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Museo Muñoz Sola De Arte Moderno

The Museo Muñoz Sola has been denominated a museum of modern art due to the artistic period in which the majority of art works exhibited here were created: the second half of the 19th century. Painting during this period sought to break with the traditional forms that until then had been rigorously observed by artists. This figurative modernity, opposed to academic traditions, surfaced first in France where it found its most loyal representatives in Courbet, Manet and Monet.

The Museo Muñoz Sola de Arte Moderno brings together a varied collection of French painting from the 19th century which the painter César Muñoz Sola (1921-2000) collected throughout his life. His interest in this period and his own artistic inclinations were strongly related to this type of figurative painting.

Muñoz Sola, who always had a very special relationship with his native Tudela, wanted his collection to be exhibited in the town and to this end agreed the creation of the museum with the government of Navarra and the town council of Tudela. The aim was to establish a place where works from his private collection as well as examples of his own art could be preserved, exhibited and studied for public enjoyment.

The building that houses the museum was completely reconstructed for the purpose. It was originally a palace belonging to the Beráiz family, a group of nobles from Tudela who occupied various positions in the court of Navarra since the middle ages. From its primitive Gothic construction only a column from a first floor arch remains, showing the family coat of arms. The building was also remodelled during the baroque period, details of whi... [ Read all ]

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Permanent Collection

The museum’s permanent collection is divided into two parts: works by César Muñoz Sola and works by other painters, the majority French from the period 1850 to 1950 and which constitute the main activity of the museum.

The diversity of authors, styles and aesthetic affiliation of the paintings makes their categorisation by movements or tendencies difficult. The thread of the collection is therefore the aesthetic taste of Muñoz Sola as a collector, themes that are also reflected in his own paintings. As a result the collection is dominated by still lifes, portraits and landscapes with a few marine views, religious and mythological themes, interiors and genre scenes.

All works display a figurative tendency, conserving a rupturist and modern aesthetic from the 19th century with clear links to the great vanguard movements that characterised above all French painting from the century: romanticism, realism, impressionism and post-impressionism. Later movements which were further from Muñoz Sola’s artistic inclinations such as cubism, expressionism, surrealism and abstraction, are not represented in the collection.

There are a series of older paintings where a baroque influence can be appreciated such as in Christ and an Adulterous Woman by J.A. Vallin and the neoclassicism of Venus, Adonis and Cupid by Girodet de Roucy. A romantic touch can be found in Emile Renouf’s Dream, Rizzie’s Melancholic Portrait and Caminada’s Portrait of a Lady. A journey into naturalism can be made through the still lifes and floral paintings of Bergeret, Couty, Laurent and Boulet, in which traces of the Dutch baroque tradition can be seen as in the interiors of Hugart de la Tou...+ [ Read all ]


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