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MUSAC, Museo De Arte Contemporáneo De Castilla Y León

A Museum for the 21st Century
MUSAC aims to become a fundamental piece in the development of Contemporary Art on a national and international scope. It maintains a broad experimental outlook when conceiving and developing exhibitions and projects in all levels.
The MUSAC focuses exclusively on the present time, influenced by recent memory. The museum is based on the idea of developing a new behaviour when approaching 21st century art. The latter years of the past century represent the beginning of a time frame that acts as a starting point. In this way, the MUSAC introduces itself as a clear exponent of a new cultural stage, in which aesthetic values and artistic behaviour that were considered revolutionary in the past have already become well-established.
As a Museum of the Present or Museum of the 21st Century, the MUSAC shall assume the responsibility of projecting itself in a field, which, like all experiments, entails an ample amount of risk.

The museum was constructed with the aim of being a place for interrelations, where the public is no longer a mere passive element that observes. Workshops talks, meetings with artists, educational guides and works that interact with the spectator are some of the essential elements in the activity of the MUSAC, which shall stand as a new reference for museums in the present panorama of contemporary art.

Permanent Collection


A museum can be many things in the same way that it can be of many things. The museum being introduced here deals with the artistic activity of the period that we dare to call the "present" and aims to become a useful and active element in the artistic panorama it sets out to represent. Although the museum is classical in form - an exhibition space, a collection, and related studies - its objective is, to some extent, to question the underlying structure on which this concept is based. This will require the museum to adapt, as far as possible, in order to meet the demands of the period in which it has been set up, and in which it will develop.

It may not be viable to try and make a museum of the present. The nearness in time, and our involvement in this reality, may prevent our grasping its nature or capturing its essence through the works we collect. However, at MUSAC we have opted to participate actively in the present in order to strengthen, as far as possible, the confidence in that which is current, thereby projecting our work in a solid way into the future. The present, as we understand it, involves nearness and includes that past time whose paradigms and problems continue to be valid. In calling it a "museum of the present", we are referring to a recent period in history, one which is still tender, a time which can not yet be read unequivocally, one to which it is still possible to make significant new contributions. In this sense, it remains difficult to systematically organise the art of the last fifteen years. The majority of the attempts at systematisation produced to date have failed to offer a clear taxonomic structure that is viable for this ...+ [ Read all ]


Dates: January 20th, 2006 - May 6th, 2007
Exhibition Title: Candice Breitz: Multiple Exposure
Artist: Candice Breitz (Johannesburg, South Africa, 1972)
Curator: Octavio Zaya
Coordination: Marta Gerveno, Alexander Fahl
Venue: Halls 1 and 3, MUSAC

The MUSAC presents a monographic exhibition of the work of Candice Breitz. This survey of recent works made since 2000 will focus strongly on the artist’s multi-channel video installations. Breitz’s work addresses the complex relationship between culture and consumption, probing and dissecting the rocky chasms between reality and fiction, experience and language, identity and its representations.


Forthcoming exhibitions

May 19th - September 2nd, 2007

Pierre Huyghe, one of the artists who have most profoundly influenced creative practice in the past decade, presents his first solo show in Spain at MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León. Under the title A Time Score, the show, conceived as an event, includes both projects that the public will recognize and new productions, whereby a new and different cartography unfolds, enabling visitors to embark on a journey through the past and future of his career, where collective subjectivity, especially copyright, and his commitment to the idea of non-linear time, arise as the true navigation vehicles.



Opening hours

Tuesdays to Sundays: 10:00 - 15:00 / 16:00 - 21:00 hs.
Closed on Mondays
The ticket office closes 15 minutes before the closing of the museum.

Getting there

Bus: 7, 11, 12
Railway: RENFE: Calle Astorga s/n www.renfe.es)
Airport: La Virgen del Camino Airport. 7 km from the city center
Parking: There is a public parking area near the museum


The exhibition halls and installations of the museum can be accessed with wheelchairs and strollers. In the cloakroom of the museum these wheelchairs may be requested for free.

To protect the works of art from possible accidents, all backpacks (of all sizes), umbrellas, packages, bags and purses bigger than 28 x 36 cm in size should be left in the cloakroom.

The entry of animals is permitted to small dogs and guide dogs.

Photographs may be taken inside the museum only with hand cameras. The use of flash or tripods is not permitted. Video may be taken only in the entrance and the patios of the museum. Smoking is not permitted inside the museum, nor entering with food and drinks.

Tuesday to Sunday Martes: 10:00am to 11:30pm (kitchen closed from 4pm to 8pm)
Tel.:+34 987 070 270

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The Department of Education and Cultural Action is an intermediary recourse with the museum. Among its objectives is the familiarization of society to the more current expressions of artistic creation with communication models and practical insertion strategies, where the user will find the necessary recourses to better contextualize and interpret the art of our time.

Among the activities that the department will undertake are continuous programs with students, guided tours, lecture programs, workshops, film and conference cycles, as well as other actions derived from the diffusion and interpretation of the collection.

Research labor in the educational field as well as the publication of diffusion material and specific studies shall be another aspect that will be undertaken by the Department.

For further information, please contact: deac@musac.org.es.
Direct line: 987 09 11 01


Guided Tours
Every hour
Tuesday to Thursday
From 11 – 2 pm / 4 – 8 pm
Friday to Sunday
From 11 – 2 pm / 5 a 9 pm


Specific program for learning centers. Visits to the exhibitions and activities proposals adapted to all school levels. Schedule: Tuesday to Thursday 11 – 8 pm. Friday 11 – 9 pm. Saturday and Sunday 10 – 9 pm. Monday closed.
Free entry.
Information of activities, registration and slot reservation for groups and learning centers.
DEAC MUSAC. 987 091101. deac@musac.org.es.


Activities for children from 5 – 12 years old
Diverviajes and workshops
Saturday from 11 – 1 pm and 5 – 8 pm
Sunday 12 – 2 pm