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Nederlands Instituut Voor Beeld En Geluid - Netherlands Institute For Sound And Vision

Unique in the Netherlands and also worldwide. Nowhere else in the world is a public facility like the media experience directly linked to the archives. The youthful history of audio-visual media demands a new form of experience, and Sound and Vision focus on this in their multimedia public facility - which is provided literally on top of the archives. The link to the archives means that Sound and Vision is up-to-date and different each day. The fifteen pavilions in this media experience let you experience the way in which our image of the world is defined by the media!

Relive it all
Sound and Vision’s media experience brings everything to life again. Be ready to meet your childhood heroes of the past once more. Cheer again as the first man lands on the moon or go back to 1969, 1988 or 2001: world news is still shocking. Sound and Vision: a slice of life!

Voyage of discovery
Sound and Vision most closely resembles a fantasy town, just waiting to be explored by the visitor. Fifteen theme pavilions in one large space… Each pavilion is a world of its own – in size, atmosphere, experience and character. Whether you want to lose yourself in dreams in front of images of bygone times, to produce your own programme or to learn more about the relationship between power and the media: everything is possible.

Take a break
You can take a break from your exploration in the two cinemas, where you can just sit back and experience things. The same goes for the Media Lounge, where you can see all your favourite programmes again at your leisure.

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Permanent Collection

More than a collection

Sound and Vision (Beeld en Geluid in Dutch)is in charge of collecting and preserving the audio-visual heritage of the Netherlands, making it available to as many users as possible. Sound and Vision combines the highest professional standards regarding the release and storage of the material with very easy access for users and public.

Sound and Vision looks after the audio-visual history of the Netherlands in around 700,000 hours of archive material, full of world-shattering events, but also everyday moments. These events are preserved for both educational and recreational purposes.
The audio-visual media function as a major source of knowledge about how the world develops. Sound and Vision is the only central archive in the Netherlands which provides this audio-visual information. Besides functioning as an archive, the institute also has a facility for the general public. Sound and Visions media experience, based on the media’s role in society and culture, lets the visitor experience the past century in their own way.

The collection looked after by Sound and Vision forms an important part of the Dutch cultural heritage. Programme makers use the collections for new programmes and the archive is a unique source of information for research, not only for students and academics, but also for journalists. Furthermore, the audio-visual material is a valuable addition to traditional teaching methods, so Sound and Vision also promotes the use of media in the education system.

The treasure-house of Sound and Vision

From the coronation of Queen Wilhelmina in 1898 – one of the oldest films in the Netherlands – to the birth of Princess Amal...+ [ Read all ]


The fifteen themed pavilions constitute the heart of the media experience. There is no fixed route through them. Give in to the temptations of image and sound. Dim the lights – turn on the spots!

Celebrity show
Feel like a star

Step into the glitter and glamour of television land. Here you will get to know everything about showbiz and the world behind it. Search through the treasure-house of light entertainment programmes for the best fragments of the big shows, quizzes, soaps and sitcoms. But also learn about formats, formulas and genres. Admire special props from showbiz history and – maybe best of all – put yourself in front of the cameras and be a superstar!

Make your own programme

This pavilion is a high-tech studio where children and grownups get the opportunity to make their own programme. Work ‘live’ in the studio as a cameraman, DJ or show host. You also get an overview of the recording and transmission techniques used throughout the years, plus ‘behind the scenes’ documentaries on Dutch programmes.

The enchantment

What’s real and what’s illusion?
The attraction of audio-visual media – especially entertainment and drama – relies heavily on the power of suggestion. Since the beginning of the 20th century, filmmakers have invented every possible technique to turn the impossible into the possible. Offshoots of this are today’s chromakey and virtual studio. But the magic goes further than special effects. The very way in which the scenery is lit determines the impression it leaves on the spectator. In this pavilion you will personally control some commonly used or influential techniques. Ride a bike through the skies!

Th...+ [ Read all ]

Forthcoming exhibitions

From June 14th till November 4th a new temporary exhibition is part of the media experience. Its about the almost 40 years of work of two most famous Dutch satirical programmakers: Kees van Kooten and Wim de Bie. More information on www.experience.beeldengeluid.nl


€ 13,50 as of June 15th 2007
Children from 6 to 15
€ 7,50
Children under 5

The above prices apply also to groups and handicapped people (wheelchairs: free entry for the accompanying person)

Opening hours

Tue to Sun
10.00 - 21.00 h
closed Monday

Picture and sound phone numbers:
offices +31 35-677 3434
experience +31 35-677 5555
reservations +31 35-677 5444

Getting there

By car

coming from the A27 and A1 (Utrecht/Amsterdam)

1.a. from Amsterdam (A1, direction Amersfoort), exit Hilversum-Noord/Laren/Media

1.b. from Utrecht A27, Amersfoort-Amsterdam go in direction of A1 (not the exit Hilversum, but direction Hilversum, continue in direction Amsterdam). On the A1 take the exit Hilversum-Noord.

2. At the traffic lights take to the left direction Hilversum.

3. Straight ahead until the round point, then right. You are now on the Johannes
Geradtsweg until the viaduct, then go right to the Sumatralaan. You see the media park to your left.

4. After 50 meters you go left at the large round point. YOU are now on the Sumatralaan.

5. The picture and sound bldg. is the large, coloured bldg. to your left hand.

You can park your car in the big car park which is under the bldg. You can also use the commercial parking across the street.

Please consult this map (pdf in dutch) http://experience.beeldengeluid.nl/Sites/Files/0000020718_Routebeschrijving_Beel

Public transportation

By train
Coming from Amsterdam, Amersfoort and Utrecht stops on station Hilversum-Noord (you cross the track by means of the pedestrian bridge coming from direction Utrecht). YOU walk to the end of the platform and take to the right. YOU cross the street at the large round point right.
The picture and sound bldg. is the large, coloured bldg. to your left hand.

line 107 from Hilversum/Bussum to stop media park at station Hilversum-Noord.
When you get off the bus you walk in direction the nearest round point where you take to your right.
The picture and sound bldg. is the large, coloured bld...+ [ Read all ]


The Beeld en Geluid Experience is accessible for wheelchair users.

Visit our shop (in dutch) http://experience.beeldengeluid.nl/index.aspx?Chapterid=8004

For hot meals & refreshment (in dutch) http://experience.beeldengeluid.nl/index.aspx?ChapterID=8005

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The audio-visual memory of the Netherlands

The Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid looks after, and releases, 70 per cent of the Dutch audio-visual heritage: in total, around 700,000 hours of television, radio, music and film, making Beeld en Geluid one of the largest audio-visual archives in Europe. But the institute is more than just a collection. Beeld en Geluid is the business archive of the national broadcasting corporations, a cultural history institute and also a unique media experience for its visitors.


For schools there are special programms available. See www.educatie.beeldengeluid.nl (in Dutch)


Rabbit & horse

Rabbit & horse greet children of 4 to 6 years. Two lively and very approachable figures that have sound and vision to offer.

As from September 1st on you can book children's anniversaries for an unforgettable afternoon in the Media Experience.