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Museum Fuer Kunst Und Gewerbe Hamburg

The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg is a leading centre for art, applied art and design. Its collections of work from Europe, the Middle and the Far East are of the finest-quality and span all epochs from the Ancient World to the present day.
The particular strength of our Museum lies in the great variety of its collections, exhibitions and the associated activities we offer.
We promote understanding of cultural and historical contexts, provide a forum for the enjoyment of beautiful things, and give impulses for creativity and the imagination. We are a focus of social life and sociable activities in Hamburg.

 Permanent Collection Highlights (5)

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Permanent Collection

The Ancient World
The Ancient World collection shows works of art from the Ancient Orient, Egypt and Classical Antiquity.
Among the Ancient Egyptian exhibits, pride of place is held by burial reliefs and precious objects laid in tombs such as stoneware, amulets or statuettes. The changes which took place in burial customs in Egypt from early times up to the era of the Roman emperors can be traced by sarcophagi, plaster masks and portraits of the mummified deceased. Many votive statuettes show Egyptian deities, while the Armana reliefs illustrate Echnaton’s and Nofretete’s concentration on the cult of Aton.

The Far East and Korea
The basis for the East Asian collection was laid by the Museum’s founder Justus Brinckmann. In 1883 he began, in consultation with the Paris-based art dealers Hayashi Tadamasa and Siegfried Bing, to build up a collection of Japanese items. By the beginning of the 20th Century the Museum was already in possession of an extensive collection of Japanese objects: c. 2.000 sword decorations (principally tsuba), which are among the best outside Japan today, ceramics, high-quality lacquerwork from the 15th to the 19th Century: coloured woodcuts, including celebrated works by Hokusai and Hiroshige from the Collection Goncourt, 400 illustrated woodcut books, colouring stencil plates, a large collection of intricately woven baskets from Kyôto, small objets d’art such as netsuke and medicine receptacles (inrô) as well as several picture scrolls and some robes from the Nô theatre.

Europeans Collection
These collections range from Byzantine and Early Medieval objects to works from the period of Historicism.
The Middle Ages are represented...+ [ Read all ]


04th Apr. 2007 - 12nd Aug. 2007
Technicolor Gods - The Colourful World of the Ancient Greeks
Some 70 originals, reconstructions and examples from research show the original colourful appearance of sculptures from classical antiquity

11st Mai 2007 - 26th Aug. 2007
Folding into Form - Masterpieces of Origami
some 140 works bring to life again the 2000 year old history of the Japanese art of folding paper into artistic forms

04th Mai 2007 - 29th Jul. 2007
Martin Kippenberger - Posters
app. 80 leaves of the 1980er and 1990er years

04th Apr. 2007 - 11st Nov. 2007
Stars and Divas - Photographs from the Museum´s Collection
50 examples of Glamour Photography

19th Mar. 2007 - 03rd Jun. 2007
The Easter Tapestry from Kloster Lüne
For reasons of conservation, the more than 500-year old Easter Tapestry from the nunnery Kloster Lüne can only be exhibited every two years. This year it will be on view till 3rd June.

26th Jan. 2007 - 17th Jun. 2007
Armin Mueller-Stahl - Acting and Drawing
c. 65 pages of the film script to „Utz“ overlaid with coloured drawings

30th Mar. 2007 - 20th Mai 2007
15th Silver Triennale

05th Mai 2007 - 29th Jul. 2007
Brillant Enamel - For Franz Hartmann on his 100th Birthday
a small presentation of enamelwork by the Berlin painter and enamel artist

Previous Exhibitions

31st Mar. 1999 - 03rd Jun. 1999
Louis C. Tiffany
Masterpices of the american Art Nouveau

03rd Jul. 1999 - 22nd Aug. 1999
Treasures from the deep
white gold - lost - found

17th Sep. 1999 - 16th Jan. 2000
Masterpieces of russian and german pictorialism around 1900
Sergej Lobovikov and Hofmeister circle

