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Museo Marítimo, Torre Del Oro

An albarran tower of Almohade influence (1220-1221), the Torre del Oro was built during the governorship of Abud el Olá in Seville. It made up part of the walls of Alcázar as the largest fortified, final tower and served as bastion for the defence of the port and bridge. For this purpose it had a thick chain that crossed the river, closing off the port.

Its name may come from a translation of ‘Borg al Azahar’ which describes the tower as having two out of its three bodies in dodecagonal form, with the highest cylinder capped by a dome. This was constructed in 1760 as part of a project by Ignacio Moreno. Declared a national monument in 1931 it has gone through many restorations – in 1990, 1991-92, 1995 and most recently in 2005. The Armada has played an important role in its preservation.

On the 21st of March 1936, a proposal by the Patrons of the Naval Museum allowed for the installation of the Museo Marítimo in the Torre del Oro by order of the Secretary of the Navy. Restoration works began in September 1942 during which the façade of the building was improved, and the lower and first floors prepared as exhibition rooms for the Museum. The third floor was adapted as a residence for researchers.

The Museum was inaugurated on the 24th July 1944 by Julio Guillén, who declared, “The Torre del Oro, the most characteristic building within Seville, has ceased to be an empty and abandoned shell on the banks of the river. This Museum that we inaugurate, although small and modest in its material dimensions, will give the building new life and new sonority.

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Permanent Collection

The Museum’s permanent collection was inaugurated with 400 pieces transferred from the Museo Naval de Madrid.

At present the collection contains numerous military and civilian pieces of great technical and historical value which are intimately linked to the river, Seville and the sea – three inseparable elements. Among the art works on show we can see examples of Renaissance, Romantic, Classical, Historic, Epigraphic and Barroque styles.


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