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Museu Egipci

The Museu Egipci de Barcelona was founded by Jordi Clos to promote the awareness of ancient art and cultures, in particular the culture of Ancient Egypt.

The Egypt of the Pharaohs is one of the civilisations that have a great attraction for the public, as much in an academic and scientific context as in the endless number of fans of Egyptology. This growing interest shows the passion that the distant country of the Pharaohs continues to arouse.

Among the many facets of ancient Egypt, it is without doubt its monumental and material legacy that stands out. This legacy has contributed to the promotion and knowledge of ancient Egyptian culture and allows us to get closer to its history. Across the world there are many museums that house public or private collections that take their visitors to the remote civilisation that emerged on the banks of the River Nile.

Since 1993 Spain also enjoys the privilege of offerings lovers of the culture a museum dedicated exclusively to the world of the Pharaohs: the Museu Egipci de Barcelona. Comprised of objects belonging to the Colección de Arqueología Egipcia Jordi Clos, it is one of the Foundation’s most emblematic sections.

The Museum is located in a central part of Barcelona allowing ease of access for visitors. The 2,000 square metres of modern and comfortable exhibition space showcases more than 700 objects that allow visitors to get to know one of the most fascinating cultures in the history of humanity firsthand. It is worth pointing out the artistic beauty and technical quality of these creations which, thanks to the thematic structure of the itinerary, gives the col... [ Read all ]

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Permanent Collection

The collection is divided into the following thematic sections: The Pharaohs (characteristics and functions), Positions and People (titles and roles in society), Daily Life (handicrafts, cosmetics and eroticism), Religious Beliefs and Funerary Practices (the myth of Osiris, mummification, tombs and funerary equipment) and the Religious Universe (cult temples and principal divinities).

The Egyptian state, born on the banks of the River Nile, was governed and directed during 3000 years by people with great power: the Pharaohs. The Pharaoh represented the highest post in the social pyramid: as carrier of divine blood he was a high priest who should construct temples and maintain the cult of the gods, commander-in-chief of the Egyptian armies, supreme judge… in all, a guarantor of the cosmic order who assured the correct functioning of the universe.
Since the beginnings of Egyptian culture the Pharaoh had the determined attributes characteristic of his rank and functions. These included, among others, the ‘Pschent’ crown, emblem of the union between the two kingdoms into which Egypt was divided; and the upright cobra (Ureo), protector of royalty. Even for writing his name the Pharaoh would use special protocol formed by five elements in their moment of maximum development, with specific symbols such as the ‘serej’ and cartridge. Among the more than 300 documented Pharaohs there were outstanding kings and kings about whom little more than their names are known. Some led their country to the heights of prosperity and prestige while others were responsible for its decadence and ruin.

Egypt represents one of the oldest models o...+ [ Read all ]

Previous Exhibitions

Roman Mosaics from Syria. Painting in Stone
16th November 2006 to 19th March 2007

Divine Words. From Hieroglyphics to Egyptology
10th November 2005 to 18th September 2006

Jewels of the Pharaohs. Treasures of magic, power and beauty.
10th March to 10th July 2005

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Adults: 7,00 EUR
Students and Senior Citizens: 5,00 EUR
Groups: Special fees on guided visits and workshops by prior arrangement.

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 20:00
Sunday 10:00 to 14:00
The Museum is closed on December 25th and 26th and January 1st

Getting there

C/ Valencia, 284
08007 Barcelona
Tel: (+34) 934 880 188
Fax: (+34) 934 878 060

Bus routes: 7, 16, 17, 20, 22, 24, 28, 39, 43, 44, 45, 47 and Tomb Bus
Underground: L3, L4, L2 Passeig de Gracia station, and L5 Diagonal station
Train/ Ferrocarrils Catalans de la Generalitat: Provença station


The Museum has a library, shop and Museum club. It also offers nocturnal visits.

The Museum has made the elimination of physical barriers, which cause difficulty of access and circulation, its priority. It can provide a guide for the visit along with a number of touch-friendly complementary materials for blind visitors.

