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Museum Of Modern Art - LENTOS

As successor institution to the New Gallery of the City of Linz, the Lentos Art Museum, which opened in May 2003, is among the most important museums of modern art in Austria.
120 important art works from the collection of the Berlin art dealer Wolfgang Gurlitt (1888 - 1965), including paintings and graphic works by Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka, Nolde, Corinth and Pechstein, formed the foundation for the collection of the New Gallery of the City of Linz after World War II. Building on these holdings, the city of Linz decided in 1953 to continue the New Gallery as a city museum with an active exhibition program and acquisition policies.
As a museum today, Lentos presents and communicates significant themes and positions of contemporary art production in relation to 20th century art history.
This is exemplified by displaying works and schools of modern art and their consequences, whereby the Lentos collection is highlighted in specific selections according to alternating focal points. Exhibitions with loaned works of 20th century museum art regularly augment the program and communicate a genealogy of the art of today.
Ongoing exhibitions are enhanced by a lively program of events, tours, workshops for children and much more.

Permanent Collection

The art museum collection comprises around 1500 works from the areas of painting, sculpture and object art, over 10,000 works on paper, and about 850 photographs, including significant contributions to the development of artistic photography (A. Rodtschenko, Man Ray, H. Bayer).
The earliest works among the museum's holdings are from the first half of the 19th century (C. D. Friedrich, J. B. Reiter). From the area of classical modernism the Lentos collection includes important paintings by Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka, Corinth and Pechstein. The collection also covers the inter-war period with works from German and Austrian Expressionism and Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity). The period after 1945 is exemplified with outstanding works and ensembles of international art, including paintings, sculptures and graphic works by Appel, Bayer, Nay, Warhol, Haring, Staudacher, Lassnig, Lüpertz, Rainer, Chillida, Cragg, Scheibl, Scully, Balkenhol, Caro, Goeschl, Export, Krystufek and many others.
The holdings are continuously expanded through active acquisition policies.


Helene Funke (1869 - 1957) Paintings, Watercolour, Graphic Art 4.5. - 11.9.2007

Collection: Graphics 7.6. - 30.9.2007

Great Paintings 29.6. - 28.10.2007

The Collection. New Presentation from 29.6.2007

Previous Exhibitions

Video as Urban Condition 19.4. - 27.5.2007

Work in Focus: Krenek Watercolor 12.4. - 10.6.2007

futuresystems : Rare Moments 17.3. - 10.6.2007

Hommage an Adolf Frohner Lentos zeigt 19 Werke aus der eigenen Sammlung

Herwig Kempinger - DIGITAL SKY & FLAT SPACE 27.1. - 22.4.2007

Review 2005

Stiftung Herbert Bayer 7.12.2006 - 10.4.2007

Peter Köllerer. 3-4-5 24.11.2006 - 18.2.2007

Museums of the 21st Century: Ideas, Projects, Buildings 24 November, 2006 - 18 February, 2007

Johanna and Helmut Kandl - Fighters, Dreamers & Co 29 Sept. 2006 - 14 January 2007

A Shared Place. Sculptures and Objects 24 June - 5 November 2006

Best off 06 6. - 8. Oktober 2006

Ars Electronica: John Maeda - Nature 1 - 25 September, 2006 | Opening: 31 Aug, 1.30 pm

Nomads in the Art Salon. Encounters with Modernism from Bayer to Sol LeWitt 27 January until 10 September 2006

Edgar Arceneaux und Charles Gaines: Snake River 28 April - 13 August 2006

Heinrich Heidersberger: Work in Focus 9 January - 30 June 2006

Gottfried Helnwein: Face It Opening 9 March 2006, Exhibition 10 March - 5 June 2006

