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Museum Of Florida's Art And Culture

Welcome to the exhibit galleries of the South Florida Community College Museum Of Florida Art And Culture. The museum is located on campus in Avon Park, Florida. With the exception of the Guest Artist exhibit, all on-line exhibits are taken from the permanent collection and will be changed periodically. On campus exhibits include the Highwaymen Collection in the Learning Resources Center, Bldg . Y, just east of the Auditorium and the Florida Masters Collection in Bldg. B, the Student Services and Classroom Complex, just south of the Auditorium.

Permanent Collection

The Florida Masters Collection is the permanent collection of the South Florida Community College Musuem Of Florida Art And Culture. The collection consists of works of art produced by contemporary ( 1950 and forward ) Florida Regionalists. A Regionalist, by museum definition, is an artist whose work is an interpretation of the history, heritage, or environment of a particular region. There are no limitations as to style or medium. The collection grew out of a limited partnership formed by a group of businessmen who wanted to invest in good quality regional art. The entire collection was later gifted to the museum and is, arguably the finest collection of contemporary Florida regional art that exists.


Guest Artist Exhibit
Carolyn Staves



Opening hours

Bldg Y is open Mon.- Thurs. 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM, Fridays 7:30 AM to 4 PM and on Sundays 2-6 PM. Bldg B is open 7:30 AM to 5 PM weekdays only.

Getting there

South Florida Community College fronts on highway 27 about one mile south of Avon Park

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Group tours can be arranged by calling 863-784-7240 or the main switchboard at 863-453-6661.