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Today’s museum was once Emil Nolde’s residential building and was designed by the artist in 1927. Like a stronghold with narrow windows and flat roof, the building self-confidently rises from the flat marshes. Its angularity and clear-cut shape recalls the Bauhaus architecture of the 1920s. Nolde consciously chose this architectonic contrast to distinguish his house from the crouching thatched Frisian farmsteads of the surrounding countryside.
Nolde aligned the rooms on the ground floor with the course of the sun and each window offered a beautiful view of the garden. Nolde’s studio was also located on the ground floor. Today, his religious paintings are exhibited there. Directly above the studio lies the hall of paintings that Nolde had added on in 1937. The former living rooms on the first floor have been converted into cabinets to house exhibitions of Nolde’s works on paper.

Emil Nolde is closely connected with Berlin through his biography and his artistic work. From 1905, the painter spent the winter in Berlin and at first had his own flat with a studio in Tauentzien (one of Berlin’s renowned shopping streets) and later in Bayernallee in Berlin’s west end. “Every evening at 11 o’clock, I put on my dark trousers and also my black tail coat from St. Gallen”, Nolde noted down in 1911. “My Ada put on her very best dress and we went to masked balls, to the cabarets and to Eispalast (the Ice Palace, an artificial ice rink) …”

In view of the close relationship between Nolde and Berlin, the Nolde Foundation Seebüll has opened a permanent branch on Gendarmenmarkt (one of Berlin’s most renowned squares) on 20th Se... [ Read all ]

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The first exhibition, “Nolde und Berlin, 1910/1” opened on 20th September 2007. Apart from colourful paintings with cabaret scenes, the famous theatre watercolour paintings are also displayed, which Nolde painted during rehearsals and evening performances in the Deutsche Theater (German theatre) and the Kammerspiele (studio theatre).

Three exhibitions per year are shown on changing thematic focal points. The exhibitions comprise both monographic exhibitions of Emil Nolde’s masterpieces and also comparative exhibitions, in which Nolde’s work is presented alongside other internationally renowned artists.

A programme trailer for 2008 will be online from August 2007.


Adults: € 8,00
Concessions (pupils, students): € 3,00

Annual season-ticket: € 50,00

Opening hours

Open daily 4 March - 30 November 10 am - 6 pm


On sale are publications on Emil Nolde's life and art, postcards, Nolde-calendars, exhibition catalogues, art posters, colour-slides and reproductions of Nolde-prints.

Restaurant Seebüll
A warm welcome to our restaurant from Bianca Kresse, the restaurant manager, and the headchef Thomas Friess. Together with their team of employees and trainees of the Theodor-Schäfer-Berufsbildungswerk Husum they look forward to spoiling you during your stay in Seebüll. The relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant invites you to explore various culinary delights before or after your visit of the exhibitions of the Nolde Foundation Seebüll.

Some of the young team at your service in the restaurant and the kitchen are trainees of the Theodor-Schäfer-Berufsbildungswerk Husum. Under the supervision of our well-versed staff, these trainees learn the future-oriented professions of restaurant specialist, skilled employee in gastronomy, hotel specialist, chef or assistant chef.

Opening again in march 2008 daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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Emil Nolde is born in a village near Tondern in 1867. Originally trained as a wood-carver, Nolde in 1894 draws a postcard-series, in which he portrays mountains with human features. The proceeds from the sale of the postcard-series enable Nolde to become a painter. Nolde marries the Danish actress Ada Vilstrup in 1902. He joins the artists' movement "Brücke" for 1906 and 1907. Nolde and his wife spend the summer months on the island of Alsen in the Baltic Sea and live in Berlin during the winter time. In 1913/14 the couple joins an expedition to the Souths Seas. They move to Seebüll in 1927, where Nolde designs both house and garden. The National Socialists proclaim Nolde a degenerate artist in 1937, the prohibition to paint follows in 1941. Nolde secretly continues to work on watercolours and completes 1,300 of these "unpainted pictures". After the war Nolde receives numerous awards. He dies in Seebüll in 1956. The deed of foundation of the Stiftung Seebüll Ada und Emil Nolde foms part of the artist's will.


For details on fine arts courses for individuals or groups please call +49 (0)4664-98 39 30.


In 1946, Emil Nolde together with his wife Ada established the Stiftung Seebüll Ada und Emil Nolde (The Ada and Emil Nolde Foundation in Seebüll). Nolde writes in the preamble: “All European towns and cities have their museums full of thousands of works of art from old and recent times. There is great beauty in this for many people and at the same time the disadvantage of too many things offered and of overfatigue. Every visitor to a museum will have experienced this.
In contrast to this, the – metaphorically speaking – searching intellectual pilgrim from all countries should find a special place in our small estate located in the plain countryside, where he is offered some happiness and artistic and spiritual relaxation.”

The Nolde Foundation Seebüll has the noble task of administering Emil Nolde’s extensive estate in Seebüll according the artist’s will, of preserving his œuvre for posterity and of promoting the understanding and appreciation of Nolde’s work all over the world.


"The searching intellectual pilgrim from all countries should find a special place in our small estate, where he is offered some happiness and artistic and spiritual relaxation", Emil Nolde wrote in his will.

The Nolde Stiftung Seebüll aims to offer its visitors a choice of exclusive and high standard services ranging from hotel accommodation to transportation and events in the vicinity of Seebüll. These offers are made visible by a mark that denotes the high quality of the offer and its close connection to the Nolde Foundation Seebüll.


Venue hire

Berlin branch may be rented for special occasions from 8 PM every day. The premises on the ground floor have room for 100 people (parliamentary arrangement of chairs) or 50 people (dinner arrangement).