Vanessa Jane Phaff: Mirror Cabinet 17 Februar y - 17 April 2006

Symposium: Kelim & Modernity - An Encounter at Lentos 3 to 5 March 2006

MATT MULLICAN: Model Architecture 21 October 2005 - 19 February 2006

S T I L L 17 November 2005 bis 5 February 2006

THE SPIRIT OF POP 26th February 2005 - Autumn 2005

Jack Hauser: The Name. The Cover. The Adventure. 25 November 2005 - 23 December 2005

Best_off_2005 7 October until 13 November 2005

MASSIMO VITALI: PHOTOGRAPHS 1995 - 2005 16 June 2005 - 9 October 2005

ARS ELECTRONICA: Ulf Langheinrich - Waveform...+ [ Read all ]

Forthcoming exhibitions


Marko Peljhan/Featured Artist of the ARS Festival 2008 5.9.2007 - 16.9.2007

Projection 28.9.2007 - 13.1.2008

Ursula Mayer 12.10.2007 - January 2008

Haus-Rucker-Co. Giant Billiards 15.11.2007 - 16.3.2008


Admission adults EUR 6,50
Reduced admission
(students under 26, senior citizens, those serving in state service)
EUR 4,50
Families (parents+children) EUR 13,00
School group, per student EUR 2,00
Children under 7 free of charge
Combination ticket (Nordico and Lentos museums) EUR 8,00
Annual ticket
EUR 35,00

Opening hours

The Lentos Art Museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
The museum is closed on Tuesdays and on January 1st and December 24th, 25th. On December 31st the museum is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Getting there

Traveling by car
Leave the A1 (Westautobahn) at the junction "Knoten Linz" and take the A7 in the direction E55, Linz, Prague, Freistadt, "Knoten Linz" (Linz Junction). Stay on the A7 for 12.14 km.
Leave the A7 at the exit 11 Linz-Hafenstraße in the direction Linz-Zentrum, Passau, Brucknerhaus, Ars Electronica Center;
follow the Untere Donaulände straight ahead and turn right after the Brucknerhaus into the Ernst-Koref-Promenade – Lentos Art Museum.

Traveling by Train
from Vienna or Salzburg

Take the tram in the direction of the city center from the main train station
Tram line 1, 2, 3, tram stop Hauptplatz (Main Square).
Please follow the signs pointing to the Lentos Art Museum.

Traveling by Bus
Bus line 19, bus stop Brucknerhaus

Parking is available in the Lentos garage.

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A wheelchair can be borrowed at the cash desk.


Welcome to the Lentos Museum Shop!

The Lentos Shop offers a wide range of different design articles and a rich selection of art books - the right gift for every occasion!

You can also order some of these articles from the online shop. We hope you will understand that the articles are only available against payment in advance. They will be delivered as soon as the bill (plus shipping costs) is paid.

Contact person: Ms. Veronika Sevcik,
+43(0)732/7070/3614,Fax +43(0)732/7070/3604,

Take advantage of the extended opening hours on Sundays and holidays from 10 am to 6 pm and on Thursdays until 10 pm to browse through the offers and purchase your selections!

Opening hours: daily 10 am - 6 pm, Thurs. 10 am - 10 pm, closed Tuesdays


The elegant restaurant on the west end of the Lentos is the best place to relax after your visit.

Lentos Restaurant-Cafe-Bar,
Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1,
A-4020 Linz

Tel. +43 (0)732/78 42 42
daily 09 a.m. to midnight (October - April closed on Tuesday)

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News and events

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Events in Lentos [german only]


Before your visit, we ask you kindly to please note the following:
- don't smoke inside Lentos
- leave your dog outside,
- do not photograph the artworks.
- leave backpacks/large bags in the cloakroom.

Thank you very much !


