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Museu Casa-Taller Durancamps

The Casa-Taller Durancamps is a museum dedicated to the work of Rafael Durancamps. It is also a museum that is full of life. In an attempt to represent the spirit of Durancamps all corners of the flat that housed him contain the objects with which he lived. Visitors can see his furniture, the personal articles such as the pipes that he smoked, his lenses, a sugar bowl that the maid gave to him when he married, as well as the equipment he used including the smock he wore to paint, that accompanied Durancamps throughout his life.

All that is here is an exact recreation of his residences of Sabadell, Paris and Barcelona. However, of all the rooms here, it is the studio of the painter that allows us to breathe in the art in a pure state.

Here is where a large part of his paintings emerged and became what they were to be. Here also are the tools from which his paintings were formed: his trowels, his brushes, his colors, his engravings and also the chair where he sat to contemplate and create his work. His was an intense work process in which no new work began if the previous one had not been finished. It is in this space that Rafael Durancamps passed most of his time, not only painting but also reading or listening to music.

When he set out to paint he did so without limits. He entered the moment by studying the lights, the shades, the perspective and everything that he wanted to shape onto the canvas.

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It is difficult to find a common nexus in the work of this self-taught artist. Painting did not keep secrets from him and, throughout his life, he continued changing his pictorial interests, always with a single objective: to find his own style. His uncommon virtue is his diversity in subjects: landscapes, still life, portraits, scenes from everyday life including the corralling of bulls. The primary constant in Durancamp’s painting is this variety of content.

Natural light is an important constant in the work of Durancamps - he never wanted to work with artificial light. The Durancamps that painted different landscapes of the Vallès or the Maresme, two important regions relating to his life and his work, is nothing like the Durancamps that placed color the way he saw it in the city of the Seine.
Durancamps painted in oil like most of the Catalan painters of the time. In fact, one of them, Joaquim Mir, considerably influenced the style of the painter from Sabadell. There was a period where Durancamps painted "√° la Mir", but without taking out the light and expressivity that he had in his own art.
Although his first stage was influenced by Mir, he quickly evolved toward his own style: a distinct notion, giving superiority to the appropriate constructive line combined with a sensitivity to color evoking a sharp and sober beauty.
His landscapes, which deal richly with a zurbaranesca line and exhibit a limpid transparency, are a prodigy of serenity and elegance with such a personal seal that they escape any contemporary classification. His simple scenes of daily life, especially the games of the bulls in different Spanish towns, are of an extraordin...+ [ Read all ]


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