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Museu De Arte Moderna De São Paulo

The Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo is part of the cultural history of Latin America. It was founded in 1948 as one of the continent's first modern art museums by Italian-Brazilian entrepreneur Francisco “Ciccillo

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Permanent Collection

The permanent collection of the MAM-SP is conformed of more than 4500 pieces dating from the 1950s to the present.

The original collection was made up of many works from the private collections of Ciccillo Matarazzo and Yolanda Penteado. However, in 1963 Matarazzo donated the entire MAM collection to the Museum of Contemporary Art - USP (University of São Paulo). Without the collection that originated it, it was only towards the end of the '60s that the museum was able to gather a new collection.

As interesting as its new acquisitions were, the situation caused the MAM’s directors and older staff, a certain nostalgia. The new works could never attain the quality and importance of the previous ones. So, instead of considering 1948 as the foundation of the museum, the curators decided to focus on museum’s trajectory starting from 1968, when the reconstitution of the collection commenced.

Under the administration of Milú Villela, the gamble on these new works and artists finally gained much strength in 1995. That same year, the museum had less than 2000 works in its collection, in contrast to the more than 4500 works that it owns today. Great talents were discovered and promoted by the museum, among them photographers Caio Reisewitz, Mauro Restiffe, and Márcia Xavier.

The works on the basement level interact with the lower floor as a metaphor of the institution’s subconscious, still marked by the absence of the works lost in 1963. This absence led to the creation of a “land of shadows


January 11th to July 1st 2007
Graffiti artist Francisco Rodrigues, better known as Nunca, is the invited artist of MAM-SP for the new Projeto Parede (Wall Project), launched together with the exhibition “Fotografia em Perspectiva – Acervo do Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo

Exhibitions (2)

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Forthcoming exhibitions

July 19th to Sep 23rd 2007

May 15th to July 8th 2007

Mais do que os olhos captam - Arte Fotografica da Coleção DEUTSCHE BANK
July 19th to September 30th 2007

October 11th to December 16th 2007

July 15th to December 16th 2007


Admission: R$5,50

Free admission:
- Sundays
- Children under 10 and people over 60 years old
- ICOM, AICA and ABSA ID holders
- Museums staff
- MAM associates
- Employees and dependants of companies in partnership with MAM

Opening hours

Tuesdays to Sundays and holidays: 10 to 6 pm.

Getting there

Parque do Ibirapuera, gate 3
São Paulo - SP

Tel: (+55) 11 5085-1300
Fax: (+55) 11 5085-2342


Access for the disabled.

MAM's Paulo Mendes de Almeida Library has one of Brazil's most comprehensive collections of literature specializing in modern and contemporary art.
There are over 40,000 publications, including books, magazines and catalogues, from Brazil and other countries, in addition to videos, slides, CD-ROMs and DVD’s related to the history of art, cinema, photography and architecture.
Tuesdays to Fridays: 10 to 18:00
Tel: (+55) 11 5085-1308
Email: biblio@mam.org.br

MAM's restaurant is now known as Prêt no MAM and is run by Prêt-a-Manger under the management of Beatriz Ticoulate Araújo.
There is an enormous range of dishes, with over 1,600 recipes of Brazilian, French or Italian origin. So the São Paulo version of shrimp cuscus is on the menu next to gratinated squash with eggplant or ground meat. The menu changes every day but there is always a selection of pastas or risottos, chicken, fish or red meat.
Lunch is served until 5pm Tuesdays to Fridays and until 4pm Saturdays and Sundays. The crowded "happy hour" on Thursdays goes on until 10 pm.
The restaurant is located to the left of the museum entrance and looks out on to MAM's Sculpture Garden.
For reservations call (+55) 11 5574-1250 or email pretcafe@uol.com.br

Our Shopmam stores sell the best Brazilian design in decorative items and furniture, jewels and accessories, as well as the museum's publications covering our collection, exhibitions and items from the MAM line of art objects.
All revenue from Shopmam sales is used to maintain the Modern Art Museum of São Paulo.
There are three stores in downtown São Paulo:

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News and events

For information about special events at MAM please write to marketing3@mam.org.br or imprensamam@mam.org.br


The program "Contact with Art" organizes study groups for teachers and poses discussion of education and knowledge inter-relating different disciplines such as art history and artistic education. Coordinated by educator Mariza Szpigel, the project is free and hopes to reach teaching staff at public and private schools from elementary to university level.
Meetings are Saturdays 2-6 pm, including visits to exhibitions and practical sessions in the studio.
Participants receive certificates and class notes or handouts.
To book please call (+55) 11 5085-1313 or email educativo@mam.org.br


In partnership with healthcare and special education institutions, MAM organizes art courses both for the groups served by these institutions and for the general public. The programme aims to foster social inclusion through art and to create knowledge of meeting the needs of groups with specific requirements.

Target audience: Students with hearing impairments from Derdic – PUC SP.

Aim: Train 25 teenage or young adult monitors with hearing impairments to act as guides for 800 young people aged 6 - 18 with hearing impairments.

Partner Institution: Division of Rehabilitation of Communication Disorders (Derdic – PUC-–SP) - Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo.


More ideas and solutions for everyday challenges in business. MAM provides creativity workshops for professionals in all fields. The Education sector will arrange art activity for your employees in close collaboration with the company's human resources team.
To book please call (+55) 11 5085-1313 or email educativo@mam.org.br


By becoming a member of MAM, you not only help maintain one of Brazil's most important cultural institutions, but you also become part of a select group of people associated with art, and take part in exclusive events and activities.
MAM members enjoy discounts at the Restaurant, Shopmam stores and courses arranged by the Education Department.
Members are invited to all exhibition openings and take part in MAM social projects such as the free visits programme for schools, study groups for teachers and services for people with special needs.
Take a look at the membership categories and their features; choose the one you like best. Welcome to MAM!
Tel: (+55) 11 5085-1330
Email: sejasocio@mam.org.br

MAM Contemporary Art Center it is an entirely new project in Brazil that aims to support the development of artistic production in the country, promote the exchange of information, educate new collectors and build MAM's collection of contemporary Brazilian art.
The Center's activities include visits to artists' studios and private collections, cultural travel in Brazil and internationally, debates and lectures, and exclusive events.
Income from membership fees and the ball is used to acquire art works for MAM's Contemporary Art Center collection.

Annual membership:
R$ 714 (individual)
R$ 1.208 (couple)

Members of the Center not only enjoy exclusive events but also have free admission to the museum and discounts at the MAM, Restaurant, the Shopmam stores and Education Department courses.
Tel: (+55) 11 5085-1311
Email: contemporaneos@mam.org.br

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MAM-São Paulo is a non-profit private-sector civil association. Its activities and maintenance are funded by partner companies through the MAM-Partners Program, the public powers - under cultural incentive laws and agreements with federal, state and municipal governments -and civil society through the Membership Program.
The MAM Partners Program was founded in 1995 and facilitates the Museum's activities through assistances from private enterprise while providing a number of benefits for companies investing in MAM including tax breaks under culture incentive laws; the museum's auditorium and restaurant are available for events; guests are invited for free visits and exhibition openings; there is free admission for employees; the MAM PARTNERS seal may be used, and the company mark gains visibility in the Museum, MAM publications and on MAM sites.
Tel: (+55) 11 5085-1331
Email: institucional@mam.org.br

Venue hire

MAM's building is part of the city's cultural and architectural heritage, but it is also a great place for holding events. Located in Ibirapuera, São Paulo's largest park with free parking for 350 vehicles, MAM provides the ideal surroundings for a different event. It offers sophisticated and well-equipped infrastructure with exhibitions of modern and contemporary art open to guests.
Two spaces are available for lectures, social events, dinners or cocktails:
the Lina Bo Bardi Auditorium and the MAM Restaurant.
All revenue derived from leasing spaces at MAM is used for maintenance of the Museum.
Tel: (+55) 11 5085-1323
Email: eventos@mam.org.br