11st Feb. 2000 - 18th Jun. 2000
Gladiators and Caesars
The Power of Spectacle in Ancient Rome

23rd Feb. 2001 - 10th Jun. 2001
Full speed ahead
Russian Avant-Garde from 1910-1934

12nd Mai 2000 - 28th Jan. 2001
Fashion - Bodies - Fashion
Photographs over a century

25th Aug. 2000 - 12nd Nov. 2000
Herb Ritts

13rd Jul. 2001 - 01st Apr. 2002
Hamburg - as I saw it
Photographs by Natascha A. Brunswick

13rd Jul. 2001 - 28th Oct. 2001
Angelika Platen
Portraits of Artists

20th Jul. 2001 - 09th Sep. 2001
Helmut Newton: Work

Exhibitions (5)

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Forthcoming exhibitions

27th Sep. 2007 - 30th Sep. 2007
Fine Art Fair
Entertainment Hall, Musical Instruments

01st Jul. 2007 - 23rd Sep. 2007
Karin Stilke: I´m Sunday’s Child

31st Aug. 2007 - 18th Nov. 2007
Hair - Photography by Herlinde Koelbl

21st Oct. 2007 - 21st Oct. 2007
Reopening: the ISLAM, JAPAN and BUDDHISM Galleries

28th Sep. 2007 - 28th Oct. 2007
Annual Reports 2006 and Highlights of Arc Awards 1987 - 2007

27th Oct. 2007 - 27th Oct. 2007
A Day on the Art Mile
18 - 24 Uhr

23rd Nov. 2007 - 07th Jan. 2008
Sweets for the Sweet - Delightful and Delicious Creations by Artists and Confectioners to accompany the Annual Arts Fair

30th Nov. 2007 - 16th Dec. 2007
Arts and Crafts 2007 - The Art Fair in the Museum the traditional trade fair of North German arts and crafts

21st Dec. 2007 - 27th Jan. 2008
Jonathan Meese: The Artist as Model - Photographs by Peter Hönnemann (working title)

15th Feb. 2008 - 25th Mai 2008
Tombs of the Scythian Kings - Under the Sign of the Golden Griffon


Visit of the museum: € 8
Adults on Tuesdays after 4 p.m. and Thursdays after 5 p.m. € 5

Groups 3 - 6, per person € 7
Groups from 7, per person € 6
Participation in public leaderships € 2 each
Family day ticket (Adults accompanied by children under 18) € 13
Holders of a Hamburg Card € 5
Holder of a Hamburg Power Pass € 5
Photography permit for private purposes (no flash!) € 4
Only visit of the "destille" € 2
Only visit of the library € 2

Reduced entrance fee
High school students over age 18, university students, apprentices, persons doing national service in the armed forces or alternative civilian service, unemployed persons or recipients of social benefits (please show documentary proof)
There is no reduced entrance fee for old age pensioners and handicapped persons
One accompanying person (please give proof of identity) is entitled to free entrance together with a handicapped person € 5

The following have free entrance:
* Children and young adults under 18
* Members of the press, the Deutsche Museumsbund, the A.I.C.A., ICOM, BBK
* Holders of the holiday pass issued by the responsible authority
* Participants of the events organized by the Museum educational service under 18
* Persons necessarily accompanying a seriously handicapped visitor
* Members of organizations or associations dedicated to the support of the Stiftung Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

Opening hours

Tuesdays to Sundays 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Thursdays 10 a.m.- 9 p.m.

on Mondays,
1st May, 24th December and 31st December

Easter Sunday and Monday and Ascension Day from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.
25th, 26th and 1st January from
12 a.m.-6 p.m.

