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Museu Del Cinema, Collecció Tomás Mallol

Did you know that two thousand years ago the Chinese were already explaining extraordinary stories with only their hands and a candle? From the Chinese shadows to the Lumière brothers’ camera, there are many fascinating and amusing inventions that you can now see in Girona at the Museum of Cinema.

It is one of the few museums where you can journey through the 500 years of the history of images, seeing the predecessors and origins of cinema. On show are the techniques and visual spectacles from the beginnings of the 7th art up to the arrival of television. During this journey, you will be accompanied by the Tomàs Mallol Collection, an internationally recognised collection of cinematographic and pre-cinematographic apparatus, purchased by the Ajuntament (Girona Town Hall) in 1994.

Come and learn about the tricks which left our forefathers amazed and see the first cinema projections. You will be fascinated by the moving image spectacles that have excited spectators throughout the ages. We invite you to take a journey through the history of images: a universal language, a discourse without frontiers, a visit recommended for people of all ages.

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Permanent Collection

Acquired by the Ajuntament (Girona Town Hall) in January 1994 as the basis of the Museum of Cinema, the Tomàs Mallol Collection is recognised as the most important collection of pre-cinema and cinema equipment in Spain and one of the most outstanding in Europe.

The Tomàs Mallol Collection is made up of about 20.000 pieces. Apart from almost 8000 objects, apparatuses and pre-cinematographic and early cinema accessories, there are nearly 10,000 fixed image documents (photographs, posters, prints, drawings and paintings), 800 films of all types and a library of over 700 books and magazines. The collection acts as a background to the period from the mid 17th century up to 1970. The majority of it is dated between the second half of the 18th and the early 20th century.

One of the main characteristics of the Tomàs Mallol Collection is the systematic way in which the acquired pieces were treated, leaving to one side any personal or arbitrary tendencies. The fundamental idea was to collect all items that relate to the prehistory and early years of cinema. In other words, all the objects explain how images were represented before the advent of cinema and the technical process that led to the invention of cinematography in 1895.


General entrance fee: 4 €

Reduced price: 2 €
(Students, retired people, unemployed, members of organisations with special agreements with the Museum of Cinema:
- Girona’s Association for the Deaf
- Hotel Melià
- Youth card
- Girona University
- Lleida University)

Groups (+ 20 people): 2 €

Under 16s and members of ICOM: Free

Members of organisations with a special agreement with the Museum of Cinema: 3,20 €
(Racc Club, The Reading Circle, The Art Gallery Cloister, The Arts and Cinematographic Science Academy, The Medical Sciences Academy of Catalunya and the Balearic Isles, The National Works Commission of Catalunya, The Actors and Directors Association of Catalunya, Stacatto, Farenheit Cine Club, Olot Cine Club, AGGI, FNAC, ARPAGI)

Guided tours – all year: 2 € In addition to the general entrance price

Actors’ Club: Free

Opening hours

SUMMER SEASON (1st May to 30th September):
Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 8pm

WINTER SEASON (1st October to 30th April):
Tuesdays to Fridays from 10am to 6pm
Saturdays from 10am to 8pm
Sundays from 11am to 3pm
During holiday periods (the Girona Fair, Christmas and Easter) summer opening times will apply.

Mondays (except public holidays), 25th and 26th December, 1st and 6th January

GUIDED TOURS, WINTER (16th September to 30th June):
Saturdays at 6pm
Sundays at 12am
During holiday periods (the Girona Fair, Christmas and Easter) summer tour times apply.

GUIDED TOURS, SUMMER (1st July to 15th September):
Tuesdays to Sundays at 12am and 6pm

28th December: Anniversary of the first public cinema projection
8th April: Anniversary of the Museum of Cinema
18th May: International Museum Day

Getting there

Museum of Cinema - Tomàs Mallol Collection
C/ Sèquia, 1
17001 Girona

Tel: (+34) 972 412 777
Fax: (+34) 972 413 047


The Museum offers audiovisuals and texts in the permanent exhibition hall in 4 languages (Catalan, Spanish, French and English)
The Museum is accessible for people with disabilities
The Museum of Cinema is a member of ICOM

The Museum shop specialises in products related to the history of the cinema (praxinoscope, zoetropes, magic lanterns, Kaleidoscopes…). Also on offer are other products of cinema such as, a wide range of 200.000 DVD's and 4,000 books about cinema.
The shop is situated in the Museum’s reception and is open when the Museum is open to the public. If you wish to make an enquiry the contact details are:
Sèquia, 1
17001 Girona
Tel: (+34) 972 222 129
Fax: (+34) 972 227 552
For a list of products and prices:

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The Museum’s Educational Service offers a team of qualified and experienced supervisors, rooms and areas equipped with didactic resources and material, a program of educational activities and a reference, information and training area for topics relating to the audiovisual world.
Its objective is to maximise the didactic value of a school visit to the museum, by working in the common areas between the museum and the school curriculum, and to maximise the use of the museum as an educational resource that compliments and supports school projects, optional subjects, annual projects, research work, etc.
Museum of Cinema Educational Service participants:
Salvador Àngel
Drac Màgic
Barn Media Kunskap (Ana Gravitz & Jorge Pozo)
Generalitat de Catalunya. Education Department. Audiovisual Service

1. Infant school pupils
2. Primary school pupils (ages 6 – 8)
3. Primary school pupils (ages 8 – 10)
4. Primary school pupils (ages 10-12)
5. Secondary school pupils (ages 12 – 16)
6. Sixth Form (ages 16 –18)
7. Vocational training (ages 16 – 18)
8. Special needs pupils
9. Adult education and specialist centres (Art/Music/Theatre/Audiovisual schools and Social education centres )

1. Make use of our advisory service to organise your program. You could come to the presentation session or at any other time to find out more about the Museum and its activities. We will be happy to help you during our normal opening hours. During these times you could also contact us by telephone ( +34 972 412 777) or by e-mail (gcarbo@ajgirona-org). The possibilities and combinations of activities are ...+ [ Read all ]


Price 4,5 € per person

The guided tour/ performance lasts about 1 hour.
The maximum number of people per group and actor is 30.
Two guided tours/ performances could be done at the same time.
Please make the reservation 2 weeks in advance.
This guided tour/ performance is available in any language.

If you are an adult group organisation and are interested in a special museum visit, you can choose from the following options:

General entrance for an unguided visit to the permanent exhibition: 2 € person

General Entrance with a guided tour in Catalan, Spanish or French: 2 € per person + 60 € per group.
The guided tour lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. The maximum number of people per guide is 30. Please reserve the guided visits 2 weeks in advance.

General Entrance, with or without guided visit and a music of cinema session "Relive with music the best moments of cinema": 2 € per person + 60 € per group (without guided tour) or 2 € per person + 120 € per group (with guided tour).
The audiovisual lasts about 50 minutes. The visit to the Museum’s permanent exhibition can be done before or after the audiovisual (with or without guide). The two activities last about 1 hour 30 minutes in total. The audiovisual activity takes place in the Museum’s projection room. The maximum number of people per group is 25. However, 2 groups could undertake this visit at the same time. Please make reservations 2 weeks in advance.

Tel: (+34) 972 412 777
Fax: (+34) 972 413 047
Email: [ Read all ]


The advantages of membership of the Actor’s Club are:
- Free entrance ticket to the Museum of the Cinema
- Free entrance ticket to the projections of "making of" in the projection room: "This
makes today’s cinema" (2nd floor of the Museum)
- 20% discount for 4 companions per membership card off the normal Museum entrance ticket price (does not apply to the reduced entrance ticket prices)
- 50% discount off the price of the Museum’s visit with commentary
- 10% discount off products on sale in the Museum shop (does not apply to music, videos, DVD, books and publications)
- Discounts on activities organised by the Museum, the Research Institute and in collaboration with other bodies
- Exclusive activities for members of the Actors’ Club: pre-release showings, special visits, projections, discussions, trips, cinema festivals
- Free loan service of videos, CDs and DVDs in the Museum of Cinema Research Institute

External advantages:
- 10% discount on loan service of videos, DVDs, Play-Station and Videogames in Video Club Acuari (Plaça Prudència Bertrana 7i C/ Massana 52-52 de Girona i al Pg Marquès de Camps 20 de Salt)
- 10% discount off the entrance ticket for projections organised by Cine-Club Olot (seasonal and special programs) and by the Film Library of the Generalitat in Olot. The projections are shown at the Teatre Principal, Passeig d’en Blay 5, Olot.
- Discounts off the entrance ticket to the projections organised by the Cine-Club Fahrenheit, (Tuesdays) at Cinema Truffaut, c/ Portal Nou 7, Girona.
- Discounts off the entrance ticket (the Spectator day only) at Cinema Truffaut for the projections of programs organised by ...+ [ Read all ]