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Museo Naval De Canarias

The Museo Naval de Canarias brings together the history of the maritime zone of the Canary Islands since its creation in 1940 and also naval themes related to the Canaries archipelago.

Its collection comes from ships and naval installations found in or once situated in the Canary Islands. The larger-sized pieces such as cannons from the Canaries cruise line, anchors, propellers and mines are located in the exterior part of the Museum along with the only hyperbaric chamber that existed in the Canary Islands until the end of the last century and which saved the lives of several divers who suffered accidents at sea.

The Museum has five exhibition rooms, a gallery, lobby and a main space.

The Museo Naval de Canarias is a peripheral museum of the Museo Naval de Madrid (see also Museo Naval de Madrid, Archivo-Museo "Don

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Permanent Collection

Highlights of the Museum collection include oil paintings of the Admirals who have held office in the maritime zone, from Admiral Arriaga in 1940 to those of the present day, and signed by renowned and prestigious Canarian portraitists such as C. SuĂĄrez, G. Bosch and C. MorĂĄn.

In the flag room visitors can see the last flags to fly on the A.O.E. Sahara, the AaiĂșn, Villa Cisneros and La GĂŒera. The flags of the Base Naval (1940-1976), the AgrupaciĂłn de InfanterĂ­a de Marina (AGRUCAN) (1974-1984) and the Constitucional, presented in 1984 and in use until 2000 and a donation from the San BartolomĂ© de Tirajana town hall can also be seen here. There are also flags from the various ships that have lent their services to the Canary Islands.

One of the Museums most interesting pieces is a London-made machine dated from 1914, used by deep-sea divers for oxygen and used by the Diving Nucleus of the maritime zone.

Models of boats, among them the tug boat Las Palmas (adapted for service in the Antarctic), the galleon San Felipe and the current Canaries frigate can also be seen in the Museum. Visitors can see reproductions of great naval battles, lithographs of frigates, bergantines and schooners.

Due to their impressive dimensions and state of preservation, a 1941 torpedo G-7 and a submarine mine are also highlights.

The main room holds various models of logbooks, navigation systems, sextants, barographs, hydrometers, alidadas, sliding doors and windows from boats, rudders of different diameters, propellers, clinometers etc.

In relation to weapons there are several rifles (Mausers and cetmes), pistols, machine guns, cannons, flame throwers, mine detectors, hand...+ [ Read all ]


Entrance is free.

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Mondays to Fridays 10:00 to 13:00

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Arsenal de Las Palmas
C/ Leon y Castillo, nÂș 316
35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canarias

Tel: (+34) 928 443 155
Fax: (+34) 928 443 155

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