the different periods of Léger’s work. One can see, from painting to painting, first the period marked by Cézanne’s influence (Portrait of an uncle, 1903) to the grand compositions of the 1950’s (Les Constructeurs) which testify to Léger’s desire to inscribe his work with a sense of History. The collection is particularly strong in showing a few very emblematic paintings which serve as points of reference in a global view of his œuvre. Thus the series Contrast of forms of 1911 (three of which belong to the museum) highlight the artist’s construction rather than a cubistic disintegration of the subject, and these paintings already have a kind of architectural rigidity to them. Later, the Large Tugboat of 1923 is a perfect illustration of Léger’s approach: direct rather than philosophical. He paints what he sees without including any secondary level in the depiction. He is completely disinterested in symbolism or psychology. His contemporaries were fascinated by machines: Picabia for instance charged them with erotic connotations, the Futurists often gave them warlike symbolism. Léger simply considered machines as a visual experience, never as a problem to be solved. He tried to make the painting into a beautiful machine rather than making it a replica of a machine.

What makes certain paintings of Léger’s (such as Les Constructeurs) emblematic of the 20th Century is the way they evoke the world of work, or of leisure (The Camper) in a synthetic manner as if he were trying to condense life and all its experiences into a single image. Thus Léger’s art has it's place in the pantheon of the gre...+ [ Read all ]


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From the motorway, take the Villeneuve-Loubet exit (RN7) and follow the direction of Antibes. Then follow signs to Biot.

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