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Museum Of New Art (MONA)


1) to liberate the white cube,
2) to create a space that is unfamiliar,
3) that blurs life with art,
4) toward a presentation of life itself, not merely a vision, or, esthetic,
5) to exist in real time,
6) to build on this foundation of temporality,
7) that each generation should manufacture its own art,
8) an art more alive, more intense and more true than what it seeks to imitate or express,
9) to reject the addiction to the past,
10) to deny the frozen image to the future,
11) and to embrace art as extraordinary and as powerful as the generation that creates it.

Exhibitions (3)

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Forthcoming exhibitions

IT CAN HAPPEN HERE: NEW DETROIT ART, from January 27 through February 23.

With the exhibition IT CAN HAPPEN HERE: New Detroit Art, the Museum of New Art hopes to question what and where art can occur. Whether what is allowed globally can occur locally. A questioning of art itself, as it becomes more and more about centralized markets, about placement, about the external, and becomes less about history, the sense of place and creation, of the internal that once incited its creation.

Today's art has become a movement away from the personal toward the collective artist, moving from a single identity and a singular purpose toward a multiplicity that advances only greater exposure and careerism.

Twenty years ago, art students graduated to rebel against everything they were once taught. Today, students are taught the art of rebellion as a matter of course. The avant-garde has been institutionalized.

This small band of Detroit artists proves that exciting new art can happen anywhere. And, in today’s cultural spin, that is as avant-garde as it gets.

- Jane Speaks, from Art Can't Happen Here

BOINK! ALEX KATZ IS TOTALLY GAY from January 27 to February 23

In 1991, Swiss artist Riso Mattner co-authored the Museum of New Art as a "fiction of authenticity" in order to redefine the borders of art and to critique dominant modes of presentation. Now, his exhibition BOINK! at the Museum of New Art is a quick and dirty tour of many of these themes.

BOINK! is first and most obviously an esthetic battleground over the image of art, but more pointedly of society itself -- what is permissible to say or to show, and who is allowed to say and show it. The artist/i...+ [ Read all ]



Opening hours

12 to 6pm, Thursday through Saturday

Getting there

The museum exhibition spaces are located at 7 North Saginaw Street, Pontiac Michigan: first and second floor of the Arts Building.

The Administrative Offices are locate at: 327 West Second Street, Rochester, MI 48307

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