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Museo Collazo

Raphael Collazo (1943-1990) was a New York painter of Puerto Rican birth; whose work is rooted in Abstract Expressionism, in the Italian masters and in the eighteenth century French painters, particularly Watteau. Prophetic, abstract expressionist paintings of 1975 and 1976, such as Emergence and The Annunciation preceded the artist's mature work by nearly a decade.

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Permanent Collection

The museum's permanent collection, entitled "A Healing Garden", consists of 47 paintings from the artist's 1975-1976 Prophetic series and from his mature period of 1984-1989, which encompasses the Tapestries, Nymphal Instars, Healing Gardens and Transcendence series.


The Museo Collazo's New Painters exhibition series promotes a knowledge and appreciation of serious painters and their work. The word "new" is used in the sense of "fresh", "original","inventive" or "current"; the word "painter" is used with a reverence for the grand and enduring tradition of painting. Paintings and constructions by New York artist Joyce Abrams are currently featured. An online version of the exhibition may be viewed at

Previous Exhibitions

The New Painters exhibition series previously has featured two shows by New York artist Raphael Collazo and four shows by New York artist John Spinks:

Nymphal Instars (2004)
Transcendence (2004)

Remains To Be Seen (2000)
At Large (2002)
Describe an Arc (2004)
Letters from Wallsend (2006)

An online version of these exhibitions may be viewed at

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Forthcoming exhibitions

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Opening hours

The museum is currently under construction in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, with inauguration anticipated in 2008. Until then, an online version of the museum's permanent collection and related materials may be viewed at

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