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Museo Naval De San Fernando

The creation of the Museo Naval de San Fernando dates back to the 28th September 1792 when, reigning Charles IV and his Minister for the Navy Antonio Valdés, ordered the establishment of the new museum in the town of San Carlos. A series of bellicose and political upheavals in the middle of the following century delayed its inauguration to 1843 during the reign of Isabel II and with its headquarters now in Madrid.

The Museum is located in the town of San Carlos in the principal Town Council and Naval College building, now a school for deputy officers. It was inaugurated as Museum in its present headquarters on the 27th March 1992 and visited by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain on the 6th July 1994.

The building itself, of a neoclassical style with some distinguishing characteristics, was completed in 1798. The rotunda, a circular patio capped with a glass roof supported by eight columns reached by two spiral staircases, all of which is decorated with 18th century Delfi tiles, is worth noting.

The Museo Naval de San Fernando, a cultural entity administered by the state, is a peripheral Museum of the central Museo Naval de Madrid (see also Museo Naval de Madrid, Archivo-Museo "Don

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Permanent Collection

Highlights of the permanent collection include valuable models of boats of different eras and sizes, a complete collection of Guayacan wood boats, nautical instruments, laminates, engravings, models, uniforms and medals of both historic and artistic value.

There are also weapons from different eras, naval constructions, the School of Deputy Officers, the Carraca Arsenal, Juan Sebasti√°n de Elcano, metopes, flags, photographs, religious objects and sacred images and cartography.

All of this contributes to celebrating the glory of marine life and safeguarding the pieces that allow us to study and research the Armada.


Entrance is free.

Opening hours

Saturdays and Sundays 10:30 to 13:30

Getting there

C/ Almirante Baturone Colombo, s/n
11100 San Fernando (C√°diz)

Tel: (+34) 956 599 052
Fax: (+34) 956 599 052

Access to the Museum is via the Escuela de Suboficiales de la Armada in the Military Barracas of San Carlos.
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