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Museo Oro Del Perú

The Miguel Mujica Gallo Foundation, founder of the Museo Oro del Perú, showcases the beauty and quality of works from different cultures from our Peruvian heritage. The pieces exhibited in the museum were collected by a committed Peruvian who dedicated much of his life and fortune in favour of culture.

Miguel Mujica Gallo, born in Lima, was a distinguished gentleman and a businessman linked to various economic activities in his country. Above all, he was an internationally renowned collector: a cultured man, passionate about the great historical and artistic tradition of Peru. However, his interest and curiosity spread to other nations as well, and to the most remote areas of this country, as evidenced by anyone who visits his extraordinary collection of weapons and firearms: twenty thousand pieces of all the different eras and countries - one of the most remarkable private collections in the world.

During his numerous trips around the globe, he gradually gathered fascinating pieces and weapons - some of them true gems - that belonged to famous historical personalities. These works are today exhibited in an environment conditioned to receive the public and transport it to other times in history.

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Permanent Collection

The "Gold of the Yungas” (as splendorous as the Sun of the Incas) shone brightly; it was an ornament that covered mummies and embellished temples. It was used, however, as a means of exchange or to fulfil a utilitarian role of wealth.
This section displays the craftsmanship of several centuries of Peruvian history, mainly in pre-Inca gold. There are decorative items of all the cultures such as embossed and weaved nose ornaments with cut stone pendants; sets of filigree figures depicting birds, men, or monkeys; mantles, bracelets and earflaps of the Vicus culture; lizards, weasels, felines, bags of coca leaves, earrings and belts of the Frias culture; pectorals with zoomorphic designs, flat or embossed crowns of the Chancay culture; funerary masks with twisted rays or serpents from Ica; and masks with open mouths and teeth, wristbands, shin protectors and spatulas of the Nazca culture.
The different exhibition rooms of the museum also harbour the richness of the gold objects of the Chimu art; exquisite vessels or “huacos” from Lambayeque with two open spouts joined by a curved handle; large funerary masks painted red and eyes inlaid with stones; high crowns of feathers, “tumis” or ceremonial knives depicting the image of an idol on the handle and made of filigree; ceremonial vases with inlays; large embossed glove-like hands and arms; foxes, fish, earflaps, earrings, brooches, pectorals, a countless number of necklaces; sceptres, small pots, mantles decorated with thousands of gold pieces (simulating scales); gold balls, gold pendants, and even large wooden portable gold-plated platforms inlaid with precious stones.
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