Contact for educational activities

Appointments and Information:
Mag. Karin Breinesberger
Mo-Fr from 9 till 14 Uhr


Art histories
Sundays 4 p.m., guided tour through the current exhibitions

art after work
Thursday 7 p.m., guided tour through the current exhibitions

Tours for Groups by appointment
max. 25 persons (please phone for appointment)

60 Minutes of Art
Tour through one of the current exhibitions
Costs: € 65,- (plus admission)

90 Minutes of Art
Tour through the current exhibitions and on the history of the museum
Costs: € 90.- (plus admission)

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes
Tour through the Lentos facilities, painting depot and restoration workshop
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: € 90.- (plus admission)
(Please take into consideration that this tour is not always available.)


GUIDED TOURS (60 minutes / max. 25 pupils):
appointment by telephone 0732/7070-3602 or 3606 (Mon.-Fri.: 8 am -1 pm)
Cost: € 30.- per group (plus € 2.- admission per pupil)

WORKSHOPS (120 minutes / max. 30 pupils):
appointment by telephone 0732/7070-3602 or 3606 ( Mon.-Fri.: 8 am -1 pm )
Cost: € 5.- per pupil (incl. admission, tour and material)

Fantastic Figures (age 6 and up):
Three-dimensional figures are made using diverse material (wire, foil, buttons, gems, feathers, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, fabrics, cardboard, ...)

"Our heads are round so our thinking can change direction" (technical secondary schools,...):
Getting acquainted - the Lentos Art Museum introduces itself. The workshop is especially geared to young adults seeking possibilities to access their personal discovery of art for the first time. The workshop focuses on questions of (dialogical) approach.

Landscapes for Passions (age 6 and up):
Starting from various objects, connections are made to personal experiences of nature. The theme "landscape and emotion" is developed in conversation with the pupils. Subsequently, the group views and discusses main works of landscape painting together. "Landscapes" are created in the workshop using the techniques of collage and frottage (rubbing over a rough, relief-like surface).

In the Blink of an Eye - Encounters with Art (age 6 and up):
Posing, displaying oneself, being drawn.
This workshop invites a dialogical encounter with works from the Lentos Collection. The pupils draw, glue, make poetry, and playfully gain an insight into art from the romantic era to the modern era.

Lentos Museum Guide for Young Readers...+ [ Read all ]


Children and young people

Lentos Atelier
Children and young people between the ages of 6 and 13 have an opportunity to discover artworks, work creatively and try out various techniques every Saturday (except during school holidays and on public holidays) from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. Due to the limited number of participants (max. 15 children), registration is requested to ensure a place.
Cost: € 5.- (incl. admission, material) Sponsor: Volksbank Linz+Mühlviertel

Celebrate Your Birthday with Art
Workshops for birthday kids and their friends.
Cost: € 95.- (incl. admission, tour, material)
max. 12 children (age 6 and up)

Art in Discussion
Glowing colors, interesting questions, spontaneous ideas - let's discover the pleasure of art together! For groups by appointment (phone for appointment). Duration: approx. 1 hour, Cost: € 30.- (plus € 2.- admission per child)

Take a close look!
Museum-pedagogical worksheets with searching games, suggestions for drawing and information on the current exhibitions.

Color My World - Painting Set for Children
For museum visitors with children, we now have a complimentary painting set with color pencils, wax crayons and drawing paper.

Lentos Museum Guide for Young Readers - "Out of the Frame"
available at the Lentos Shop


Thanks to the following major sponsors

The City of Linz built the Art Museum Linz with support from the Federal Province of Upper Austria and the following sponsors, whom we would like to thank for their generous assistance.

Click please for complete sponsor information

Venue hire

Venue Hire/Functions Service

Spacious facilities are available for your events and functions at the Lentos Art Museum. The auditorium on the ground floor (on the Danube side facing north) with the Danube panorama window (45 m long) and the Museum Education room on the south side offer an ideal framework for lectures, seminars, conferences or evening events.

We will be happy to send you information material on request regarding rental variants, technical equipment and furnishings, and to prepare an individual functions offer for you.

Contact : Klaus Ehninger
Tel. +43(0)732/7070-3609
Fax +43(0)732/7070-3622