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Objectif_exhibitions – Non Profit Organization For Contemporary Art

objectif_exhibitions is a non-for-profit organization, focusing on the research, production and presentation of contemporary art. Since its establishment in 1999, objectif_exhibitions has been at the centre of significant artistic and cultural developments. The organization’s permanent negotiation of artistic, curatorial and public positions has resulted in showcasing exhibitions and publications conceived as well defined, precisely timed and carefully executed interventions.

Located at the heart of the Antwerp gallery and museum district, objectif_exhibitions plays a vital role in mediating and promoting cultural exchange both within Belgium and beyond. Moreover, through ongoing collaborations with established (inter)national artists and art institutions, objectif_exhibitions has developed a solid international network, encouraging both reflective prospecting, presentation and public address.

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Permanent Collection

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven
‘Truth has no style’ 2004
Computerprint mounted in diasec behind plexiglass on forex, 25 x 33 x 1,3 cm
Ed 30, dated, numbered and signed in the back

‘Truth has no style’ shows a scene from the film ‘Rorty, The HeadRoom’. The film is the final outcome and culminating point of 9 years of work on the HeadNurse project.

Previous Exhibitions

Pavel Büchler
So what? / The Castle

At the first glance, Pavel Büchler’s new work at objective_exhibitions references seminal works of modern art and literature. These references are never direct quotations, nor does the work rely solely on them. They are starting points from which imagination may proceed towards uncertain destinations.

In ‘Hot Air (Projet pour une idée)’, for instance, Büchler acknowledges his debt to Marcel Broodthaers and simultaneously Broodthaers’ own fascination with René Magritte. He creates a simple cinematic effect; the hot air rising from a vintage slide projector placed in front of a screen illuminated by another projector appears animated like smoke. The image is as much an allusion to Magritte’s ‘pipe’ as it is an oblique reference to Broodthaers’ ‘Défense de Fumer’ and his passion for smoking (which Büchler, an unrepentant chain smoker, shares). Equally, the image can be a reminder of the 1970s’ pioneer of American experimental cinema, Hollis Frampton, who famously demonstrated the essence of cinema, ‘the rectangle of projected light’, by inserting a pipe cleaner into the gate of a projector.

The wooden stools used in the installation make something of a respectful nod to the first ready made of Marcel Duchamp, whose shadow, derived from the artist’s 1958 ‘Self Portrait in Profile’, appears in Büchler’s ‘Les ombres (Idea for a project)’. When projected from a 1958 model of Gnome slide projector onto an old fashioned classroom wall chart, it becomes at once an almost didactic re-stat...+ [ Read all ]


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