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Museo Naval De Cartagena

The building housing the Museo Naval de Cartagena was constructed in a modernist style in 1926 under the direction of the Cartagenerian architect Lorenzo Ruiz Costa. During construction several changes were made to the original plan including a less baroque faƧade than originally planned and less decorative touches giving a greater clarity and order to the final result. The result suggests a classical building inspired in the historicism of the faƧade in the Herrerian style. With its globes, Seville-style ceramics of baroque inspiration and the curvature of the front as referential elements, the building is a gentle blend of modernity and tradition. A large stone plaza also helps give the construction a greater sharpness.

After its construction the building was used as a school for apprentices of the Spanish Society of Naval Construction, for which it was originally made. It was considered one of the first schools of professional formation in Spain. Following the Civil War and the avatars of naval construction within the Armada, the building continued to train students but now of the Council of Naval and Military Constructions. Finally and during a number of years, it became the College of Our Lady of Rosario, a primary school directed by the Brothers of San Juan Bautista de La Salle.

Once it had served all practical uses, the Armada recovered the building and decided upon its use as a Naval Museum.

The ground floor has a triangular shape with a patio for the exhibition of the collection as well as a second floor added on to the central part and southern corner. The total space is some 1.602 square metres of which 1.442 are d... [ Read all ]

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Permanent Collection

Room I. Arsenals and Naval Construction
Room II. Isaac Peral
Room III. Naval Paintings
Room IV. Cartography and Navigation
Room V. Diving in the Armada
Room VI. The 19th Century
Room VII. Submarines
Room VIII. History of Submarine Arms
Room IX. Naval Artillery
Room XII. Submarine Arms and Anchors

Room X. Naval Sanitation
Room XI. Flags and Uniforms

Opening hours

The Museum is open every day except Mondays 10:00 to 13:30

Getting there

C/ MenƩndez Pelayo, 8
30205 Cartagena (Murcia)

Tel: (+34) 968 127 138/ 528 731
Fax: (+34) 968 528 731

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Guided visits can be arranged with prior reservation.