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Nationalmuseum Stockholm

Sweden's largest art museum
Nationalmuseum is not only Sweden's largest art museum. In itself, the building is a striking feature of the Stockholm cityscape. Its architectural design, modelled on that of Florentine and Venetian Renaissance buildings, evokes Italy - the home of the fine arts.

The history of the collections dates back to the 16th century. Their earliest beginnings were Gustav Vasa's collection on Gripsholm Castle, gradually added to through purchases, gifts, and spoils of war during Sweden's era as a military power in the 17th century. When Queen Christina abdicated in 1654, exiling herself in Rome, she brought along with her a number of paintings, in particular ones by Italian Renaissance masters.

Due to a fire which ravaged the royal castle Tre Kronor, Three Crowns, in 1697, many works were destroyed. Two benefactors in particular are responsible for the size and importance of the collections as we know them today.

Carl Gustaf Tessin
The first is Carl Gustaf Tessin who, during his years as Swedish ambassador to France in the 1740s, bought contemporary French art of the highest quality.

King Gustav III
The other one is King Gustav III, who, in addition to being a dedicated collector, ordained that the royal collections become the property of the Swedish state after his death. Thus, Konglig Museum, the Royal Museum, one of the first public museums in the world, was founded in 1792.

Inauguration 1866
On the inauguration of the present building in 1866, the name was changed to Nationalmuseum.

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Permanent Collection

Search the collections

The database WebArt contains information about art objects in the Nationalmuseum collections. These consist of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, applied art, furniture, design, and much more.

Paintings and sculptures
The Nationalmuseum collections of paintings and sculptures comprise some 16,000 works. Artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Goya, Renoir, Degas and Gauguin are represented, as are the Swedish artists Carl Larsson, Ernst Josephson, C F Hill and Anders Zorn. The collection includes art from the late Middle Ages up to the beginning of the 20th century, with the emphasis on Swedish 18th and 19th century painting. Duth painting from the 17th century is also well represented, and the French 18th century collection is regarded as one of the best in the world.

Applied art and modern design
The museum's collection of applied art, design and industrial design spans over a long period, from the 14th century to today. It consists of ca. 30,000 objects of which a third are ceramics and thereafter, in order of numbers, textiles, glass, precious and non-precious metals, furniture, books etc.The collection of applied art from the Renaissance to the early 20th century is currently not on display but will be shown in a new permanent exhibition in renovated halls.Form and artistic value are the basic criteria for museum acquisitions. Pieces from Sweden and the other Nordic countries are given priority, but even other countries are represented, especially those that have been significant for design development.

Prints and drawings
The collection of Prints and Drawings compris...+ [ Read all ]


Exhibition: Dreadful Delight
26 April 2007 - 24 February 2008
Open the door to the world of the 1800s, rich in design and ablaze in colour. The exhibition presents an abundance of ceramics and porcelain, together with showpieces of glass and silver, furniture and jewellery.

Exhibition: The Art of Transformation. Ovid's Metamorphoses in Art
24 May 2007 - 6 January 2008

Exhibition at Gripsholm Castle: Child Portraiture from the Caroline Period
9 June 2007 - 15 September 2007
This year's summer exhibition at Gripsholm Castle has a focus on portraits of children.

Exhibition at Läckö Castle: The armoury at Läckö
10 June 2007 – 26 August 2007
Exquisite hunting weapons from Sweden's period as a great power
In an arched brick hall with origin from the medieval fortress we present an armoury filled with exquisite hunting weapons.

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Previous Exhibitions

Past exhibitions from 2003 and onwards are listed here. The exhibitions are listed under the year in which they opened. Each year begins with the exhibition with the most recent closing date. Please note that images on the exhibition pages may have been removed for copyright reasons. Links may also have been removed. If you are looking for older exhibitions, these are listed in a pdf file (only available in Swedish).


