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Museo Romántico

The Museo Romántico is a mongraphic museum dedicated to the artistic and cultural movement that flourished in Spain during the reign of Queen Isabel II (1833-1868).

The museum was created in 1921 by Benigno de la Vega-Inclán y Flaquer, second Marquis of Vega Inclán (1858-1942), who donated it to the state. Its founder was a man of great activity within the world of art, tourism and culture. He was the first Royal Comissioner for Tourism and also founded the Casa y Museo del Greco de Toledo and the Casa Museo de Cervantes de Valladolid in 1906 and 1916 respectively.

The Museo Romántico showcases work from the historical era that gave rise to Romanticism in Spain. It commemorates the writers, painters and poets of the era and reproduces the environment of a house from the period.

The museum's collection includes art and artifacts such as paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, furniture, musical instruments, graphic arts, jewellry and fans as well as an important archive collection and specialist library.

The museum is located inside an old urban stately home from the second half of the 18th century. Its structure as part residence-part museum offers visitors a glimpse into high society family life in 19th century Madrid.

Permanent Collection

Highlights of the permanent collection include Goya's San Gregorio Magno, (part of the "Four Fathers of the Church" series), Leonardo Alenza's Satire on Romantic Suicide and Satire on Suicide for Love, a 19th century autograph fan and an 1875 Diaphanorama (made using early photographic techniques and widely considered a precursor to cinematic animation).

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