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Museu D'Art Modern Tarragona

The Museum of Modern Arts was created by the Diputació of Tarragona in 1976 with the aim of preserving and showcasing its artistic patrimony.

The Diputació collections were actually started at the beginning of the sixties, upon acquiring the works of the sculptor Julio Antonio that had been previously cared for by his sisters. From that time on, and following the guidance of Lluís M. Saumells (director of the School of Arts of Tarragona) other collections were purchased, namely those of the sculptors Santiago Costa i Vaqué, Salvador Martorell i Ollé and the painter Josep Sancho i Piqué.

In 1943, annually at first, and bi-annually later on, the Diputació awarded the Julio Antonio Prize of Sculpture and the Josep Tapiró Prize of Painting, keeping the winning works in its collection. Some of them were kept as deposits in other institutions, and some were later sold for unknown reasons. For the most part, the winning works have been displayed in the Diputació premises. In 1976, and following the relocation of the Workshop and School of Arts From Calle Santa Anna to its new location in Sant Pere Sescelades, part of the Casa Martí, the previous seat of the school was made available.


This building, in its present shape is the result of the union of three ancient houses of the Old Town. The first once belonged to the Jesuit College of the Holy Kings but was seized by the Crown of Spain following their expulsion from the country in 1767. It was finally purchased by Antonio Martí i Gatell in 1772 from the local committee in charge of liquidating the estate of the religious order. After several im... [ Read all ]

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Permanent Collection

The permanent collection houses the work of painters and sculptors Julio Antonio and Lluís Saumells, the sculptors Salvador Martorell, Santiago Acosta, and Ramon Carreté and the painters Josep Sancho and José Nogué.


The first set of pictures to be included in the archives was that made on behalf of the Diputació in 1929 by the photographers Pere Català i Pic and Hermenegild Vallvé i Vilallonga, for the International Barcelona Exposition of that year, and displayed in the "Spanish Monuments" section. Later on, other sets were recovered which had been presented to the Diputació in the sixties and seventies.
The archives grew steadily from that moment on, both through purchasing and donation. In 1989, a collection of daguerrotypes and three hundred glass plates were included as deposits.


Since its creation the library has specialised in Catalan Arts from the 19th and 20th centuries. In addition to its own stock of books, efforts have been made to recover all the catalogues of the National Fine Arts of Barcelona.
It also holds a significant number of Fine Arts magazines, both from the present and from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.


Jaume Rocamora: Calida Construccio 1966-2006
15 February - 6 May 2007

Forty years after his first individual exhibition Jaume Rocamora returns with a retrospective of his work.

Over time Rocamora has constructed a personal language that is at once poetic and difficult and which swims against the tide, but within the context of a clearly defined style. This has made him an artist with a solid trajectory, recognised by critics and with a contiued presence in the galleries of Spain and abroad.

Previous Exhibitions

Beatrice Bizot: Ciutat Blanca
14 December 2006 - 28 January 2007

Francesco Roig: Ecco
26 October - 3 December 2006

La Ben Plantada: El Noucentisme 1906-2006
5 October - 5 November 2006

Josep Icart: Exposició antològica
15 September - 22 October 2006

Biennal d'Art 2006: XXXV Premi Tapiró de Pintura i XXXIII Premi Julio Antonio d'Escultura:
6 July - 27 August 2006

Ester Ferrando: De cos absent i altres restes orgàniques
11 May - 25 June 2006

Dolors Puigdemont: Mar Blanca
16 March - 29 April 2006

Juan Lomarti: Socialmente
9 February - 12 March 2006

Jaume Sole: Obra gràfica
21 December 2005 - 29 January 2006

Jaume Pla: Gravador
3 November - 11 December 2005

Jesus Algovi: Projecte Sisif
10 November - 11 December 2005

Jacint Salvado: Un camí vers l'abstracció
16 September - 30 October 2005

Els Gats: De Casas a Picasso
8 September - 23 October 2005

Roberto Coromina: Pinturas precisas
8 July - 28 August 2005

Josep Canas: Exposició antològica
1 July - 28 August 2005

Ferran Arasa: Exposició antològica
13 May - 26 June 2005

Vanessa Hernandez: Infancia en rojo
17 March - 1 May 2005

Josep M. Balanya: Estats de so/roll i d'ànima
8 February - 6 March 2005

Montserrat Cortadellas: Emissors d'identitats
16 December 2004 - 23 January 2005

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