The Language of Flowers
22 February 2007 – 27 May 2007


Northern Stars. Georg Oddner's portraits of Swedish celebrities
30 November 2006 – 9 April 2007

©Stig Lindberg
11 May 2006 – 25 February 2007

Nationalmuseum at Tensta konsthall: Jihani Kalapour
25 November 2006 – 28 January 2007

A Mirror of Nature. Nordic Landscape Painting 1840–1910
30 September 2006 – 14 January 2007

Chase and strife. Themes in the art of Bruno Liljefors
11 May 2006 – 1 October 2006

Exhibition at Gripsholm Castle: Kings in black and white
3 June 2006 – 15 September 2006

Exhibition at Läckö Castle: The Treasury at Läckö Castle
11 June 2006 – 27 August 2006

Artist couples at the turn of the 19th century
2 March 2006 – 14 May 2006

Young Crafts 2006
25 April 2006 – 7 May 2006


Ten views of Sweden
16 November 2005 – 26 February 2006

Collections in focus: Zorn's Men
9 juni 2005 – 26 februari 2006

Craft in Dialogue 6: Anne Tophøj, Denmark
29 November 2005 – 29 January 2006

The Dutch Golden Age. Rembrandt, Frans Hals a...+ [ Read all ]

Exhibitions (4)

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Forthcoming exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions

Subject to changes.

Swedish Turn-of-the-century Art
26 June 2007 – 17 August 2007

Alexander Roslin
27 September 2007 – 13 January 2008


Admission fee 80/60 SEK (full/reduced* price). The admission fee includes entry to the entire museum, collections as well as temporary exhibitions. Children under the age of 19 are free of charge. There is free admission for everyone to the ground floor! *Reduced price for students, senior citizens and groups of minimum 15 people.

Group bookings
Contact the booking office at or telephone +46-(0)8-5195 4428, Tuesday–Friday 9 am – 12 noon

Opening hours

Opening hours

Tuesday 11 am – 8 pm.
Wednesday–Sunday 11 am – 5 pm.
Monday closed.
1 September – 31 May 8 pm closing on Thursdays.

22+23 (Midsummer) June closed

Special opening hours

Getting there

Nationalmuseum is situated on Blasieholmen, facing the Royal Palace. Bus 65 from the central railway station will take you directly to the museum. Buses 2, 55, 59, 62 and 76 stop at Kungsträdgården which is within walking distance from Nationalmuseum. By underground to Kungsträdgården, exit Kungsträdgården.

Parking possibilities near the museum.


The Museum Store
The Museum Store has a comprehensive stock of art literature, including exhibition catalogues. The shop also stocks design objects, costume jewellery, glass, posters and postcards.
Read about the Museum Store

Restaurant and Café
Enjoy a nice meal or take a break with a cup of coffee in restaurant Atrium. You are served in the lovely inner courtyard of the museum where thoughts are easily carried off to a Venetian piazza.
Visit Atrium's own web site

Museum internal and external photos (3)

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News and events

Exhibitions throughout Sweden and across the world

Art history perspectives
We arrange illuminative historical exhibitions with an art perspective, using the museum’s own rich collections.

Castles and manors
Nationalmuseum is also responsible for collections, entire or in part, housed in castles and manors around the country. Consequently, we arrange exhibitions at these places. For example, at Läckö Castle and Gripsholm Castle.

International collaboration
Nationalmuseum has continual collaboration with museums around the world concerning loans for exhibitions and as partners in large international exhibitions.


Audio Guide
Rent an Audio Guide and take a tour of the highlights in the collection of paintings and sculpture! There are also audio guides for some temporary exhibitions. You will find the Audio Guide at the entrance desk.
Sample the Audio Guide

Are you wondering about something concerning your visit to Nationalmuseum? Maybe you want to know if you can bring the pram into the galleries? (You can!) Or why you are not allowed to touch the exhibits?
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Guided tours and studio workshop for school classes

Move your classroom to Nationalmuseum!
Through dialogue and discussion, we demonstrate that artworks several centuries old can still be relevant and can offer much visual excitement. Using the museum’s collections and temporary exhibitions, we can prepare a wide variety of educational programmes in other languages than Swedish.

The Studio
Creativity is a way of absorbing knowledge and experience. Why not combine a guided tour with hands-on work in our studio workshop? The Studio on the entry level with a magnificent view of the Royal Palace opposite. This is the place for exploration, discovery, fantasy and creativity.

