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Museu D'Art Contemporani De Barcelona

The history of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) goes back to 1959 when art critic Alexandre Cirici Pellicer championed the idea of creating a museum of contemporary art in Barcelona. Cirici and Cesáreo Rodríguez Aguilera headed a group which began to gather together a collection which would serve as the foundation for the future museum; an active platform for irradiating contemporary art. As various willing parties united to decide upon a definitive location for the new museum, the aforementioned group began a series of exhibitions - twenty three in total - of contemporary artists such as Moisès Villèlia, Antoni Bonet, Àngel Ferrant, Jean Fautrier, Albert Ràfols Casamada, Romà Vallès, Jordi Curós, Josep Maria de Sucre and August Puig, among others. However, in February of 1963 the inauguration of the exhibition “Art and Peace,

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Permanent Collection

On June 19th, 1997 the MACBA and its Consortium (comprised of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council and the MACBA Foundation) signed a long-term loan agreement regarding the works of art accumulated, thus making the MACBA’s permanent collection official. The Collection consists of said loans and works donated to the Consortium by other institutions or private entities.
Since their integration into the Consortium, these collections have been organised and developed according to the parameters established by the Museum, however, they have diverse origins and their specificity reflects the political and cultural complexity and contradictions that have, until now, characterised our Museum’s history.

The MACBA Collection, which starts in roughly 1950, consists of many works from Catalonian, Spanish and International artists. Though not an anthology, it is a thorough overview of the fundamental aspects of Contemporary Art which hopes to promote both exercises and education in critical memory.


7th July to 31st December 2007
This new presentation of the MACBA Collection is related to the A Theatre without Theatre temporary exhibition and develops some aspects not addressed in that production; it highlights the notion of theatricality in Spain and constitutes a chronological continuation of the piece: 1989 marks the end of A Theatre without Theatre, while the exhibition of the MACBA Collection brings the story up to date.
The MACBA Collection display places emphasis on four fundamental aspects. In the first place, the works presented in the Capella reflect the theatricality of a certain modernity based on reinterpretations carried out from a position of constructivist abstraction – especially in the work of Jorge Oteiza – made by, on the one hand, such artists as Txomin Badiola and, on the other, Jon Mikel Euba.
While A Theatre without Theatre reflects the influence of theatre in the world of art and how the notion of theatricality has altered our perception of artistic work, a second aspect analysed by the Collection is the theatrical content that originates in the world of art, an aspect which includes both the grotesque, as well as the Karneval notion developed by Batkin. In this area we find works by Jeff Wall, Ulrike Ottinger and Miralda, among others.
As Karneval led to the alteration of dominant social structures and promoted their eventual transformation, it is logical to assume that this concept is intrinsically linked to the city and to public space understood as a theatre in which social rivalries are settled. This third aspect appears for instance in Waiting for Tear Gas (1999-2000) by Allan Sekulla, and Monte Casino from the...+ [ Read all ]

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Forthcoming exhibitions

JOAN JONAS. Timelines: Transparencies in a Dark Room
20th September 2007 to 7th January 2008

Be-Bomb: The Transatlantic War of Images and all that Jazz 1946-56
5th October 2007 to 7th January 2008


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The multi-ticket initiative was launched by some of Barcelona's most important art centres. For 20 €, this combined ticket gives admission to the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC), the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), the Fundació Joan Miró, the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) and the Centre Cultural Caixa de Catalunya, La Pedrera and Museu Picasso.
The multiticket is available in all of the above centres, from any branch of the Caixa de Catalunya and via the Tel-entrada telephone booking service from Spain: 902 101 212, from abroad: (+34) 933 262 948 and through the Internet website: [ Read all ]

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La Central del MACBA bookstore is planned as a complimentary space for the further information needs of the museum’s public, through the sale of catalogues and books of MACBA exhibitions or its collection, among other subjects. At the same time, the idea and hope is that the La Central del MACBA bookstore will become an essential point of reference through its contemporary art specialisation.
Most of the space in the La Central del MACBA will be dedicated to the bookstore proper, with stock covering everything from artistic production and theoretical texts to sociology, visual culture, philosophy, architecture and social movements or alternative politics, among others. La Central del MACBA also stocks a wide range of national and international publications connected to contemporary art.
The selection of subjects will vary depending on the museum’s activities (exhibitions, courses, workshops, conferences and so on). The bookstore also has a place to view digital-format publications (single-artist catalogues, videos, film, net art, sound art and so on) and includes a section dedicated to national and international publications on experimental, independent, documentary and underground cinema, as well as music and artist’s books.
La Central del MACBA will also offer those same services offered by La Central at its other branches, such as its bibliographic information catalogues, themed searches and information networks as well as the organisation ...+ [ Read all ]

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This year’s initiative was conceived with hopes of developing students’ critical, dialoguing and expressive capabilities. Through Contemporary Art, we hope to transmit formulas of understanding and re-thinking the world to children and students of all ages. Through these educational initiatives, we will give them the tools necessary to understand and interpret Contemporary Art, all of which are based on the MACBA Collection.
The MACBA’s educational programmes reach beyond a merely static and aesthetic contemplation of a work of art: they show the student the artist’s intention, encouraging reflection and extrapolating the resulting concepts, as well as help them draw parallels with elements from their own worlds. The activities’ educational richness will help turn them into something more than “good viewers,


You can make reservations for special group visits on weekdays (except Tuesdays) from 10am to 12pm


The Friends of the MACBA offers a series of exclusive benefits that will strengthen relations with the Museum.
Friends of the MACBA enjoy a range of benefits and advantages, such as free admission to the Museum’s temporary and permanent exhibitions, discounts, invitations and preferential reserve bookings for our activities, exclusive preview visits to the exhibitions, plus a whole series of activities (visits to artists’ studios, meetings with exhibition curators, cultural trips, etc.) especially organised for Friends.
We look forward to welcoming you as a new member.

Free admission to the Museum and all MACBA-organized activities
Exclusive guided tours of temporary exhibitions, the MACBA Collection, and the Museum
Guided tours of other museums and art centres throughout the area
Meetings with artists and curators
Preferred status for enrolment in activities
MACBA publications
Invitations to openings and other ceremonies
6 invitations to Museum exhibitions
10% off the MACBA's La Central book and gift shop
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Same advantages available to Friends for you and an a person going with you
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Venue hire

The Museum opens its doors to welcome companies and professionals, who are invited to enjoy not only this outstanding building, but also the spaces around it. MACBA’s central location and many points of access make it ideal for your meetings.

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