During these night-time visits to the Museum visitors can see dramatised interpretations of scenes from ancient Egypt. The scenes are interpreted by actors from the Philae Theatrum theatre company.
The visit lasts approximately an hour and a half after which visitors are served a complimentary cup of cava in the Museum installations.
Cost (includes dramatised visit and complimentary cup of cava: 14,00 EUR (adults) or 11,50 EUR (students and pensioners)
Schedule: Nocturnal visits are every Saturday (except public holidays) from 9:30 to 11:00 pm. Previous booking is essential.
Dramatisations: Egyptian Mummies. In Search of Identity; Cleopatra. Queen of the Nile; Ramses II, The Great.

This guided visit and food-tasting session includes a tour of the Museum and an explanation of the secrets of culinary art in ancient Egypt. Afterwards, visitors can enjoy a selection of samples of food from the era of the Pharaohs in an atmosphere full of incense and music on the Museum’s terrace.
Schedule: every Friday between June and October 9:00 to 10:00 pm (visit) and 10:00 to 11:00 pm (food-tasting).
Price: 30,00 EUR per person.
Reservations: (+34) 934 880 188. Previous booking is essential.+ [ Read all ]

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The Museum offers guided tours on Saturdays at 11:00 in Catalan and at 17:00 in Spanish. The tours are free with the admission fee.

Groups can be given a guided tour of the collection by the Museum’ Egyptologists. They must be booked by prior appointment. The type of explanation given varies depending on thematic preferences, age and extent of knowledge of the group.

As well as guided visits the Museum also offers a series of workshops that complement and enrich its cultural offer. The workshops have been designed as educational activities aimed to teach participants in a simple and thorough way the basic concepts related to the world of the Pharaohs.
The workshops use audiovisual means and a number of Pharaonic faithfully reproduced from original pieces. It is especially recommended that the workshops are taken as a complementary activity to the Museum visit.
Current workshops organised by the Museum are:
- Hieroglyphics
- Mummification
- Egyptian Mythology
- Pharaoh and the Social Organisation of Ancient Egypt

Levels: Primary, secondary and special groups
Number of participants: 15 to 30
Duration: Guided visit 1 hour, workshop 1 hour
Material provided: Workbook, writing material, fragments of papyrus for the hieroglyphics workshop
Prices: School groups without guide 4,00 EUR per person; non-school groups without guide 5,00 EUR per person; guide service for groups 30,00 EUR per group; workshop 5,00 EUR per person; guided visit to the museum plus workshop 9,00 EUR.
Information and reservations: Tel (+34) 934 880 188/ Fax (+34) 934 878 060/ Email [ Read all ]


Members of the Fundació Arqueológica Clos have the opportunity to collaborate with the Museum and its activities which, although centred on Pharaonic Egypt, have also included themes related to other cultures such as the Near East, Israel, Greece, Rome, Crete, China, pre-Colombian America and Tibet.
‘El Club’ seeks to bring together all those people with a special interest in supporting the Museum and encouraging study and research into ancient history and art and who wish to extend their own knowledge by participating in culturally enriching activities under the supervision of experts thus forming part of a unique cultural establishment in our country.

Advantages for members of ‘El Club’ are:
- access to free and exclusive activities organised by members (conferences, cultural visits, workshops etc.)
- free entry to the Museum
- free reserved entry to the library
- free entry to the foundation’s exhibitions
- six invitations to Museum events
- membership card
- significant discounts on exhibitions co-organised by the foundation
- 25% discount on courses and seminars
- sent foundation’s publications
- sent ‘EL Club’ information bulletin
- significant discounts on books and objects in Museum shop
- discount in Museum cafeteria
- special prices on expeditions organised by the foundation and art and ancient cultures experts
- special prices on flights to Egypt
- sent information on Museum activities

Cost of Membership:
Individual – 185,90 EUR
Senior – 123,95 EUR
Non-Cataluña residents – 123,95 EUR
Students – 123,95 EUR
Family – 247,85 EUR
Patron – 806,25 EUR+ [ Read all ]