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Museum Folkwang, Essen

The Folkwang museum - in the old nordic epos Edda the term Folkvangar (people-hall) designates the palace of the goddess Freya - was created 1902 by Karl Ernst Osthaus (1874-1921) in the westfalian industrial city Hagen. The student of history of art, literature and philosophy had received the necessary capital by an inheritance.
From its beginnings conceived as art collection with sparate departments of natural history and design, it developed in very short time to the leading edge museum for modern art in Germany.

The Folkwang museum acquired and showed for the first time in Germany works of the Avantgardists of the modern art Cezanne, Gauguin, van Gogh and Matisse.

After the death of the museum founder in the year 1921 the Osthaus Collection was acquired for the city by the newly created Folkwang Museumsverein, a progressive initiative of art-inspired citizens of Essen, and combined 1922 with the city's art museum (founded 1906) into the Folkwang museum.

Permanent Collection

The permanent collection is closed and will reopen in the Villa Huegel.

The museum is closed until January 2008.

The museum Folkwang owes its reputation to the outstanding collections of the painting and sculpture of the 19. Century, the classical modern period as well as the art after 1945 and the photography. The important collection puts an emphasis on the German and French painting of the 19. and 20. Century. The Avantgarde of the modern art are represented by outstanding works by Cezanne, Gauguin and van Gogh. In addition, the German romantic period (C.D. Friedrich, Carus) as well as Courbet, Daumier, Manet and Renoir are also present with masterpieces.


5 Euro

3,50 Euro

family formula 1
10,50 Euro

family formula 2
5,50 Euro

Free of charge

Children under 6, members of the Folkwang Museumsverein and Kunstring Folkwang.

For exhibitions ticket price may vary.

Opening hours

Tue to Sun, 10 - 18 h
Friday, 10 - 24 h
Monday closed

Exhibitions may have other opening hours.

The museum is closed New Year, Eastermonday, monday of Pentecot, 1st May, 24th & 31st decembre

Getting there

By car from the north (A 2, A 42), exit "Essen Gladbeck" from A 2 or exit "Essen-Nord" from A 42, onto B 224 direction Essen Zentrum then southward to the Folkwang Museum (right curb)

from the south (A 52), exit "Essen-Ruettenscheid", onto B 224 direction Essen Zentrum until Museum Folkwang (left curb)

from the east/west (A 40), exit "Essen-Zentrum" or "Essen-Holsterhausen", onto B 224 direction Essen Zentrum until Museum Folkwang (right curb)

Public transportation

From the station "Hauptbahnhof" take "U-Bahn" lines U11, 101 and 107 in direction of Bredeney/Messe Gruga until stop "Ruettenscheider Stern". From there please follow the panel marked "Museumszentrum" (ca. 5-7 minutes by foot).

By foot from Essen Hbf (railroad station) using the "Kulturpfad"

From the main station you can walk in 20 Minuten to the the museum taking the "culture path - Kulturpfad" of the city of Essen. Take the southern exit of the station and follow the panels and the gleaming blue glass-inserts along the path.


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Numerous activities (in german):


Ruhrgas AG
1987 Edvard Munch
1990 Vincent van Gogh und die Moderne
1993 Morosow und Schtschukin - Die russischen Sammler"
1998 Paul Gauguin - the Lost Paradise
2001 William Turner - Light and Colour
2004 Cezanne - Forerunner of Modern Art
2006 Caspar David Friedrich - The invention of the Romantic Era

Sparkasse Essen
1992 Edward hopper and the photography - the truth of the visible
2007 Augusts Rodin. The kiss. The couples

Goldschmidt AG
1997/98 the painters and their sculptures - from Edgar Degas to Gerhard Richter

Hoch-Tief AG
2000 Bauhaus: From Dessau to Chicago

Westphalian Bank Bochum
Since 1992 exhibitions of the photographic collection

The RWE AG has agreed to the long-term sponsoring of exhibitions in the museum Folkwang of contemporary art, in the museum Folkwang and in the RWE tower. Since 1999 20 exhibition projects were carried out. Current projects
2007 Oskar Dawicki - Every mistake has A hidden meaning
2007 Simon Starling - nachbau