Getting there

Public transport inside Hamburg
Urban light railway: All lines, alight at Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)
Underground: All lines, get out at Hauptbahnhof-Süd or -Nord You can get information about lines and fares (there are interesting combination offers) from the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund HVV, Tel. (040) 32 29 11

Arrival from outside Hamburg
By rail: Alight at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) Timetable information Tel. (040) 19 449. We also recommend using the various Park and Ride car parks; trains stop at frequent intervals there and go directly to the Central Station.

By car:The Autobahns A 1, A 7 and A 24 connect with the Inner City from East and West; the A 1 from the South leads directly into the city centre (just follow the signs to “Zentrum


The Museum has entrances, lifts and toilets suitable for the handicapped as well as rooms for changing babies’ nappies.

Restaurant “Destille

Museum internal and external photos (1)

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The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe houses applied art ranging from objects from Ancient Egyptian tombs up to contemporary design
The museum’s educational service - Forum K (cf. page 2) - has a correspondingly wide-ranging palette of different ways to experience cultural history spanning 4000 years in words and in actions. We run a variety of museum tours in order to enable the visitor to find his or her way around our permanent collections or special exhibitions, to ask questions and have things explained individually. On top of this we want to foster the awareness that the chief focus of what our museum does is the way things are shaped, and that the way objects are shaped - historically and in the present – allows us to read the meaning of cultural history.

A museum tour can take the form of a simple introduction (3/4 hour - 1 hour), of a full museum tour (1.5 - 2 hours) or of a project (2.5 - 3 hours).
Museum tours are directed at the people who want to visit the Museum in a group. Whether from a kindergarten, a school class, an old folks’ group, a company outing or a private circle. Freelance collaborators of the museum put on informative events which turn the Museum into the location for a very special experience.


Children’s birthday parties and the like

Every child will long remember and treasure taking part in one of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe’s birthday parties, which have gained huge popularity over the years.
There is no more playful and natural way for children to be introduced to the adventure that is a museum than experiencing two hours of constant surprises and fun surrounded by their favourite friends and family

We offer a wide range of themed events for birthday party groups of up to 15 children aged from 6 to 12 (cf. page 2) which cater for the most diverse interests and include all the activities which children love. Hide-and-seek, games of concentrated observation, dressing-up, festive parades, tours to see what you can find and all sorts of encounters with historical and exotic cultures can take place in almost every one of the fields covered by the collections in our many-facetted museum.
A birthday party lasting two hours costs 75 Euros, including the entrance fee. If you would prefer a more extensive programme of up to three hours, this „super-birthday” costs 95 Euros. There may also be a small extra charge for material costs incurred, where appropriate.

Venue hire

The Spiegelsaal („Hall of Mirrors“) is a festival hall built in 1909 in Neoclassical style.
It was originally located in the former Budge-Palais in Harvestehuder Weg and was for many years the splendid focal point of the social activities of Emma and Henry Budge, well-known patrons of the arts in Hamburg. Rebuilt on the initiative of the Elsbeth Weichmann Gesellschaft e.V., the Spiegelsaal is today once again a meeting point and festive venue for public and private social or cultural functions such as receptions (up to 250 persons can be accommodated standing), concerts (for an audience of 170), product presentations and conferences.
The culinary needs of the guests, where required, are taken care of by Stockheim Catering.

The Vestibule
The Museum lets out its more imposing rooms for private and social functions.
The focal centre of these premises is a bright, hall-like room, the vestibule. The adjacent elegant inner quadrangle with its tall gingko trees invites guests to take a relaxing break, perhaps to enjoy an aperitif or a summer buffet. On request, the Museum can provide guided tours, either serious or more entertaining in nature, to accompany the function concerned, or small-scale concerts. Together with the upper balcony, the premises, in total 300 square metres in size, are suitable for festive occasions, lectures, presentations and conferences for groups of from 30 to 300 persons.
The vestibule is equipped with a large screen and projectors for DVDs, videos, PC and transparencies. Smaller groups can also rent other attractive rooms in the Museum.
In addition the Museum with its extremely varied ambiente is available as a location for photo and film ...+ [ Read all ]