To book guided tours and studio workshops for schools
Tel +46 8-5195 4428/4345, Tue – Fri 9 am–12 noon, Fax +46 8-5195 4310, email

For general enquiries about educational activities, contact


Studying drawings and art prints

The Prints and Drawings collection is open for visits on weekdays, however advance booking is required. There are restrictions on the number of objects included in each visit.

General information and rules

Swedish drawings, 18th- and 19th-century: Ulf Cederlöf: +46(0)8-5195 4402,

Drawings and prints: Per Hedström: +46(0)8-5195 4356,

Architectural drafts and plans: Wofgang Nittnaus: +46(0)8-5195 4323,

The Art Library

Closed to the public 15 June - 20 August 2007

Welcome to the Art Library
The Art Library is one of the largest in the Nordic area specialising in art and applied art. Its stock reflects the collections and activities of both Nationalmuseum and Moderna Museet, and covers mainly the period from the Renaissance to contemporary art.

The Art Library is principally an internal resource for researchers and exhibition teams at Nationalmuseum and Moderna Museet. It is also a reference library for researchers, museum staff, artists and others with a professional interest in art. The library is open to the public.

Much of the literature consists of artist monographs, auction catalogues and catalogues of various art collections and exhibitions. Most of the items are in storage and must be ordered. Read more at Visit the library [ Read all ]


Friends of Nationalmuseum

Annual membership fees entitle to free admission to collections and all exhibitions at Nationalmuseum, Moderna Museet, (Östasiastiska Museet, until 31 December 2005), Drottningholm's castle, Gripsholm's castle, Leufsta bruk, Nynäs castle, Strömholm's castle, and Ulriksdal's castle including the Orangery and Queen Christina's coronation carriage.

Other benefits
Invitation to opening exhibitions at Nationalmuseum, the newsletter of the Friends of Nationalmuseum, The Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum and the Nationalmuseum yearbook at a reduced price. 10% off on all items in the Museum Store, except on furniture. Also access to a rich program of lectures, guided tours, excursions and trips.

Annual membership fee
Regular member 400 SEK, incl. spouse/partner 600 SEK/year.
Juniors, up to age 30, 225 SEK, incl. spouse/partner 325 SEK/year.
Permanent member 10,000 SEK, incl. spouse/partner 15,000 SEK/year

Contact our offices for more information. Membership cards for the Friends of the Nationalmuseum are also on sale in the Museum Store. We are closed during the summer.

E-mail: Anneli Magnusson
Karin Bruhn-Möller

Postal address
Friends of the Nationalmuseum
Box 16176
103 24 Stockholm

Phone +46-(0)8-08-611 38 03
Fax +46-(0)8-5195 4360

Venue hire

Inspiring, intriguing and delightful confrontations with art, creativity — and gastronomy

Nationalmuseum can customise programmes for small groups, associations, groups of friends, clubs or companies.

Book a guided tour
We are happy to help you organise a group guided tour on a theme of your choice or for one of our temporary exhibitions. Guided tours can be arranged in several languages. Tours can be combined with a programme in our well-equipped Studio and a meal in the Atrium restaurant.

The Studio
Put your creativity to the test and combine a guided tour with a session in the Studio workshop and delicious food and drink from the Atrium restaurant. The Studio is on the entry level and enjoys an inspiring view of the Royal Palace, across the saltwater Stream. This is the place for discovery, imagination and creativity. Try out painting the way Rembrandt did, capture light with the techniques of the Impressionists, experiment with your own designs, draw or sculpt with living models. Use charcoal or red chalk, paint on board, work with clay or make your own collage. No previous knowledge is required and there are no ‘artistic standards’ to be met. Art materials are supplied and both artists and art teachers are on hand to offer advice if needed.

Food for the artistic eye and the stomach
Gather around a palette of cheese, bread and delicacies, plus a glass of wine, while creating art in the Studio workshop. To extend the evening’s fun, finish with a feast in the Atrium restaurant. Get in touch to find out more!

To book a guided tour or the Studio
Contact us to book guided tours or if you would like assistance in preparing a themed tour or program...+ [ Read all ]